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Friday Favorites #17. {6.30.17}

Happy Friday!!  How was your week!?  Mine was pretty AWESOME because BIG BROTHER started!!!  Can we just cut straight to the BB talk?  I am so happy, y'all!  

I'm linking up as always with my other Mckinney Mamas (Erika, Narci and Andrea) for Friday Favorites!  

So let's go!  Guess what my first FAVORITE is!?!

1.  BIG BROTHER (of course!!)

If you are a not a Big Brother fan, just skip straight to #2. I'm sorry!  I get a little nuts when BB starts. 

I think I should start by saying we are two episodes in and the only people who have ALREADY cried are both dudes.  #suckitupbuttercup

They TOTALLY should have voted to evict Christmas in the first episode because DUH!!  She's a beast!!  She will dominate in physical, mental AND social aspects of the game.  What were y'all thinking?!  I like her though so I'm glad they kept her although they'll all regret it. #bigdummies

Raven is a little wacky and so far...not so much in an endearing way.  I voted (yes, I vote!) for her to receive the first temptation because I think she'll be fun to watch when she has to make a really hard decision. ;)

 My boys' favorite is Mark because he has big muscles and they think that's awesome.  I'm liking Matt (the salt/pepper hair guy).  He seems genuine and normal. Cody seems to be a quiet JERK.  I got an ick feeling from Josh from the beginning and when he tried to blame Megan for his reason for snatching that golden apple, I wanted to punch him in the throat.  Poor Megan.  He was just looking for some kind of excuse for being a selfish loser.  

Ramses makes me laugh but I still have no idea what "cos play" is.  He said "fanboying" and "nerding out" which I feel need to be hashtags, like immediately.  

Jessica is gorgeous but I can't focus on what she's saying because her boobs are always on display. (But...#goals)  

 By the way, we are going to talk about boobs a lot in this post for some reason.  They just seem to come up a lot today.

Dominique loves Jesus so she's a favorite.  :)  I think she'll go out early.  Not impressed. Jason the rodeo clown is adorable and I hope he goes far!  Megan...I'm not sure how far she'll go butI feel bad for her.  Josh was being crazy paranoid and taking it out on her for some reason.  The more I think about it the more I can't STAND HIM.   He was just way too aggressive with Megan and it rubbed me the wrong way.  And a lot of the houseguests too.

Elena--sweet and maybe a little ditzy.  I'd love to listen to her radio show though!  Another DFW girl!

Who am I missing?

Alex.  Alex is a confusing one.  Total nerd but also hates clothes apparently.  Did you notice how she chose to keep her bikini on until it was absolutely time to change into real clothes and never really attempted a cover up?  (I'd have been covering up my bod as soon as possible!!  No matter how fit I was.  Who wants your butt cheeks out on national television?  In HD?  Nope nope nope.)  

I want to add in here that I think its kind of wrong that BB makes all the girls wear those two piece bikinis for competitions sometimes.  Not every girl is comfortable in that and it is obviously not necessary to the game.  Shame on BB for doing that.  Not cool.

Alex had no problem with said bikini though.

Girlfriend went from the bikini to a bra top with leggings, to a different bra top with short shorts.  

(Seriously?  Your mama would be so proud. Put some clothes on, girl!)

I kind of want the older guy, Kevin, to win the whole thing.  Just because he seems completely clueless.  Has he ever even watched this show before!?!  He didn't even know who Paul and Nicole were!  However, he was clever enough to snag that first $25k temptation which I think was very smart of him.  He knows the odds are against him to win this thing.

And PAUL is back!!! I was not expecting that one but yay!!  I loved Paul last season but I was a little disappointed it wasn't James again.  He's my favorite.  :)

Enough BB chat though.  But it is a favorite for the week for sure.  If you haven't watched before, give it a try!  I bet you'll be hooked after a few episodes!!

I should add that I DO subscribe to the CBS All Access thing too so I can watch them 24/7....which I will.  ;)


My Christmas In July Sale has begun!!  Even though we aren't quite into July yet.  ;)  I just couldn't wait!!  

