UPDATE: The free box of collagen promo is over but the rest of this information like the bundles and things like that are still correct--just scratch the free box of collagen. Boo. But I'll let you know if that ever comes back!


Mother’s Day Promo!! This one is a VERY quick promo on the liquid collagen (almost never happens) and the Skincare!! I’m talking FREE collagen!! It ends tomorrow night (Friday, May 7th) so keep reading if you want the details! 

PROMO: Grab any of the qualifying skincare collections under $159 and get a FREE headband and 3pack of the bar soaps. OR get the Inside Out Collection (shown in the pic...or any collection over $159) and you will get a FREE box of Pure Collagen singles ($54 value) and that free headband. 

Why I love this Inside Out Collection so much: 

The liquid collagen has been the biggest game-changer in my skin, hair, and just overall anti-aging-ness. (Made up that word. 😜) But it has. It’s what got me hooked with this company. My skin is glowier, plumper and firmer...and I started seeing changes within my first month. You're going to get 2 bottles of collagen with this collection but because of the bundle price, you're basically getting one for free and one for $10 off. And we haven't even talked about the ACTUAL free collagen yet.

(That last picture was taken back in January I think. All that hair has now grown in super long and blends in with the rest of my hair now. I still have a weird cowlick I hate right there but even collagen can't help that.)

Interested in proof that it works?

What this collection comes with:

The skincare is so good and this collection has the three BEST products they have bundled together with 2 bottles of collagen. (You can choose this collection with any of the collagen formulas-skin, pure, life or sport). Here's a reminder of the differences in the collagen (Biocell) formulas.

You get:

1) Moisturizer: The moisturizer is outstanding. I use it exclusively now even though I’ve got more expensive ones stacked in my bathroom cabinet. It is the best one I’ve ever used. 

It is thick and creamy without being heavy and greasy. I wear it as the final step of my nighttime routine and I also put it on in the mornings and wear it under my makeup as well.

I love the packaging too. You just push down on the top and it pumps out the perfect dollop.

This is a screengrab from a video so it's not super clear but you get the idea.

2) Serum: The serum pairs perfectly with it too. Both are infused with the patented collagen/hyaluronic acid matrix Modere is known for which is proven to plump those fine lines and wrinkles. Put it on first, then slather on the moisturizer.

(I have no pics of the serum! I thought I did. I'll come back and add once I get some.)

3) The Mask!: And the mask...ok...y’all need this mask!! It’s a “bubble mask” made with botanical ingredients and it is the coolest mask I’ve ever used. Ever. You slather it on and almost instantly it starts to bubble and fizz like little champagne bubbles bursting all over your face. Feels so good!! Once they are all dissolved, you just wipe it off (no mess!) and your skin looks tighter, brighter and smoother. You’re supposed to use it 2-3 times a week but it’s so fast and easy that I use it way more than that. You cika=will LOVE IT.

4) Collagen: You’ll also get 2 bottles of liquid collagen. Did you know that our liquid collagen has been scientifically proven to increase the hyaluronic acid levels in your body by 6000% in just 28 days? Did you know that hyaluronic acid is also known as a “wrinkle filler” bc it plumps and hydrates your cells which fills out all those wrinkles? Drink it up, y’all. This is not “just” collagen. It’s so much more than that.

5) FREE STUFF!: And then there’s that box of Pure singles you will get for FREE that are perfect to grab on the go or for traveling and you'll also get a free headband.

Links to this bundle are here:

Keep reading though for the best deals.

⭐️ So why this deal: 

If these products weren’t bundled and were purchased separately it would be anywhere from $300-$310 depending on which collagen you wanted. But when you buy them all together in this bundle you will save $80+ instantly AND I can work it so you can save even more! (new customers get $10 off or throw it on smartship to save at least 10%!) That is like getting one bottle of collagen completely free and then a discount on the other!! 

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Also worth noting...

If you’ve been wanting to grab your own link and earn commissions on whatever you share with your friends and family, you can actually get this bundle CHEAPER than a customer for $199. That's $21 cheaper than what a customer pays. The only catch is that you pay a one-time $40 enrollment fee with it but even with that, you're still only paying an extra $20 (as opposed to what you'd pay as a customer) to have the ability to earn commissions, build a business--whatever you decide you want to do with it. 

There are no monthly fees to pay or anything like that once you enroll. No catch. Just the opportunity to earn commissions and free shipping credits and even a great new stream of income if you want it. Message me on Instagram (@amandanall) if you have questions or you can go HERE, scroll down and click on Join Now. 

But seriously, if you’ve been on the fence about partnering with this company, this is a fairly no-risk situation. Come join us!! It’s not too late to get in on that all-expenses-paid Cabo trip they are sending us on in November either. 😉 


Now I know I dropped the links above to this bundle but did you know you can add more products for CHEAPER? Umm yeah. It's the beauty of smartship and save, friends. Let me show you.

Here are the most popular bundles. Want the biggest bang for your buck? Do it this way...

PS: You do not need to add the Pure singles to your cart. They will be added automatically with qualifying orders.


If you want Bundle #1, add the Inside Out Collection of your choice to your cart (links above) and then add the Cleanse and Tone Collection to your cart as well. (Cleanser, Toner and Exfoliant) Make sure those are the only things in your cart and then click on CHECKOUT WITH SMARTSHIP AND SAVE.

Create your account (it should have my name pop up automatically but if it doesn't you can use the code 2617259 for the referral code) and then once you enter all your payment information and shipping info, it'll take off all the discounts and you'll see the prices you see on the "better" side. (Give or take a few bucks depending on everyone's tax percentage).

I say this all the time but don't be scared of smartship, y'all. You have total control over it. You can go in any time and edit the products you want for the next month, delete them all, push back the ship date...whatever you want. They also send you a text 2 days before it ships to let you know so you have time to go in and do what you want to it. It is a GREAT way to get the best discount though.


If you are just interested in the skincare but still want the free collagen singles add the following to your cart and then do "checkout with smartship and save" to get the "Better" pricing.

1. Cellproof Essentials (moisturizer, serum and mask)
2. Cleanse Collection (cleanser & exfoliant)


This one is great if you've had your eye on the Body Firming Foam which I know so many of you have! It's got the skincare trio again, the BFF and Cleanser.

Add the following to your cart and then click checkout with smartship and save.


This one has the moisturizer, serum, mask, Body Firming Foam, lip complexes and the mouthwash and toothpaste! Whew! Get it girl! Add this to your cart and then checkout with smartship and save!

1. Body Firming Foam + Cellproof Essentials

2. Lip Complex (add 2)

3. Fresh Breath Collection (toothpaste and mouthwash)

Again, the free Pure Singles will be added automatically once all your discounts are taken off at the very last step of checkout. (once payment is in and shipping info is in)

New customers: If you don't use smartship and save, you will get $10 off your first order. You'll get more if you use smartship but if you don't want to, you will at least get $10 off! Yay!

Ok guys! I know that's a lot. I hope I explain it all well enough so that you understand how to get the best deal. I feel like this is the best way to do it since I have a larger than average audience and I know not all of you want to message me to place an order or to get a link--you just want to do it yourself. I totally get it and that's why I do it this way but please know you can always message me if you get stuck or have a question about ANYTHING. I'm pretty quick to respond in my IG DMs (@amandanall) and on FB too. (Amanda Crain Nall on FB)

PROMO FOR THE FREE PURE SINGLES ENDS MAY 9th!!!  However, the bundles will still be available just without the free gift.

Have a great Mother's Day, friends!


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