Hey hey friends! You know I try my best to keep y'all posted on Modere collagen promos so I wanted to make sure you saw this one because it's only the second time they've offered this in the 11 months I've been here and it's not one you should miss!

UPDATE: Sale extended one more day because there have been some glitchy issues with Paypal. 

I've been posting about it in my IG stories for the past couple of days but in case you missed it, today is the LAST DAY to get $20 off any new customer order. (or new account...wink wink) AND our team is giving one lucky winner $1000!! All orders count as an entry so get them in before 11:59 Mountain Time tonight! I'm also giving away a FREE bottle of Liquid Biocell Life so your order actually gets you entered into both drawings!

I've shared my before and afters here before but I'll do it again in case you're just now discovering my liquid collagen obsession. Its quite possible you are either currently obsessed yourself and thinking you just may need to create a new account real quick to get that $20 off (I'll show you a trick!) or you have been considering becoming obsessed (because you will be) and would very much appreciate saving $20 on your first order. 😉

Quick rundown on these pics.

 The "Before" pics were taken in 2019. This was a year before I even knew this collagen existed. So add another year of fine lines and dry skin on top of that and you'll get my "right before I started" before pic. I didn't actually have one of those so I chose the best I had that I could easily replicate in an "after".

I started this Liquid Collagen/Hyaluronic Acid Matrix back in October 2020 after seeing a friend from back home post about it on Instagram for like 6 months. I was always interested but never pulled the trigger until October. Really wish I would have started it sooner after seeing my before and afters but it is what it is. Let this be a lesson to all of you. Sooner is better.

But the "after" pic was taken at about month 9 but these results showed up a lot earlier than that. I should have done a better job at documenting things. Bottom right before/after is with no makeup. No filters or retouching was used on these. I didn't even adjust the lighting. I was standing in front of a window with natural light.

So to all of you: TAKE THE PICTURES! They help so much when you are wondering if things are working!

BEST MOVIE EVER. (Also filmed in the town I went to college in. #funfacts)

Within my first month, I was noticing new hair growth in my Dracula hairline (thank goodness b/c it was starting to give me a complex) and when I went to get my hair highlighted a couple months later, my stylist was flipping out about how much thicker my hair seemed. I told her about the collagen and she had me sign her up so she could grab her own code so she could tell all her clients about it while I was sitting in her chair.

It has plumped my skin, evened out my skin tone, given me a nice glow and my under eyes and crows feet are not nearly as dry or deep and crackly as they once were. Although they are not perfect...they are so much better than they would be without this. Look where I was on that front in 2019. It would have been so much worse without this.

I take my magic duo every single day (or almost every day...I rarely forget). 

Trim is the fat-blasting, lean muscle-building collagen that comes in 5 flavors and is like a spoonful of yummy pudding. I take it each morning and chocolate is my favorite but it also comes in vanilla, mango, coconut lime or lemon. I sprinkle the Trebiotics for gut health on top and it tastes like a melted Nestle Crunch Bar. 

At night, I take a swig from the bottle of Biocell straight out of the fridge usually. If I'm feeling fancy (or doing it for the 'Gram 😉) I'll get cuter and take it in a shot glass. But I LOVE that it's so crazy convenient to just take a swig and you're done. How much easier (and tastier) is that than having to stir in powdered collagen made from who knows what into your drink every morning and then forcing yourself to finish the whole thing so you can get the benefits? Is it even a question?

(This one pictured is Biocell Life.)

Ok, there are 4 Liquid Collagen Formulas. They come in Biocell Life, Pure, Skin or Sport. Trim is on this chart too but it is an entirely separate product that you can take in conjunction with the Biocell or on its own.

To start: Pick one Biocell. Don't get too hung up on which one. They all have the same amount of that collagen/HA matrix technology in them. Some just have added extras. Achy joints? Overall wellness? Go with Life. It tastes the best (like grape/apple juice) and it's what I was using when I first started noticing hair/skin changes. Want to hone in on your skin? Go with Skin. Keto/low carb/allergic to berries? Go with Pure. Super athletic and workout a lot? You might like Sport.

All 4 taste a little different. Life is the richest and most flavorful. Super yummy (in most opinions). Skin is a more watered-down flavor of Life and very smooth. Pure has a slight pineapple flavor maybe? And I haven't tried Sport. I switch Skin and Life out a lot.

And then: Pick a Trim flavor. Trim is designed to inhibit fat storage, increase lean muscle and the dose of collagen it has in it will also help with that youthful skin! 

NOTE: The recommended dose of collagen is 2 servings/tbsp a day. If you are doing both Trim and Biocell, you only need 1tbsp of each per day because Trim has collagen in it. If you are only doing Biocell, the recommended dose is 2tbsp a day. Each bottle has 30 servings, so you may want to grab the 2 pack of Biocell for a month's supply. People get really mad when they've been super consistent and then run out! Just sayin'! This is also why smartship is great.

Also, when you buy the Trim/Biocell in the duo pack, you are saving $10 PLUS you're going to get $20 off. Just FYI! The Chocolate Trim/Biocell Life duo is probably the most popular!

Now I have to show you my friend, Haley's results with the Trim. Most people see inches lost and clothes fitting better before seeing the scale number drop. Haley saw both, obviously! Look at this little hottie! Love her so much!


So again, all new customers will get $20 off their first order when they use my referral code, AMANDA10, or you can just go through my links and you won't need a code. As long as you see my  name pop up as your referral person, it'll take the $20 off. If you need to use the code, remember that it's a REFERRAL code not a promo code. You won't need a promo code of any kind. The $20 off will be taken automatically at checkout. (FYI: You will ALWAYS get at least $10 off on your first order. The $20 promo may be gone by the time you read this but you can stack your $10 off savings with the Subscribe & Save discounts too!)

Now to go back to that trick I was talking about for existing customers, here's what you can do to work that system!

For starters, ALL customers have their own referral code plus you'll get 3 FRIENDS & FAMILY codes that will give them $20 off. These expire 10 days after you get them to send them and tell your friends to hurry and use them before they turn into the $10 ones. It's in your account or you can message me and I'll send it to you as long as you are one of my customers. (I won't have access to it if you aren't.) If you have a friend who you know would love this too or if you've been raving about it and she's been wanting to try it, send her to and have her use YOUR code. She'll get $20 off her order and you will get $10 back in product credits! And if you are on subscribe & save at the time of her order, you'll actually get 25% off her order total instead of just the $10! 

If YOU want to order again and get that $20 off though, just pretend you are your own friend and create a new account using YOUR referral code. They allow up to 3 accounts per household. 😉 That way you'll get your $20 off AND product credits on your other account. See how that works?!

PS: There's a "30 days to love it" money-back guarantee too. You're going to love it!!

Want more info on different products? Or more before and afters of the Trim or collagen? Check out the "Collagen" tab in my menu/header here on the blog.

Don't forget about the $1000 giveaway too! One order equals one entry! Everything ends tonight! Message me with questions on Instagram or FB (Amanda Crain Nall) or drop them in the comments!

And you can shop ALL here!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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