UPDATE: The Free Body Firming Foam ended on September 17th but you can still get $20 off (new customers--$10 off for existing customers) and the free rose gold spoon through the end of the month! If you already use these products, definitely grab them now while you can get them for that extra $10 off! Keep reading for more info!


It's about that time again!! Where are all my collagen fangirls at?! 🙌 And where are all my collagen fangirls who love to save money on it AND get sent free stuff just because?! If this is you, you are in the right place, my friend. And if you are like "What is this all about...I might be interested..." then keep reading! 😊

I know so many of y'all are loving your Modere goodies and it is honestly so rewarding to hear from so many of you about what it is doing for you in regards to your weight loss goals, anti-aging goodness, feeling better overall in regards to your gut health or joint pain...whatever it may be depending on which products you've been using. I cannot tell you how good it makes me feel to know that you are loving it too. Please always always always feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook to tell me how it's going or show me pictures! I LOVE to connect with you guys in that way! I've made so many new friends (even if it's just through social media messages) since I started this little collagen biz and it's been awesome. So thank you, friends! You know I've got you anytime you need help!

But let's get to the good stuff, k?


Ok, friends. There are 3 parts to this promo and it starts Tuesday, 9/14/21 at 7pm Central and last for 48 hours but freebies will be given out WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

1. Up to $20 off:  Modere is killing it lately with their sales and free gifts and this month's is probably going to be the most popular one because...not only are all Trim Collections on sale for $10 off but new customers (ahem...or new accounts...wink wink) can also stack their $10 off new customer discounts for $20 off! Not a new customer? You can still save a ton (probably more than $20 actually depending on what you get) with smartship and still get that Trim collection for $10 off during the sale. 

2. FREE Body Firming Foam: How about a FREE GIFT thrown in as a bonus? ANYONE who purchases a Trim collection (ex. Lean Body System, Trim + Life, Trim + Skin, etc) will get a FREE full-size bottle of our best-selling Body Firming Foam!! This is the stuff people go nuts over!! It helps to firm, tighten and tone your skin which comes in handy since you're already going to be working on that lean body with your Trim, right? 

3. FREE Rose Gold Spoon:  Every purchase over $200 (after discounts) will not only get the BFF for free but they will also throw in one of those gorgeous rose gold spoons! These are not the cheap spoons you can buy on Amazon, y'all. They are so nice! They are shiny and heavy and have the perfect size scoop to hold your Trim or your Biocell Liquid Collagen. Such a fun little freebie!

IMPORTANT: I want y'all to know I'm not saying this next thing as a sales tactic. I'm saying it because it happened last time and it was a little frustrating for those of you who missed out on the freebies. But the free Body Firming Foam and the free spoons are 100% WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. The last time they gave out free spoons, they sold out in about 12 hours. So just FYI...get those orders in as soon as you can. The sale goes live tonight, September 14th at 7pm Central.

Now for those of you who are like "What is Trim? What does it do? What collections are included?", keep reading!

Wondering what a Trim Collection looks like? Well, it can be as simple as the Lean Body System...

...which is going to include a bottle of Trim in which ever yummy flavor you prefer (chocolate, vanilla, coconut lime, lemon or mango) that you take 1tbsp of a day, a very gentle 3 night detox called Activate, and a bottle of the Burn capsules which are designed to burn more calories (always welcome), speed up metabolism, increase energy...all the good stuff. I do not get jittery with that at all. Most people seem to be absolutely fine with it. I suggest taking 1 with your first meal in the beginning and see how you feel that day. I'm not always great with caffeine and have gotten jittery from similar products or energy drinks in the past but these don't affect me like that at all.

One bottle of Trim is 30 servings so it will last you a month. The Burn Capsules will probably last you a little longer if you take them regularly. They can be taken up to 3 times a day but I rarely do that.

And a few before and afters because I know we all see them and are skeptical but these are my real life friends so maybe that will help? I don't know. But they aren't lying about their results or what they used.

Neither of these girls had a bunch of weight to lose. But they wanted to de-puff and tone up! Neither of them were eating pizza and burgers every night but they also weren't "dieting". They were being responsible, eating healthy, drinking a bunch of water and moving their butt a little. ;) All things they were doing before as well but the supplements just give them that extra boost!

And Jessica took Trim for 3 months and these were her results... I love that it tagrets your entire body composition. So many people see inches lost before the scale starts to move because you are also building lean muscle. 

And I get this question a lot but NO, it's not just for women! 

This is after 8 weeks on the Lean Body System. (Yes, he also worked out.)

Another highly recommended collection to grab that is also part of the sale and includes a free bottle of Body Firming Foam, would be this one.

 Y'all know I think of it as a Power Couple. This duo is the Biocell Liquid Collagen (any formula) and the fat-blasting collegen, Trim (any flavor). 

