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Ok friends. Today we're going to dive in a little deeper with my new current love. 

Liquid collagen (and its buddies.) ❤

If you are giving me a giant eye roll right now because you're so over my ravings about this collagen and the other Modere products I've been sharing a lot lately--eek. I'm so sorry. I really really am! But I'm not one to keep the good stuff for myself. Y'all know that. I mean, HELLO! I've even forced myself to get on stories on IG before for Colleen Rothschild products and if you know me at all, then you know I CRINGE (and sweat) doing those. Everyone else always looks so natural and well...normal...but I always feel like a complete and total moron. So this stuff may even get me to get on stories more often and THAT is saying something, friends. 😂

So like I said, I'm not one to keep the good stuff to myself.  I've found random products before that I became obsessed with and had to tell you about over and over. (See: Revlon Hair Dryer, Lash Princess Mascara, Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm, Audible,, KanCan jeans, and so much more I'm sure.) So this is really no exception. But since it's not just ONE product I love--it's many--I decided to throw it all into one post and that way, I can just send the peeps who want to know more about x,y, and/or z the link to this post first to get a little overview. I hope this helps!

So yeah, I latch on to things when I find stuff that works and that I really truly honest-to-goodness LOVE and know you will too. Which brings me back to this post...

As I was typing this, I kept thinking "Ok, how do I get these girls to understand the importance of incorporating collagen into their everyday routine? Do I copy and paste this scientific stuff? Do I try to summarize some of the official verbiage used on their website? Does that make it sound gimmicky? Am I overthinking this?"

Ok so first of all-yes. I was overthinking this. I just want to let you know about a new product line I've been using that I have fallen in love with.  As a #quoteunquoteinfluencer, it's kind of my job to share cool stuff with you. I know I've found almost everything I love so much from other influencers. (Revlon dryer, mascara, cleansing balm...) So I'm just going to shoot past this insecurity of mine that y'all are going to eye-roll me to death and proceed.  K? K. 😉 Because what if something I'm about to talk about becomes YOUR new favorite product? Right?!

Keep reading! (I'll drop my $10 off code at the end too!!)

If you're new here, hi! This is me. Amanda. Yes, this picture has a fabulous IG filter on it to soften my skin because I'm 39, y'all--and starting to become very aware of the fact that my skin no longer looks like it did 20 years ago. Or even 10 years ago. Which is why I need this collagen. (And the filter.)

I'm sick of the dry, crepey skin under my eyes, aging skin on my neck and the back of my hands, and my hair just looking nothing like it used to 10 years ago.  

I'm so over it.

 It was time to do something about it to slow it, reverse it, stop it...any combination of those things would be good with me.

After a little research, I realized that what I'm missing is COLLAGEN. I mean, I knew I needed that. It's a thing. This isn't new. You probably take collagen or have at some point. I was but I was doing it all wrong and just wasting my money.

Did you know...

Collagen is a's actually the most abundant protein in our bodies.

Collagen production starts to decline rapidly in our early 20s and is responsible for our plump, bouncy skin turning wrinkly and saggy over time. (I'm looking at you, crows feet...)

Collagen has historically been used for mainly joint health but over the past few years, has begun making a huge impact on the beauty side of things since we know FOR A FACT that it helps with skin, hair, and nails as well. So the beauty industry is all over that. As it should be.

Very important to know...

Powder (and pills) collagen - you absorb about 30% 

Liquid collagen - you absorb about 90%

You need to get your hands on THIS collagen. It's an ingestible, fast-absorbing, Type 2 collagen + ha matrix that will increase your hyaluronic acid (wrinkle filler) by 6000% in 28 days. (A mouthful I know but focus on the fact that it's going to increase your wrinkle-fighting capabilities by 6000%.)

What it can help with:

 longer healthier hair + new growth ⠀

fewer fine lines, plumping of wrinkles, more youthful skin

stronger nails


joint health (my lower back has felt amazing lately and Craig's neck has finally stopped hurting) tastes so dang good. And taste matters, y'all.

It’s just not comparable. It's in a class of its own.

I'll be on this stuff for LIFE. ⠀

The two most popular ways to get that collagen is through a powder mixed into your drink or supplements.  I've used powders in my coffee but I don't always like the taste (even the unflavored ones), it doesn't always dissolve all the way or I just forget or get lazy. It's just not very convenient for me and I've heard that from a lot of you too.  Plus I don't drink much coffee on a regular basis and putting it in any other drink just seems gross.

I've also taken supplements. Those are always fine when I remember to take them but I always wonder how much I'm actually getting from them in terms of the absorption or how potent they are.

Turns out powders and pills have an absorption rate of about 15-30% while this specific liquid collagen has a 90% absorption rate. You retain 90% of this as opposed to 30%!! Let that sink in. Wouldn't you rather spend your money on something you're not going to just pee out in a few hours? 🤷‍♀️😂

It really is the holy grail of collagen, friends.

It's called Biocell and it comes in 4 different versions. Life, Skin, Pure, or Sport. Here's a chart to help you decide which one is best for you!

I started on Life because it covers all the things. The hardest part is not drinking the whole bottle. It tastes like a mix of tangy apple/grape juice. Yum. Keep it in the fridge. Give it a shake and pour. I take 1 tablespoon, twice a day. I actually put it in my cute little shot glass and take it that way. 

The Life is SO good!! I've got Skin coming in my autoship this week and I'm anxious to compare the taste!

(Also, if you were one of the first people who placed an order with a Biocell in it, your shot glass will be on its way by the end of the week! Fill it up to the midline and it's exactly 1tbsp. I'm currently out of these shot glasses but may do another little giveaway or promo with them again soon.)

