Hey, ladies! So if you're reading this you've most likely seen me post about the "Summer Ready" Collagen Flash Sale/Promo (I'm not even sure what to call it) either on the blog post from today (here) or on my social media. (Find me @amandanall on IG or Amanda Crain Nall on FB.)

So here's the deal, friends. If you have been curious about these products, if you have been ordering these products or if you've been meaning to try these products and just haven't gotten around to it yet--NOW IS THE TIME!

Y'all know I love a deal. I have a whole group dedicated to deals on Facebook. So trust me when I tell you, I'm giving you some AMAZING deals on this stuff. Yes, high-quality products that are backed by science are going to cost a little more than what you'll find on Amazon or at Costco. But if you use these products consistently and with a healthy lifestyle (maybe cut back on the fried foods/carbs/sugar or whatever your vice is) and get moving a little more, you will most likely be as addicted to them as I am.


This sale is centered around our hero product, TRIM. 

Trim is a fat-blasting collagen with CLA and hyaluronic acid that is proven to inhibit fat storage, help build and support lean muscle and give your skin and hair a healthy boost while you're at it! (If you mention CLA to a bodybuilder they will probably be like "Hey! I've taken that for years!" Because they know!)

Trim is part of our Lean Body System which includes two other products: Burn & Activate.

Burn is designed to increase metabolism, burn more calories and boost your energy. (They also seem to help quash cravings but that could also be the Trim? I'm honestly not sure.) I take 1-2 of these a day but you can take up to 3 (spaced out) if you want. It doesn't give me the jitters but again, I rarely take more than 1 or 2. It's up to you and your bod to make that call but most people don't seem to have a problem with them.

Tips: Start out with 1 a day and take it with food. Don't take it too late in the day. Add in another one a few hours after the first if you're ready for 2 a day. After I did this a few days, I realized it wasn't making me jittery or anything so I sometimes take without food or a little later in the day. But you know your body.

Activate is a 3-night detox. Mix it into your water and chug it right before bed. It's not amazing but it's not going to kill you. Do it for your waistline. ;) You'll do the first 3 nights you use the system and then you're done until next month! 

Want to see what they have done for regular people just like me and you?? Join this FB group HERE. There are thousands of people who show up there to drop their testimonials about different products they have been using (I even have one in there somewhere!) and you can always find someone who you can relate to over there. The admins are fairly picky about which posts they let through so just know they are on the lookout for anything that looks photoshopped or fake or whatever. (We don't get a lot of that there though actually.)

Here are a few of my favorite results that were posted over there. 

Here's what this person said:

"This is 8 weeks on the Lean Body System. No dietary changes or exercise. I wanted to see how well or if the system actually worked without changing anything. I did get 7500 steps per day (average) and increased my water intake. I did try to eat fewer fried foods but didn’t cut anything out. I still ate pizza, California burritos and occasional alcohol. The system worked for me! Feel free to share 🤗

**Update 4/2021**

At 3 months I have lost 15 pounds, and haven’t changed diet or exercise routine. I continue to get 7500 steps average and increase water intake. The LBS is 💣"

Love this pretty mama's results too! She says:

"My results so far with Lean Body and Axis. Limited exercise but making better food decisions as well. Just started last week with a trainer so I can’t wait to see what happens when I incorporate exercise!"

And yes, it also works for dudes!

This was 6wks on the Lean Body System and the Biocell liquid collagen.

So the promo is this:

Get any Trim Collection (meaning any bundle/duo that includes a Trim) for $10 off PLUS you'll automatically be sent a big box of our GO energy & focus drink mix for FREE! (These boxes are $45!!) ALSO...This CAN be used on top of the new customer $10 discount which means $20 off for new customers!! So $20 off plus a free $45 gift?! Yes, please!!

*****UPDATE: The Free Go promo has ended BUT the $20 off for new customers and $10 off for existing customers when you buy a Trim collection will run through the end of April.*****

I use Go on the daily. It comes in 3 flavors and you'll get the variety pack which is a great way to find what you love! (I'm a Fruit Punch girl.)

Now if you really want to take advantage of this, here's where I can hook you up with our BEST deals!



If you just want the basics, this is the Lean Body System plus the free box of Go. It would normally be $206 for the LBS and Go but you can get it today for $142! The Lean Body System alone is typically $159.99!! How do you get the deal? Add the LBS in any flavor to your cart, choose "smartship and save" at checkout (that's the only way to get this deep discount!) and the Go will be added automatically. No need to add that to your cart. 

SIDENOTE: The GO WILL RUN OUT!! This is a "while supplies last" promo so don't wait to place the order, friends!! I'm not trying to rush you but I would hate for your products to arrive and the Go not be in there because they ran out. SALE STARTS TONIGHT (April 13th) AT 7PM CENTRAL.


