Wednesday, February 24, 2021


 Hey hey!! Happy Wednesday friends from good ole WARM Texas! Yesterday, I think the high got to 79 degrees, y'all. Just one week before, it was -3. No exaggeration. Texas weather is like the boyfriend that just won't commit.

Anyway, I'm back today for the February edition of What's Up Wednesday with Sheaffer and Shay and I'm excited to share #allthethings! These posts are so fun so let's get to it!


Monday, February 22, 2021


I can't wait for the day when our world is not in chaos. Like seriously, can we just get a DAY? That'll be a good day. 


Friday, February 12, 2021


Hey hey, y'all! Long time, no see!! It has been a crazy busy two weeks for me but a good kind of crazy busy! I spent the first half of last week finishing up Etsy orders and getting all kinds of last-minute shopping, organizing, and packing done before leaving for my very first Leadership Retreat on Thursday. I got back on Sunday and you mamas know how it goes. When you leave for a trip, it always takes a minute to get back into the routine. 

When I get out of a routine, certain things just get pushed to the back burner...this blog being one of them. (I know y'all have heard me say that before! haha) Why can't I be more Type A so I can just get all the things done?! I told Craig the other day that one of us needs to just step up and become a Type A personality...because we are both very easy-going and big procrastinators. I really need one of us to crack the whip, y'all. Why can't it be as easy as just saying "I'm going to become a Type A person." Close eyes, snap fingers, done. 😂 

Anyway, the good thing is that we recognize that we can get overwhelmed when we let things go too long or whatever it may be so that's good. We know our faults. We are aware. It's just hard to change a personality type! But I know that the busier I become, the more I need to at least try to pick up tips from those super-organized Type A people who seem to get everything done, no sweat. So excuse me for a second while I go search "How to Become a Type A Person" on Pinterest real quick. 😂 (Ok, I really did just do that and fell down a rabbit hole of personality quizzes. I'm clearly a Type B personality. That's really a thing!)

All of that to say, the last couple of weeks have had my head spinning and my house a mess but the fact that I'm even writing this blog post means I'm getting back to my routine and getting my $&!# together. Finally.

So about that trip...