Most people tend to order Trim/Lean Body System plus a Biocell collagen (Skin, Life, Pure or Sport). Keep them both in the fridge. Take 1tbsp of each a day. Trim in the morning and Biocell at night. (I usually have Skin and Life in the fridge and just grab one at random but the taste of the Life is my FAVORITE. And it's perfect if you want it to do allll the things. Hair, skin, nails, joints, heart health...its just a great pick.)

The Biocell Liquid Collagen comes in 4 formulas. Skin, Life, Pure and Sport. They all taste different because they have added extras in each formula to target certain things. But they all have the same amount of collagen/hylaronic acid matrix technology in there that is going to increase the hyaluronic acid levels in your body by 6000% in 28 days. Scientifically proven. I know I sound like a broken record when I say that but no other collagen on the market can claim that. Hyalronic acid is known as your "wrinkle filler" because it plumps and hydrates your cells which results in the plumping and hydrating of your fine lines. There's a reason why everyone is collagen and HA obsessed right now in the beauty industry.

TAKE PICS! Take a before picture of your face on your first day. And then take another one in the same lighting at the end of the month. (As long as you've been taking it consistently, I should add. Don't be mad if you've forgotten to take it for 19 of the 31 days of the month and don't see any changes. Put it in the front of your fridge. Set a reminder on your phone. Shake, open the bottle, take a swig, return to fridge. You can do this! 😉) It is AMAZING at what this product can do for your skin. (And hair etc. but my #1 concern is my aging skin.) I cannot even imagine someone taking it consistently and then showing me pictures of Day 1 and Day 31 and there being no noticeable change. It's just not possible. You will see a difference. 

Need a reminder of my differences??

The before pics were way back in 2019--a full year before I even started taking Biocell. After 9 months on it, I figured I should try to splice together a before and after for myself and I was BLOWN AWAY at the changes. I hadn't even realized it for myself until I saw them side by side.

No filters, no edits and standing in front of the same window almost 2 years apart. Did it take 9 months for me to see these results? No, not at all. I started seeing noticeable changes within my first month. I just didn' think to take pics of until 9 months in. That's my bad. 🙈

My skincare routine didn't change all that much during the before and afters either. (You can check out my skincare routine HERE if you want.) I did start adding in some Modere skincare once I really started to become a major believer in not just the Trim and Biocell but the other products they have as well. (Did you know they are a clean company with safe non-toxic products?)

Here is my girl Brooke who JUST posted her results a couple of days ago after her first month.

And that Body Firming Foam is good stuff too!

These were Sandy's 60 Day results with the Body Firming Foam on her neck.

Who doesn't want that for FREE?!
Want to see more real customer results? Join this Facebook Group HERE and there are a ton of them!


Here's a quick glimpse of what my daily routine looks like in terms of Modere products. I use the LBS, Biocell (Life or Skin) and the Axis Trebiotic for gut health because gut health is tied to so much of your overall wellness. Ddi you know that your gut health (or un-health) could be what's keeping you from losing weight? Interesting, right? These little beadlets are perfect on top of my Trim and aren't just a probiotic but are a pre and postbiotic as well for total gut health. No other product on the market like it.

This is my JOB and I want to be the best at it for YOU!

My job as your "collagen rep" is to provide you with all the info you want and need plus get you the best deals, best prices, and best FREEBIES! And I take that seriously which is why I spend a few hours writing up these posts with every new promo that comes along. With so many customers (over 500 of you now), it is the fastest, most efficient, and most effective way to communicate with you all at once. 

It's obviously no secret that I will get credit if you decide to place an order using my links or my referral code (Amanda10), right? Well, I want to EARN that commission by working hard on my end to give you all this info so that you also feel like I've earned it and want to support me! Also, for the record, every blogger/influencer that has a link or swipe up is also getting credit if you buy x, y or z...and I know we all appreciate the support. ❤

If you've ever messaged me about any of this or read any of my collagen blog posts, you know I know these products, I know which ones to recommend and which ones to tell you to pass on, I know how to save the most money, how to help if there's a problem and of course, if anyone wants to start their little collagen gig, I am your girl on that too. If you think I'm thorough when it comes to taking care of my customers, you should see me with those of you who want to do this too. If you want to succeed and want to make this work, I am there every step of the way.

I've actually been working with 5 new girls for the past two months who decided they wanted to get PAID for sharing how much they love this stuff too (why do it for free when you have the option to get paid, am I right?!) and they have been killing it from the get-go and having so much fun. Sometimes I kinda feel like I need to tell them to chill for a minute and take a deep breath. haha But they are like sponges soaking up all the info, sharing their own love for the products (3 out of the 5 were customers first) and their hard work is already paying off. They are also loving the sisterhood we have in the company and that is just priceless. 