Here's another great bundle. Grab the Lean Body System (typically $160) and the Cleanse Collection (face wash and exfoliant!) and choose smartship and save. You'll get ALL of that, including your free box of Go, (a $229 value) for $155. 

This is the ULTIMATE in savings because you can basically get all kinds of stuff for "free" with the savings PLUS you'll get free shipping and Lord knows we love free shipping, don't we friends?! And all these products will have you hooked. They are all so good. You are maxing out your savings with these.


Grab the LBS, the Cleanse Collection and a bottle of Carb Blocker (yessssss), checkout with smartship and save and you'll see the price drop to $179 including your free box of Go. If you added all these products to your cart and checkout on a normal day it would be $279. But adding in the $20 off plus the free Go and throwing it on smartship, you are able to get all of it for $100 cheaper! That is insane.

I love the laundry stuff. It's super concentrated so you don't have to use as much as you would your normal detergent and its clean/non-toxic too! The Fabric Spray is awesome for stinky clothes or smelly shoes and the dish soap is great too and looks pretty on my counter. ;)


If you have really really really been wanting to try the Body Firming Foam, do THIS bundle!! It includes the LBS, BFF and that laundry pack and your Go for "free" because of the savings.


And if you REALLY want to go for it and take advantage of the savings and work it to your advantage, here's a mega deal with some of our very best sellers. Add the LBS, our brand new, only one of it's kind Axis Trebiotic (for gut health) AND a bottle of our OUTSTANDING liquid collagen plus the laundry stuff. Valued at $389 but you can get it for $278 today with your free Go and your free shipping. BOOM.


I have a feeling this will be the most popular bundle. This is the one I would get if I were in your shoes and looking for weight loss plus all things hair/skin/nails/anti-aging.

I just ran these numbers for a friend of mine and wanted to show you the power of bundling!

So she really wanted the Lean Body System and a bottle of Biocell Liquid Collagen (Skin). But she wanted to see what the differences were when adding things to her bundle and taking advantage of the smartship savings.

Quick tip: 1-4 items on smartship is 5% off, 4-7 items is 10% off and 8+ items is 15% off plus free shipping!

Here's my note to her after I ran the numbers...(I think these are all before tax which will be different for each state.)

Ok, I ran these numbers for you and I think you'll like them. 😉 

1. Just the LBS on regular checkout and on smartship will be the same. $147.28 

2. LBS + Skin on reg checkout = 222.27
*On SS it is $220.52

3. BUT add the Clean & Fresh collection (laundry detergent, softener, fabric spray and dish soap) and it would be $224.69 on smartship ($255.99 on regular checkout).

**So you can add the extra 4 items for $4. It is the biggest no brainer ever if you are wanting the collagen and the LBS. Add the Clean and Fresh collection, throw it all on smartship and VOILA!

If you want to grab this deal, here's what you can do.

Click each one below and add to cart. Then click "CHECKOUT WITH SMARTSHIP AND SAVE". Your discounts won't show if you choose regular checkout. The free box of Go will be added in automatically under your discounts taken.

1. Lean Body System (this one is chocolate but if you message me I can correct it to another flavor if you can't figure it out. It can get complicated so don't worry about asking for help!)

Remember to choose smartship and save and checkout!


First of all, if you just want to order a bottle of Trim and a bottle of our Liquid Collagen, that is on sale too with this freebie! You can totally do that. But if you want to lock in the huge savings, I just wanted to make sure I show you these. Don't get scared off if you can't afford a big bundle. We can still fix you up!

Ok, so how to order:

OPTION 1: If you want to order, you can go to HERE, scroll down to "PURCHASE NOW" and start shopping. My name should pop up as a referring person when you create your account but if it doesn't, my referral code is 2617259. New customers won't be able to get that extra $10 off their first order without it! (Existing customers will just need to log in to their accounts to shop and you're good to go.)

*Remember, you don't need to add the Go to your cart. It will be added automatically.

*For bundle deals, the savings will only show up as shown above when you choose the "checkout with smartship and save" option instead of "checkout". Smartship is not scary so don't be afraid. They will send you a text 2 days before your next order is set to ship so you can go in and edit the products in the order, push the date back, cancel...whatever. They'll also send you a couple of email reminders as well. There is a loyalty program too for smartshippers! For every month in a row you are on SS, they'll give you a percentage back in free shopping credits. ;) The longer you are on it, the higher the credits!

IMPORTANT: These are just a few options for great bundles. If you are like "I wish they had a bundle for x,y & z instead", you can totally create your own!! The options are endless. 

OPTION 2: I can absolutely help you choose the things you are looking for specifically and score a great deal like these. Just message me on Instagram (@amandanall) or Facebook (Amanda Crain Nall) and I can set you up and even send one link that will have it all loaded into your cart for you. All you'll have to do is checkout. Super duper easy. Probably the easiest way to do it.