Right now, all Christmas signs are 15% off so get them now while you can take advantage of that discount!  You'll also be ready for Christmas like, the day after Thanksgiving (or possibly even before, if you are anything like me!).  

I know I will be incredibly swamped again starting in November with Christmas signs and Christmas gifts.  So take advantage now!

Click here for the selection!

And don't forget about all the other goodies in my shop! Glittery drinkware, water tracker bottles, other wood signs, burlap prints...  Check it all out here!


If you read my post from Wednesday, you'll know that I've finally booked our beach trip this year. I totally procrastinated and waited way longer than I normally do to book our condo. But I found what seems like a PERFECT condo so I'm hoping it'll end up being the FOREVER one.  We'll see.  Its pluses (from what I can tell) are that it's on the 3rd floor.  (High enough for a great view and low enough to take the stairs when the stupid elevator is being slow!)  Netflix ready.  (So important.  We have kids, yo.)  Carpet in the bedrooms.  This helps brush the sand off our feet before we slip into bed!  Nothing worse than sandy sheets!  Big balcony.  I think.  Cute, updated decor.  Twin beds in the boys' room.  And a KING bed in the master.  My husband is an ex-football player, y'all.  6'3" and 240lbs.  He needs a big bed.  And when it's time to go to sleep, Mama wants her space too!  A queen size just won't work for us.  So hallelujah for king size beds. 

And every year, I look for ways to make the trip better, more comfortable, more organized, etc.  Last year, I saw these people pulling this wagon across the beach filled with all their beach junk.  And it made me sooo jealous!  I knew I HAD to have one for our next trip!  So I did some Amazon'in and found a few options.  I have yet to pull the trigger because I'm not sure if it'll fit it in our car!!  We are usually stuffed to the brim.  But I'm hoping we can make it work.

This is the Beachcomber and has great reviews.  When I have slightly sunburned shoulders, carrying a sandy and heavy beachbag is the worst!  This would be AM.A.ZING.  I feel like it might be a must-have, especially since we hit the beach every single year.

Speaking of beach bags, how cute is this one!?!   Only $35!

And ohhhh the sand toys.

I've ordered a cheap set of sand toys so that if we lose them, we don't have to stress.  Because we WILL lose them.  But my kids need some sandcastle building equipment!  This is a great option.

Only $10.99 with free shipping for Prime members!  Find it here.  SO worth it!

We also need a new canopy this year.  

We've been using a Sunbrella for the past couple of years but last year, we got to the beach and realized we'd lost part of the handle.  Whoops. So the umbrella was super short and we had to dig out the sand, in order to sit without hitting our heads.  So we need a new one this year.  I want a full-size canopy like this one.

I love that this one can block the sun on the side.  #lifesaver

I am SO ready to get to the beach, y'all!!  We go every single year and it is just my happy place!  Anyone have a good rec for a canopy or wagon???  Leave it in the comments!


I talked about this top a little on a Wednesday but it's got to be a favorite this week!  And my wedges are not going anywhere...I wear them with pretty much everything when I actually get "dressed". ;)  Y'all know what I mean by that, I'm sure!  I wore this outfit to dinner with my girlfriends on Monday night.  

Erika wore these earrings (or something similar if it wasn't these exactly?) in turquoise to church on Sunday and I LOVED them!!  If you can't tell by now (if you've been following me for awhile), you know that I love big, colorful earrings!  These are so cute!  I also saw another blogger wearing them in this awesome blue ombre and it was just love at first sight.  I've got mine ordered!

Also available in a pink ombre!  HERE

So fun!!!


This may be completely random but I feel like I should post it anyway. Several months ago, I was talking to a group of my girlfriends about sleeping bras.  We are all pretty curvy up top and one of them mentioned that she always sleeps in a bra to keep them looking good.  Several of the others chimed in and said they did too.  At the time, I didn't but, as any smart 30-something woman knows, gravity is coming for your girls!!  So I wanted to do what I could to slow that progress. ;)

I knew I wanted a good sleeping bra option but something that was so comfortable that it wouldn't feel like a chore wearing it every night.  I got on Amazon and did some searching and ended up choosing two different styles.  I was pleasantly surprised that they were perfect!!! 

