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Hey there, friends!  Welcome to my first summer post of 2019!!  Whoohoo!!  I want to say you can expect more posts from me this summer as opposed to how it's been this school year.  Yes.  I WANT to say that.  And I have high hopes.  But I'm learning to stop promising things when it comes to this blog because it really does come after all the other things.

What other things, you ask? (Or you didn't and I'll just tell you anyway. haha)  Well, that leads me straight into my first question of...

Today I've got Part 2 of my Amanda Answers series.  (You can find Part 1 HERE.)

So let's get to it.

Q: Why don't you blog more often?

I would love to blog more often but there are just a lot of other things that I have to put ahead of blogging.  Like...

Etsy orders.  Y'all have heard me talk enough about my Etsy shop that you know all the orders take up so much of my time and it's how I earn a paycheck around here!  It's pretty much a full-time job and the more effort I put into it, the bigger the payoff.  If you own your business of any kind, then you can totally relate.  If I don't work, I don't make money.  And I definitely have workaholic tendencies.

 I also have a Jane addiction sooooo...yeah.  ;)

My Facebook Group.  Speaking of my Jane addiction, I love this little side gig SO much.  If I could just sit in front of the computer all day hunting down deals for y'all, I totally would. But alas, there are other things I also have to do.  (See above and below.)  However, any spare time I get during my "work day" (and beyond) I use it to post all kinds of fun finds and great deals over in the FB Group.

My family.  Obvi.  I don't know why I have them third but they are most definitely #1 unless it's between finishing an Etsy order and getting it out on time OR "Mom, can you get me some milk?".  In that case, you can get your own milk, sweet 9 and 11-year-old.  And then there's the stuff that comes with family.

Laundry, dishes, groceries, cooking (ugh), appointments, cleaning, repeat repeat repeat.  All these things have to come before the blog at this point in time and while I could technically squeeze in time to come up with a blog post idea, upload pics, type it out, proof it, re-write some things, find links where I need to, etc...I just choose not to overload myself these days.  I used to try to do it all and it was making me miserable.  So basically, I blog when I feel like it or when I have something to share and put a lot of thought into my posts.  So that comes out to fewer posts.  ;)  This could change in the future but for now, I just try to keep it all balanced and do what works for me.

Q:  What does your hubby do now that he's out of the NFL?

Quick back story if you're new around here.  My hubs was a backup QB in the NFL for 7 years.  He was drafted by the Packers and spent the majority of his career with them, but also played for the Bills and Texans.

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He retired about 10 years ago and has toyed with several different career paths.  He has an entrepreneurial spirit and if he could make a business idea of his (he has many) actually work, then he'd love it.  But all of his business ideas cost a ton of money or he has to rely on other people to do their part in order for things to work and, well, it's frustrating, to say the least.

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But after he retired, he started offering private quarterback lessons in the DFW area and is now one of the top private coaches in the area.

He is also the Lead QB Instructor for Elite 11.  Elite 11 is the nation's premier quarterback competition for high schoolers.  It's kind of a big deal. ;)  He's been working with them for several years now and really loves it.  Elite 11 has 14(?) regional camps held across the nation starting in February and ending in late May.  So Craig is typically out of town most weekends when that is going on.  They are quick trips though.  Leave Saturday and back late Sunday night.

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In June, they have the Finals, which is when the best of the best from the regional camps come together to battle it out for a 3 day event and from there, they choose the "Elite 11".  Those 11 then go on to compete at The Opening which brings together the top high school football players from all positions.  It's a week-long event and is covered by ESPN, Bleacher Report and other big-name media outlets.  It's a huge deal to be selected for this.

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I love that he's stayed involved with football.  He was a great player but he may be an even better coach.  Football is what he knows best.  It's who he is at the core.  A football player.

However.  I could never get him to get on board with coaching high school or college.  For high school, he'd need to get a teaching certification and he would have to teach a class.  He's never been crazy about that idea.  And in college, you deal with recruiting, traveling all over the place to try and convince high schoolers to sign with your college program and the hours can be long.  Plus, there tends to be a lot of moving involved with college coaching.  None of those things appealed to him.

But he also wanted to prove to himself and everyone else that he could be more than football.  So he got his real estate license for both residential and commercial and is now a business broker.  Business brokers help facilitate the buying and selling of businesses...a lot like what realtors do when you sell your house.  Sometimes a business owner will want to sell just his business and sometimes they want to sell the business plus the land which is why he needs to be licensed in commercial real estate as well.

I personally wish he would have gone into coaching at the high school or college level but I feel like that ship may have sailed.  He's a phenomenal coach though so if you're looking for a private QB coach in the Dallas area who has been there and knows what he's talking about, give him a call!  (Or message me and I'll get you connected.)

Question:  Favorite Mckinney restaurant?  My kids live for Hat Creek.  Have you tried it?

This one is so hard!!  First off, yes, I love Hat Creek.  For those who don't know, it's a burger place here in Mckinney and has a really cool, casual vibe and fun playground for the kiddos.

I have yet to try their breakfast tacos though but according to Erika, they are a MUST.  It's on my summer list.  ;)

I think my current favorite though is The Yard in downtown Mckinney.  I know y'all have probably heard allllll the Mckinney bloggers rave about this place but we just can't help it!  The food is amazing (get the nachos!) and the fun atmosphere just can't be beat.

And if I can pick an overall favorite for the whole area, I've got to go with Gloria's.  It's officially "Latin cuisine" but they have chips, salsa, quesadillas, enchiladas...and all of that speaks to the Mexican food lover in this Texas girl.  My friends and I are frequent visitors.  My meal of choice?  Steak quesadillas with all the sour cream and guac plus a frozen sangria swirl.

I'm a total salsa snob too and Craig says I judge every Mexican restaurant by their chips and salsa alone.  And I totally do.  So he's right.  But this place has great chips and salsa.  Yes, it's a chain but I'll never turn my nose up at a yummy restaurant just because it's a chain. #basic

And now I'm starving.  And none of that is Keto-approved. 😂

I'll be back with Part 3 of this series soon!  DM me on Instagram with any more questions!



  1. I've never had the nachos from The Yard! I'm missing out!!!

  2. I am loving the Q&A post! I think it's awesome what Craig does for the youth and what an example he is for these young boys! I am sure you are one proud wifey!

  3. My husband and I love nothing more than a football documentary. And Elite 11 is one of our faves! What an amazing opportunity/job to have. And I can't blame him ONE BIT for not wanting to coach at the high school level (crazy sports parents...no thanks!)!!! Love these questions answered posts!

  4. Love this!! So interesting learning more about you (and Craig). And I am a total salsa snob too and judge a restaurant on their chips and salsa! Ha!


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