Hey girls! And guys! (This stuff works for guys too so I don't mean to leave you out if you're a dude  but let's be real...how many guys are reading this blog...?) 

But I just wanted to run you through this new June promo real quick for all of you girls who are interested. I know since you don't see floods of comments on posts, you may be like "I doubt it.". 😂
But in the past 8 months that I've been with the company, I've had 400+ customers. Of those 400, I think there is about an 86% return rate (meaning customers who continue to purchase each month). Some of you have been with me since the very beginning and haven't missed a month because you were transformed into a believer too. So all of that to say, there really are a lot of you out there who want this info, which is why I continue to post and share about it. I always say, "I don't love it because I sell it. I sell it because I love it."

So with that being said, let's get to it! 

Today we launched our brand new summer flavor of Trim--PEACH PARFAIT!! Sounds yummy, right?! Trim is a fat-blasting collagen packed with CLA, collagen and hyaluronic acid so it's got that 1-2 punch for body composition + the beauty stuff. (hair, skin, nails, even joints!) This is a LIMITED TIME ONLY flavor and they are also giving away these pretty rose gold spoons with each order, while supplies last.

This is the last big flavor launch until Black Friday if they even do that again this year. (Last year was Blackberry.) The promo runs for a week and then after that, they'll probably sell the Peach flavor with normal prices (and no free spoon) until they eventually run out. So if you want it, get it now so you can get that spoon! Why do I want this spoon so bad!?!

I want you to have all the info you need all in one place to take advantage of the promo and some of the bundles we've got that can max out your savings and get you more free stuff. I love free stuff so I'm really into that part. #suckerforadeal

Also, as an (extroverted) introvert, I know I don't always want to reach out to whoever it may be to ask for help or for links or whatever. (Although I LOVE when YOU reach out to ME!) And I know some of you feel the same way or are just scared you'll get the hard sell if you DO reach out. I promise you won't so don't ever worry about that. I'm seriously here to help in any way I can and make it as easy and uncomplicated if you do want to purchase something.

A few things to note. 

You can always shop directly from Modere.com but you will need to put in my name/code as a referral person if you want to get $10 (minimum) off your first order. My code is AMANDA10. You'll use that to create your account if my name isn't there automatically and then at the very LAST step at checkout, you'll see the discount come off.

BUT--The easiest way though is to shop directly through my links. It'll have the $10 off discount and my name attached as a referral automatically so you shouldn't have to mess with typing in a name or code. It'll just say "Amanda Nall" as your referred by person.

You can shop all HERE.


Here are the bundles we have with the Peach Parfait Trim! All come with that free rose gold spoon while supplies last! ❤🥄

Bundle #1
First up. This is not a bundle so I shouldn't have put it under this header. It's just if you want the bare-bones goodness. Peach Trim with the free spoon is HERE. New customers/accounts will save $10 at the very end of checkout.

Bundle #2
They say if you want good results, get the Trim. If you want great results, get the full Lean Body System. It comes with Trim, Activate (3 day gentle detox), Burn capsules. Sidenote: This isn't technically a "bundle" but the Burn and Trim alone would be $165 individually. So with the LBS, you're getting the Activate for free plus another $5 off. So it's still a good deal! Plus new customers will save $10 on this too and the free spoon. You can add that HERE

Ok, NOW to the real bundles. 

You can't stack your new customer $10 off discount with the bundles because you are going to be taking advantage of the smartship savings instead which are going to save you a lot more than $10.

The only way the bundles will come out to these prices is if you choose the "smartship and save" option at checkout. 
*If you CURRENTLY have a smartship, you can absolutely add this to your cart now and click "process now and add to order" so that you don't miss out on the free spoon and the peach trim. If your order is set to process in a few weeks, for example, you won't get this deal. So make sure it processes now. Once you've placed the order, you can go in and make changes to your smartship as necessary. (Edit, delete, push back the date, etc.)

Smartship Savings reminder: 
1-4 items = 5% off
5-7 items = 10% off
8+ items is 15% off plus free shipping!

All of the bundles below qualify for free shipping!

Bundle #3

This is a great bundle if your focus is mainly weight loss/body composition. It comes with the LBS + Carb Blocker and then you can choose your freebies. (The spoon is already free.) Basically, the amount your saving by choosing smartship and save is equivalent to the cost of all these products. It's insane and I always recommend taking advantage of it.

Choose 1 of these below and it'll add everything to your cart for you. (You may want to wait and scroll through all the bundles below first before you click anything.)

Bundle w/ Home Cleaning, click here
(Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Dish Soap, Fabric Spray)
Bundle w/ Cleanse/Exfoliate, click here
(Cleanser, Exfoliator, Mouthwash, Toothpaste)

If you have problems with things not adding to your cart, you can add them individually.

(& then choose one below)

...then click Checkout with Smartship and Save to watch that price rollback. You'll click smartship for each one of these bundles to get it to the price. Taxes will be different for each state but shipping will be free.

Bundle #4

This one is the same as the one above except it comes with our best-selling Body Firming Foam instead of Carb Blocker.