 They are inexpensive but soooooo comfortable and do a great job at keeping me feeling secure.  They have removable padding too which I feel is always helpful and makes it so much better than just the average sports bra.

Here is the first option which offers just a little more support than the other.

Find this style HERE.

I also got a different style but apparently, it is sold out at the moment.  I hate that because it was another really great option.  However, I found these and they look almost identical AND they come in a large variety of colors that are so pretty!  And because I wear these to bed, any color goes!  I can get as funky as I want without having to worry if I match anything.  I also tend to wear these under tanks with large armholes.  They are cute as a bottom layer without adding any bulk.

They have 9 different 4 packs to choose from so click here to check them all out and help keep those girls perky!  Can't hurt, right?


Can't leave a Friday Favorites without a fashion disaster of the week!!  This week I found something your mom may have worn back in the day.  But I bet they didn't cost this much.

Say hello to...


Y'all, these jeans are not just made to emphasize your mom pooch or make your friends all wonder where they can get their own high-waters.  (Back in the day we would have said this chick was "floodin'").  

Friends.  These are clearly a status symbol.

Because these beauties will set you back $1,350.

For jeans.

For THESE jeans.


And I'm done.

#icanteven #justsayNO

Have a fabulous Friday, friends!!  If you don't already follow me on Instagram you can find me @amandanall here and my Etsy shop @thatinspiredchick here.

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What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Today is the last Wednesday of the month which means I'm linking up with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel  to chat about what we've been up to lately.  I love reading these posts because I'm super nosy.  ;)


I say it allllll the time.  I know you're tired of hearing it.  And nothing has changed.

I hate to cook.  I DO IT.  But I hate it.  Like I'd rather scrub a toilet, have a root canal, hit up the OB/GYN, or run a marathon in a bikini than cook anything.  But I do it without too much whining.  #adulting #mommin

We have no set schedule on what we're planning on eating each particular day.  We wing it a lot around here.  But if I have to guess, our meals will include some tacos because that's Mason's favorite, grilled chicken (which I'll eat on all week), turkey sausage and veggies, grilled shrimp, sandwiches, cereal...and I'm pretty sure there will be a Zoe's, Sonic and Domino's run in there somewhere as well.  ;)


This video popped up on Facebook yesterday.  It's Mason when he was 1.  We've always said he was our little accident-prone kid.  Bless his heart.  I have been watching this video on repeat and it makes me laugh so hard.  (For the record, he got up and laughed after this.)


I may have a black thumb but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate pretty flowers!  These are my FAVORITE when they bloom in the summer!  Everything looks so lush and colorful!  And I don't have to do a THING to get them this way which is awesome.

I do hate that I run into them every time I back my car out though.  They don't seem to mind too much.  :)


We took a road trip to Waco (read all about it here and here), Mason's been playing indoor flag football, Craig's been gone a lot for football camps all over the nations, Matthew is leaving for overnight camp soon and I've been working on orders!


The summer ending!!  I can't believe it's almost July!!



My Etsy Shop is still steady and keeping me busy busy!  I just added a new sign this week which I love and puts things into perspective every time I read it.  I used to pray for all I have now.  And I am so thankful.

If you're interested, it is approximately 12x16 and the colors can be customized.  Find it in the shop HERE.

I also just got a new restock of these tumblers in hot pink! They are one of my favorite colors and look amazing so many different font colors!

And don't forget you can also find them in several other colors as well!  Check the "Item Details" part of the listing and you'll find links to the other ones!

I also still have these available!!  The confetti glitter is loose between the walls which is so fun!  I'm sold out in purple but I do have them in pink!  Check out ALL my fun drinkware HERE!


I finally booked our condo for Gulf Shores this week and considering I waited much later than I normally do to book it, I was pleasantly surprised at the one I found!  I have yet to find the PERFECT condo.  Like the one that we will want to come back to year after year.  We've come close to finding perfection several times.  In fact, they all have been ALMOST perfect except for one thing.  One year it was perfect except for the fact that we had to ride an elevator 11 floors every time we wanted to come and go.  (And the elevators were sooooooooo slllloooooowwww.)  One was perfect except the master bedroom was at the back of the condo so there was no ocean view from the bed.  One was perfect except it was a 3 bedroom and we only needed that when Craig's parents went with us.  And one was great except the cable/satellite was AWFUL.  And it was the week of the Olympics.  And I about lost my mind.