OPTION 3: I would be happy to place any order for you! I know some people are like "I can do it myself" but there are some who would prefer to be like "Here's my email and password. Fix me up." This is especially easy for current customers if your card is already loaded in. Just let me know. I want this to be super easy on y'all so you don't have to stress about getting your order in in time to get the free product!


Ok so that's the gist, folks! I'm going to leave you with some of my favorite products in case you want to build your own bundle.

Things I use daily:

Trim, Burn, Axis Trebiotic, Go, Carb Blocker, Moisturizer, Face Mask, Pet Collagen (OMG its done wonders for my poor pup's skin, y'all!! And it's been less than a week!!!), laundry stuff collection, lip complex, and OF COURSE, the HERO of all anti-aging products ever created (I'm certain)--the Biocell Liquid Collagen. I flip between Life and Skin depending on what's in the fridge b/c my hubs is on Life.

(Find this duo HERE in chocolate Trim--also available in all the other flavors!)

And just for fun, here are some more results with the Biocell liquid collagen and/or skincare products:

My friend, Holly has been on it for a year and has shed almost 20lbs with the LBS and her skin is aging backwards.

My girl, Jen, sent me these before and afters after just 2 weeks on the collagen!

A friend of a friend sent these pics of her hair growth after a few weeks!

My results were super similar!! If you have thinning spots, get the liquid collagen!! (Me below!)

Not just for women...get your men in on this! At a couple of tablespoons a day, surely he can make it work!

Look at this glow up!!

And I've shared my friend, Katie's, results a hundred times now but I can't get over this before and after. This was her 3-4 weeks after I think but she had gorgeous results after 2 weeks too!

And this one gets me every time!

Here's the pet collagen we've just started. I just add a couple of squirts into Charlie's food each day and the difference in his skin has been kind of mind-blowing. We've done allergy shots and pills but that's annoying and expensive. He has had scabby bumps alllll over his back, especially near his tail, since we've had him and after just 4 days on this, they seem to be about 50% better. Even my hubs noticed and he's not super into details. haha It's also amazing for joints, especially in older dogs!

Here are some results with the body firming foam! The girl below is a friend of mine!
Perfect for arms, legs, tummies, chins, booties, love handles...anywhere that you need some help firming, tightening and smoothing. Some people see results like this SO FAST and some it takes longer. I've been bathing in it practically for about a week or so and there is definitely some improvement happening. I plan to keep it in my smartship! (Even though a bottle lasts forever it seems!)


Use your referral code!! When your friend wants to try what you've been using, give her/him your referral code. They'll get $10 off their first order and you'll get $10 back in shopping credits the next month OR if you're on smartship when they order, you'll actually get 25% of their order back in credits! See?! All kinds of great reasons to be on smartship!!


Oh wait, one more thing before I go. If you are interested in what I do with this company, YOU CAN DO IT TOO. You do not need to have a blog or be an influencer or anything like that. We can show you exactly how to make this work for you. None of the girls on my team are influencers in any way and there are dozens who are more successful than me at this. What I love most is that I don't feel like I'm necessarily "selling" stuff. I'm sharing products I love and would be sharing regardless of if I was making a commission off of it. 

People want these products. They see that they work. They love that it's a health and wellness company that focuses on clean, non-toxic products (even their packing peanuts are made of corn starch and potatoes! Spray them with the sprayer in your sink and they'll dissolve! Let the kids do it! They think its awesome.) and they are proving every day with every testimonial that they are working for so many people.

I will always be honest with you! I don't guarantee you'll lose 20lbs in 2 weeks or you'll wake up looking 20 years younger. But if you want to lose weight, get healthy, fight some signs of aging naturally, etc...we can help you with that.

If you DO want to take advantage of the promo AND join our sweet little team, you can use the promo and get $10 off your enrollment kit AND we are taking another $40 off too until Monday, April 19th! What does that actually mean? When you join, you grab one of the enrollment kits (stuff you'd be buying as a customer anyway!) plus the one-time, $39.99 enrollment fee which gives you your own link/referral code and qualifies you to start earning commissions and free products. BUT now through Monday, we are giving you the business for free since it's $40 off PLUS another $10 off with certain enrollment kits that have a Trim in them. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to welcome you to our crew, y'all! They are fun chicks who love each other, support each other and will do anything to help the other succeed. Even if it doesn't serve them in any way. Come meet my gang, y'all!!

Message me with all your questions about joining or just questions about the products or to get a link sent directly to you with your cart all loaded up! (Again, that's the best way! Just tell me which bundle or which products you are wanting and I'll send it. So easy!)

Ok, so that's all I've got, friends. Have I worn you out yet!? Haha.

Thank you for all your support, friends! It means the world to me and my family!

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