Pick Your Free:
Bundle w/ Home Cleaning HERE
Bundle w/ Cleanser/Exfoliate HERE
(UPDATE: My cart links stopped working b/c their backoffice is down so I can't do that little feature right now. But you can click all the individual links and add them that way. So sorry!)


Bundle #5

This bundle is a favorite and it actually came out cheaper for me than this price shows. I swapped Biocell Liquid Collagen "Life" for the "Skin" because Skin is back-ordered right now. But it has the Peach Trim, free spoon, the Life and the Body Firming Foam. The Home Cleaning and Cleanse Exfoliate collections are still the same just with an added Hand Wash.

Y'all know I'm a HUGE believer in the Biocell Liquid Collagen. I use Trim and Biocell every single day. They pack a huge punch together in terms of weight management and my SKIN! My skin is not perfect. This won't make your skin perfect. But the elasticity, the firmness, the plumpness...all of it ishas improved so dang much. SO. MUCH. My skin was looking thin and just haggard before I started this. And now I almost feel like I have those baby soft cheeks again. 

Its the collagen + the hyaluronic acid matrix technology they have in there. So it's not "just collagen". Its many steps above and in this liquid form, it is 100% bioavailable. Meaning your body is able to break it down quickly and absorb it all. Powders will work too but they just aren't as potent or nearly as convenient. And you also don't know all the things they are crushing up in there to create that powder.

They are the OGs and I'll never quit 'em. So this bundle and the next one are great options if you want both of those hero products too.

Bundle w/ Home Cleaning: HERE
Bundle w/ Cleanse Exfoliate: HERE


Bundle #6

Lean Body System + Biocell Liquid Collagen "Life". An excellent starting point and probably my most sold bundle.

Bundle w/ Home Cleaning: HERE
Bundle w/ Cleanse Exfoliate: HERE


Bundle #7

This bundle is a great option if you are into gut health. Our gut health "beadlets" are so cool and I will say that the first time I saw them I was like "what in the world?". Now I LOVE them. I pour half a scoop onto my spoon, add my Trim and then pour the rest of it on top. (PS: This is so much easier with that free spoon they are giving away! I have it in black from the last promo and it's the best!) 

The "beadlets" are actually called Axis Trebiotics. They are a pre, pro and postbiotic unlike any other product in the world. Think gut health on steroids. Or something like that. haha

This one comes with the LBS + Trebiotics and of course, the free spoon!
Bundle w/ Home Cleaning: HERE
Bundle w/ Cleanse Exfoliate: HERE

Bundle #8

Bundle #8 is obviously the most expensive but you're also saving the most with it. With this one you are getting 2 bottles of Life (it shows Skin but that's not available right now) along with my very favorite Bubble Mask, very favorite moisturizer and the serum! I love the serum too but the mask and moisturizer just stand out. The mask bubbles up immediately on your skin and feels like tiny champagne bubbles popping. Once they've all popped, you just wipe it off. Its not messy, it only takes a few minutes and it just feels SO cool. Plus it makes your skin all tight and shiny and bright after you wipe it off.

And then for your "free" you're actually getting the Peach Parfait Trim and the Cleanse/Exfoliate! If you want to go all in on these products, this is where it's at. 

Click HERE for this bundle!


TIPS: If you've clicked a link that adds all the bundle items to your cart and then you go and click another one, it may not work. It may not add the second ones or it may end up saying Your cart is empty.  If that happens, you will need to go in add each thing to your cart individually.

The most important thing is just to make sure that you have only the items in the bundle you want, in your cart. Sometimes you can forget you already added something maybe the last time you were on the website and then you add all this and then you end up accidentally spending an extra $100.

30-day guarantee on all products! You're going to love love love them! Give them a chance to work. Be consistent. Take pics of your face, skin, nails, hair, body. Just because the scale hasn't changed much, you may be surprised at the way your clothes are fitting or the differences you see in your arms/legs/stomach. Miracles don't happen overnight. These products aren't magic. They are supplements designed to help you get to your goals.

Also, I know there are a lot of people who have their doubts about all this. Listen, we're not curing cancer over here people. We're just trying to give ourselves a leg up on aging and weight gain. 

 Our CEO was in Forbes magazine for being named one of the top 10 CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America. To put it in perspective, another one of the 10 is the CEO of Boston Children's Hospital...one of the top Children's Hospitals in the country. You don't get recognition like that unless you are LEGIT. 😉⭐️

Now, will it work the exact same for everyone? Of course not! There are a ton of factors that can come into play on why one person had great results while another didn't. (Consistency, body type, eating habits, exercise, alcohol consumption, overall lifestyle, etc.) 

Use this is a first step to new habits. With your first spoonful, also decide to drink more water, move more, nix the junk food or high carb food or whatever. I always say I learned this the hard way over Thanksgiving--you cannot eat like a lineman and take a spoonful each day and expect to drop the weight. If something promises you that's the case then run far away.

Get healthy, y'all! Get that glowing, younger-looking skin! Build some lean muscle, drop some fat...progress over perfection.

As always, message me on social media ANYTIME. I'm quick to respond (most of the time), I promise! And I never let a DM go unanswered. (@amandanall)

Find me below!