So high hopes that this is "the one".  ;)


If you missed it, I spotlighted one my favorite authors here on Monday.  But here are a few books that I've read/listened to lately.  

Two of my other favorite authors came out with new books recently and I couldn't wait to read them!

Elin Hilderbrand is just the Queen of Nantucket and I adore all her books.  I finished The Identicals and loved it!  In a nutshell, it's about 2 identical sisters who have been estranged for quite awhile and basically end up being brought back together and then switching lives.  This post is going to be long enough as it is, so just click here to check it out fully.  My one sentence summary is just not cuttin' it.  ;)

Another of my favorite authors is Jane Green!  She may end up being my next author to spotlight.  If you want a chick-flick type book but with a little more depth, she is great!  She just came out with her new book, The Sunshine Sisters, which actually had a lot of similarities to The Identicals!  It's sad, it's happy, it's deep and you'll like the ending.  I love books that end well and FINISHED.  Don't leave me hanging so that I can "interpret it however I want" or some other nonsense.

And if you want a truly light, sweet, fun, funny chick-lit, beach read type book, just pick anything by Jill Mansell.  I can't even count how many of her books I've read/listened to over the years.  I don't read to get smarter, y'all.  I read for entertainment and to go to another world for a little while!  And her books are perfect for that.

Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay is her latest book and I think they really do seem to get better and better.  If you are an Audible listener like myself, I love that the narrators have British accents.  It makes them even more fun to listen to.

I'm sorry I'm not reviewing these books very well!  But I feel like I need to speed it along to get through the post without losing all my readers.  ;)  You can click on the links above for more details!  Just know that they are all so good!

And for what I'm watching...  I love to re-watch the Real Housewives of anyone (except Potomac) on Hulu while I'm working on orders.  I just finished binge watching New Jersey last week.  When you binge watch it, it really brings to light how much Teresa changed from Season 1 to whatever that last season was.  I think in Season 3 or 4 her head started to blow up just a little too much and she became a totally different person.  It's sad.

I'm also watching The Bachelorette because I've never missed an episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette since DAY ONE...however many years ago that was.  Sad but true.  #dork

ANYWAY.  What I'm most excited about right now is TONIGHT!!!!  It is just not summer without....

My dad got me hooked on this show a few years ago and now I'm obsessed.  I've been watching some of the interviews with the new houseguests on this week and so far, I've like the ones I've seen!  I can't wait!!  Anyone else a BB fan?!


For the most part, I'm wearing shorts and tshirts.  I need comfy clothes for when I'm working and also stuff I can get glittery and paint on.  I love my old school Soffee shorts that I used to live in as a teenager!  They have now become my preferred work attire.  :)  The shorts that I talked about last Friday are still on major repeat.  I wish they made them in 20 other colors/patterns!!

On Monday night, I went to dinner with some girlfriends and got to wear this top for the first time. I paired it with my favorite jeans that I wear year round and these cute wedges that I know I've told you all about before.  And my necklace is a boutique knock-off of the Kendra Scott one. :)


R.E.L.A.X.  :)


The BEACH!! Yay!!!


I've got a Christmas in July sale that has officially started early!  All of my Christmas signs are 15% off right now!!  Check them all out HERE!  I have some cute fall ones in there too! ;)

If it could be Christmas all year long, I'd be so happy.  

So that's it for What's Up Wednesday!  Hope you all have a great week!!

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Summer Reads.

Happy Monday!!  Hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend!  Today I wanted to talk BOOKS!  I know I may lose a few of you right now but WAIT!!  Don't go! I know some of you hate to read so I have a suggestion for you.  Hang in there and just see what you think.  :)

I am a total bookworm and wanted to share some of my favorite books that make great summer reads.  But then I started going through all my books and there are just SO MANY to choose from.  I got totally overwhelmed. Instead, I thought maybe once every week or two, I'd do a spotlight on one of my favorite authors and focus in on some of their best books.