But again, it's also not the hardest job in the world when you have the most effective collagen on the market with millions of people looking for...the most effective collagen on the market. And have you noticed how many other companies are coming out with their own liquid collagen lately? They clearly know we are on to something!! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess. ğŸ˜‰

Enrollment Kits are included in the $10 off and you get the freebies so if you've been thinking of just grabbing your own link too so you can earn commissions when you share, please let me know so I can help you! Now is a great time to go for it! You can go HERE and click on "Join Now" to check out enrollment kit options and HERE to watch a very quick little 3 minute video on how social retail works with our company. 


Ok, if you've been around here for awhile then you know the money-saving power of the bundle. This is one of those things that I want to make sure my customers understand because it is the best way to get the biggest discounts on the things you want and in some instances, also get more free products!

We utilize our smartship program to create bundles. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE WORD SMARTSHIP. It is basically the same as Amazon's Subscribe and Save. You go into your account and change, edit, cancel etc anytime you want with zero penalty or being locked in to anything. It's just a way to get these disoucnts and since most people want to be on their products monthly anyway, they reward you with loyalty rewards (money back after a few months on smartship) and discounts.

With Smartship...

Probably the most purchased bundle this time around is going to be one of these.


This includes the Lean Body System, a bottle of Life and our Eye Cream that just recently beat out like 450 "clean" eye creams to grab the top spot. You will also get your free bottle of Body Firming Foam AND the spoon!

Want the bundle? Here's how to order:

Add the following items to your cart:

Lean  Body System (you can choose any flavor but I'm linking chocolate)
Life (you can choose any formula but I'm linking Life)


You will see your discounts fall off at checkout and the freebies will be added in automatically.


Want to focus more on weight loss? Grab this bundle which will help your gut health and weight loss goal. The Digestive Enzyme (grey bottle) are amazing. I watched a video on how they work the other day and if you break a capsule apart and pour it into a Snack Pack of pudding and stir, it will turn the pudding into a pure liquid within seconds. It really helps break down what you eat to get things moving (without any nasty bathroom trips...). Perfect with this bundle.

For this bundle add:


You will see your discounts fall off at checkout and the freebies will be added in automatically.


This is the most expensive I know but it's also my favorite because you are getting TWO bottles of collagen for free because of how we're working that smartship discount. And that's huge! Plus my 3 favorite skincare products from Modere. The Moisturizer--you will flip. It's amazing, thick, creamy and luxurious. The Bubble Mask is so cool and feels so good and the serum has an instant tightening effect.

Want this bundle?

Add these to your cart:

Lean  Body System (you can choose any flavor but I'm linking chocolate)


You will see your discounts fall off at checkout and the freebies will be added in automatically.

You can also just click on what you want and checkout with regular checkout of course! Remember that every Trim Collection (anything with a Trim in it) will be marked down $10 and new customers can stack their $10 off new customer discount that will appear automatically at checkout. New customer discounts and smartship discounts cannot be stacked.


To answer this: If you have an existing smartship going out today, tomorrow or this month, and want to take advantage of this promo using your smartship savings, you will need to bump your current smartship out to whenever (later this month, next month, whenever) and then add this stuff now and choose the "Buy Now" option. It will say something like "buy now and add to smartship". Click that, checkout like normal and then when you're done, go back in and adjust your smarship cart as needed.

And remember, you can create your own bundle with anything you want using smartship! Any 8 items will get you to 15% off and free shipping! Message me on Instagram or FB (or drop a comment if you need to) and I'll help ASAP!

SHOT GLASS GIVEAWAY: I hope this helps, friends! As a thank you for reading all of this, I'm also giving away 10 shot glasses to the first 10 orders that come in tonight! (Doesnt have to be a bundle but it does have to include the promo.) The only other stipulation to grab your cute collagen shot glass (or tequila...up to you...haha) is that you must message me on social media or leave a comment here with your name once you've placed your order. This just helps me keep track of the order they come in at so I can keep it fair. (Also, the saying on the front will vary.)

Do it for YOU, friends!!


1. Create your account NOW. (My name Amanda Nall, should pop up as your referral person. If it doesn't, you can use my code AMANDA10 to get it to show up. This is a referral c ode, no ta promo code. No promo code is needed.) If you already have one, just log in.

2. Add your goodies to your cart now.

3. Set your alarms for 7pm Central and get your order placed ASAP once the sale goes live. (Pro tip: It may go live early...sometimes they do that.)

4. Message me as soon as your order is placed to claim your shot glass if you are one of the first 10! If all 10 are claimed quickly, I'll add on some more. ;)

Happy shopping, y'all! Thank you for being here!


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