So I'll stop right there.  Some of you know what's coming because you've heard me ramble on about it before.  I have to do it though.  Just let me give my Audible speech. ;)

Audible is a website devoted to audiobooks.  And if you are thinking, "Audiobook?  Like my grandmother listens to?"...then no!  (Ok, well maybe.  I don't know your grandmother.)  I can't speak for all audiobooks obviously, but in my Audible library, I have around 300 books that I've "read' over the past 8 or 9 years.   And since I can be super cheap sometimes, I've re-listened to 80% of them at least twice while I wait for my new monthly credits to become available.  These are not boring people reading dull books.  The narrators (for the most part) are so fun to listen to and make the characters come to life. I promise!!  (I personally LOVE the British narrators!!)

When I had kids, I realized that although I still LOVED to read, I just didn't have time.  And when I did have time, I was too exhausted to focus for more than a few minutes.  Sleep usually always took precedence. 

Audible was my perfect solution.  I still love love LOVE traditional books.  I tend to always be working on a traditional book (my pool reading) but I just go through audiobooks 5 times faster. 


 When I listen to books, it's like watching a movie with no picture.  The book comes to life through the narrator(s) and my hands are completely free to go about my day while I listen. I was absolutely hooked after my first book.  I listen while I cook (ugh), clean, drive, shop, work, do laundry, brush my teeth, do my hair, put my makeup on...  you get it.  ;)  I learned to multitask!  I could go on and on but I won't.  :)  I just thought that maybe those of you who are all "OMG I HATE READING!!!" might think this was a pretty cool compromise.  Reading is fun, y'all!! And this way, you technically aren't even reading!   

Check out more about Audible HERE and see how you can get 2 free audiobooks with a free trial!  (They should really hire me as some sort of spokesperson!) 

Ok.  Now that I've fangirl'd all over Audible, I'll move on to my favorite books and authors.  :)

My first spotlight has to go to one of my very most favorite chick-lit authors.


I have read and loved ALL of her books.  Well, except for one which I only liked, not loved. She hasn't written a TON of books so I'm just going to list them all here.  I can't summarize all of them or we'd be here forever but you can click on each title to view them on Amazon.  Because I know y'all have things to do. :)

Let's start with the very first must-reads.

Something Borrowed will make you immediately wish you had Something Blue in your hands (or in your ears!) so be prepared to read them both.  And if you haven't seen Something Borrowed, read the book first and then watch.  Supposedly, Something Blue is in the works as well and I can't wait!!

These books are all amazing summer reads. You'll fall in love with the characters, find yourself rooting for them, empathizing and sympathizing with them and crying and laughing with them.  You will love ALL of these books, I promise!!  (Except for First Comes Love which was GOOD but not her best.)

So be sure to give these a try if you need a good summer read!!  Click on the title of each of these to take you to the book on Amazon where you can read the full description.

 Imagine your BFF for like EVER (said in my best Valley Girl voice) falls in love with the guy you've been silently pining over for the past year.  And now they are getting married.  And you're the Maid of Honor and your friend has no idea of your feelings.  And then fate intervenes and all of a sudden you are in the love triangle to end all love triangles.  Do you follow your heart and live happily ever after with the man of your dreams?  Or do you turn away from true love for the sake of friendship?  

Like I said before, Something Borrowed also has a sequel that you should just go ahead and buy with it because you are going to want to jump into Something Blue IMMEDIATELY.  Childhood besties fall in love with the same man.  One is engaged to him and the other is having an affair with him. There's a marriage.  There's a falling out.  There are now babies on the way...

I loved this one and have re-read it many times.  A single mom.  A child who was burned badly in a bonfire accident.  A handsome and very married doctor with a heart of gold...

This is a novel about a couple who went into a relationship knowing they both didn't want children.  And then one of them changes their mind.  This was a good one!  I'm friends with a couple who dealt with this same issue so it made this one even better!

I thought this was one was so well done.  It deals with the whole "the one that got away" situation and what happens when that one comes back into your life.  If you've ever thought to yourself "What if things had gone differently with so-and-so", this one's for you!  The grass isn't always greener, ladies!

What happens when the daughter you gave away as a teenager finds you after 18 years??  This one tugged at my heart-strings, big time.

This book had all the good stuff.  Love between 2 people you would never expect and TX football.  Read and enjoy!!

This one was the one that wasn't my favorite.  I just thought it was a TEENY bit boring.  Not terrible by any means.  And there are many who will disagree with me, I'm sure!  But for ME, it just wasn't my favorite.

ANY of Emily Giffin's books make for a great beach read!  I'd love to hear from you if you are an Emily fan or if you are going to try out one of these books!!

Hope this gives you some new book ideas!  Follow me HERE on Goodreads to check out all the other books I've read, and see what I'm reading now!

Editing this post to add in one of my favorite tumblers from my Etsy shop!  Because you definitely need a cute tumbler that will keep your drink cold for hours while you enjoy your book!!  Click on the Drinkware section of the shop for alllllll the cute cup options!!

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Friday Favorites #16. {6.23.17}

Hey friends!!! I'm so happy to be back for Friday Favorites! I missed last week because we were whoopin' it up in Waco but I'm excited to be back today!

(Check out the Waco Weekend recaps here and here.  We had fun!!)  

As always, I'm linking up with my friends Erika, Narci and Andrea--so let's get started!

Today I wanted to include some of my favorite summer wardrobe staples.  Comfy and cool are my go-to's!!

SIDENOTE: I do want to let you know that I am aware that I am not a great selfie-taker. You may have already noticed this.  I also don't have a full-length mirror anywhere in my house with great lighting.  Or even halfway decent lighting.  So let's just pretend I look exactly like the models do in these clothes.  ;)  One can dream, right?? 


My first favorite of the week is my entire Dillards order from a couple of weeks ago.  I loved it ALL and that rarely happens. 

Last summer I found a pair of shorts at Dillards and snatched them up before our beach trip.  I LOVED them and wanted to wear them 24/7.  They were cute, comfy and versatile.  I seriously wore them to bed all the time, as well as over my swimsuit or out running errands.  They were perfect!  

Until I accidentally dried them in the dryer.  And then they shrunk about 2 sizes and fit more like underwear.  #notcute  #layflattodry  I seriously wanted to cry.

DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER.  Big mistake!  Huge!

I went back to and found a couple more pair that were almost identical in style but not in pattern.  So I bought a few options and figured I'd return what I didn't like.

So here are the first ones I'm obsessed with...Perfect for that 4th of July pool party or BBQ!

If only this chick's legs came with the shorts....

I do have a couple of pictures of me wearing them.  I've got them on here but it's clearly a little hard to tell.  I'm wearing them with my favorite Madewell t-shirt too.  If you need some good quality, basic, solid colored t-shirts, be sure to check these out.

And this is the only selfie attempt I made right before I walked out the door to go drop off my packages on a different day.  Not exactly fashion blogger status, I know.  ;) 

For size reference, I'm between a 4 and a 6 at the moment and ordered these in a 7 because they are juniors sizing.  They fit great!


I also knew I wanted a pair of cute white shorts and saw these as I was browsing the website. I love the soft eyelet fabric and that they can be dressed up.  They also aren't see through (unless maybe you wear some lime green undies or something crazy which I don't recommend...).  These run a little big.  I ordered a 7 but could have gone down to a 5.  I still may.  I'm so lazy when it comes to returns!

Find them here!  (They also come in black!)


And these are the same as the first pair I showed you but in different prints. I ordered the navy but I think I'm going back for these white ones as well!


Oh swimsuit season.  I love to hate you.  But you are a necessary evil when it comes to summer fun.

In my Dillards order, I added in this pretty little tankini top because I loved the print.  I am all about color and this one was just so bright and cheery!

I've got several tankinis in this style and they really are the best.  They are tight enough to where I don't feel like I'm in danger of some sort of wardrobe malfunction and strapless so no funky tan lines! (Although they come with attachable straps if you want them.)  Plus they have some fun ruching in the front which is always a good idea!

I already had some navy bikini bottoms so I didn't need to buy those.  But the other day I ordered these swin shorts from Athleta because swim shorts are my go-to when I'm at a waterpark.  And they totally work with this tankini top too.

I hate walking around a waterpark all day feeling like my tush is hanging out...and let's not even mention what waterslides do to bathing suit bottoms at the end of every ride.  #amIright?  I also love these for the beach when you just want to play with your kids and not worry about everything riding up every 3 seconds. 

So these are adorable and practical without making me feel (too) old and uncool.  The swim bottoms are built right into the shorts so it's all one piece.  Great option if you're looking!!

Check them out here.  (Also available in black and a few patterns!)

And I had to add in these black ones that are almost identical to the ones I wore a lot last summer.  (The only difference I see is that these have what looks like a small zippered pocket in back.) 

I LOOOOOVVVVEE the soft, fold-over waistband.  There is absolutely nothing digging into my hips so it doesn't create any sort of ugly muffin top situation.  ;)  These are also just regular shorts so you can slip them on and off easily over your bikini bottoms and swim in them too if you want.  

Find these here.  (also available in a bright coral)


I never finish a Friday Favorites without shamelessly promoting my own Etsy shop!  So here are a few goodies that I'm loving at the moment!

Remember:  If you are on the mobile site or app, be sure to tap on Item Details in each listing for all the ordering information.  This should also answer most questions you have!

Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks right now so make sure you take that into consideration!  I do have a Rush Fee is you need to add it on!  :)  Message me if you need it by a certain date!

Summer favorites, right here!  These powdercoated, stainless steel tumblers are what my smoothie goes into every morning!  Matching straw is included! 

I should have all colors restocked by the beginning of July so check back often if your color is sold out!

Love these cute little "Our Nest" and "blessed" signs! They are approximately 5.5x12" and are only $18 right now!

And speaking of signs...I'm thinking of having a Christmas in July sale!  I was up to my eyeballs in Christmas signs in November so I feel like this might be a good way to get a jump on things!  Here are a few of the favorites from last year.

This was just a little cutie!!  Approximately 3.5x12 and perfect for a tiered tray or just to prop up on a shelf or counter.  Find it here.

If you wanted it a little bigger, I have this one in a 5.5x24 size.  The edges are red in case you can't tell.  (Colors can be reversed if you want!)  You can find that one here.

I love the simple dark grey and white with a pop of red on the edges!  This one is 5.5x24 also and can be found here.

Here are the rest!  You can find them all here in my Christmas/Fall Wood Signs section in the shop.  Let me know if you'd be interested in a Christmas in July sale in the comments!

And just for fun, here is my favorite FALL wood sign.  Distressed (on the right) or crisp and clean (like on the left).  Your choice!  Here.

Remeber, you can browse the full shop full of glittery drinkware, confetti cups, water tracker water bottles, more wood signs and burlap prints here and you can follow me on Instagram @thatinspiredchick for all the latest on Etsy and @amandanall for my personal stuff.  :)


Last minute add-in!

While I was browsing the Nordstrom website for my #icanteven for the week I stumbled upon these and had to do a double take!  These earrings are all on sale for 50% off right now!!!  Meaning you get two pairs of these adorable studs for $7.98 plus free shipping!  These are just like the expensive Kate Spade studs and they are so great for a casual pop of color for summer.  Don't miss this deal if you've been eyeing them!

Click here for all colors!

I wore my black ones last weekend!

Loft top (sold out)


The #justsayno award this week goes to...


If this isn't an #icanteven I don't know what is.  Because WHAT IS IT?!  According to the Nordstrom website, it is described as...

Lavish smocking and a layered skirt bring sweet dimension to a girlish minidress designed especially for Nordstrom in a relaxed A-line silhouette with a pale, pretty eggshell-pink hue

For $990.

No, this is not a child's dress.  It is designed for women.  And what is with the shoes?  At first, I thought."Ok.  They're house shoes."  But now I'm not sure.  I AM sure however that one of them is a circle and one is a square.  I'm assuming that was done on purpose to draw attention away from her dress.

Bless her heart.

Y'all have a great weekend!!!  See you back here on Monday!

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