Craig has been dealing with a sore neck for a while and has been to the chiropractor for it and everything. I made him start drinking the Life and after about 4 days he said "I think that stuff's working. My neck finally doesn't hurt anymore." So he's a believer and I had to order him his own bottle so he'd stay away from mine. ;) Also, I am starting on the Skin this week because it fully targets the skin and aging issues. It's basically the "beauty" formula and I can be vain as hell at times (ok like 30% of the time...the other 70% of the time I'm the complete opposite) so #gimme. 😂

This stuff holds 7 US and international patents, has won big beauty awards and is said to be the most effective collagen on the market. I don’t know about you, but I want the good stuff. 

Want to see some before and afters of real people who have been taking the collagen?

This is my friend Holly after taking the collagen for 90 days. It really helped plump her fine lines around her eyes and on her forehead. 

Here's another one that was pretty amazing!

But the collagen also has amazing results with your hair! So many people take the collagen because they have bald spots or hair thinning--yes, even guys! It stimulates hair growth and makes your hair so much stronger and healthier. I remember complaining on here a few months ago that I felt like my hair was starting to look "old". I'm already starting to see new hair growth and my back (remember my back issues?) hasn't been sore, achy, or stiff in at least a week. Which is like a dang miracle.

Collagen isn't something you just take for a month and then quit if you don't see any changes. For one, it needs to build up in your system and it works from the inside out. It's going to take a few months and even then, it's something that needs to be incorporated into your daily life.

Give yourself at least 6 weeks of continuous consumption before expecting to see visible results but you may even start seeing results in 28 days.

 You can save money by signing up for smart ship which is super easy to manage if you download the Modere app or when you log in to your account online. You can push back the date or bump it up, change products completely, or cancel at any time. It's also going to keep you CONSISTENT and that is key!

Now you've probably noticed that I'm not ONLY taking the collagen. 

I'm currently taking 1 tbsp of Biocell (collagen) twice daily and 1tbsp of Trim in the morning, 1-2 Burn Supplements during the day, the GO to help give me a boost of energy and focus when I need it (very similar to Advocare's Spark minus the carbs and sugar) and the Body Firming Foam. I really just wanted to try out as many of these products as I could to see what works for me and what I love.

Modere's 2 most popular products (from what I can tell) are the Biocell and the Trim which is part of a Lean Body System that included the Burn supplements I mentioned above. And the Trim and Burn have surprised me more than anything so far! Within the first 2 weeks, I'm down 5lbs and the bloat is gone. I haven't changed anything else about the way I'm eating or working out. I'm not even trying to stay low carb at the moment. I want to see what this stuff can do without any sort of other help. I'm not trying to lose a ton of weight. I would just like to drop the few extra pounds I gained over quarantine when I got lazy. ;)

So the Trim is super easy to take. You literally take 1tbsp each morning and that's it. Watch that stubborn belly fat melt away, lose the love handles, shrink those thighs... Now I wouldn't have jumped into this as quickly as I did without knowing real friends who had lost weight using these same products. I had 1 friend lose 20lbs in 4 months and 1 lose 17lbs in 3 months. My friend Holly (the 17lb loss) said she didn't work out at all during that time because her gym had just closed due to covid in March and she started this a week later. She's also been so excited about her results that she is happy to share her before and afters with us! They are pretty awesome.

Not bad, right?!

So the Trim comes in several different flavors. Chocolate, vanilla, coconut lime, lemon, and mango, and there will be a new "mystery" flavor releasing for a very limited time coming SOON!!! I have no idea what the new flavor is but it sure is pretty. ;)

The Trim is a fat burner and a metabolism booster. How does it work? Heck if I know. But it does and there are thousands of testimonials over in this FB group.

The Facebook Group is dedicated to customer's results with these products that you can check out anytime. It is INSPIRING. So many awesome before and afters from people using the weight loss products, the body firming foam, the collagen, the skincare... it's crazy. You can check out that group HERE

The Burn is another great product that pairs perfectly with the Trim. It has caffeine in it but 3 pills are less than 1 cup of coffee and I only take 1-2 a day. It doesn't make me jittery or anything like that. But it does squash my cravings and controls my appetite and apparently boosts my metabolism as well which helps burn more calories. 

I highly recommend the full Lean Body System if you really want the best results but at the very least I'd grab the Burn and the Trim if you want weight loss.

Here is the GO I talked about. It comes in 3 flavors but I went with fruit punch. Yummy and the focus I get with this stuff is a little unreal!

And finally, check out these results people are having with the Body Firming Foam! This woman shared this in the Real Results 2.0 FB Group and was happy for us to share them if we wanted!

"Well here are my updated pics! Got my 3 week pic in! I am so incredibly impressed with this body firming foam. I have continued to apply morning and night every day. I have also been using the lean body system and I take biocell as well, but the newest addition to my routine is the body firming foam and these are the results from it! I'm honestly blown away! 🤯🙏🏻 Please feel free to share!"

Also great for necks, cellulite on legs, batwings, love handles...seriously, go check out the FB group for even more before and afters. You can search "body firming foam" or "lean body system" or "trim" or whatever you want some before and afters.


Here are some quick links for some of the most popular items and bundles that are purchased. Seriously, don't leave without a collagen!! Each bottle is 30 servings so if you're going to use it twice a day, it'll be gone in 2 weeks. If you use it once a day, it'll be gone in a month. The Trim has a half a dose of collagen in it. Obviously, the most consistent consumption will give the best results so keep on it.

Here's the full website. Scroll down to click either Shop or "Join Now" if you want to check out the enrollment info.  Can't find what you're looking for? Just shoot me a DM on Instagram!

$10 OFF CODE!!

****My $10 off code should be embedded into these links so you won't have to manually type it in but if for some reason you need to, my code is 2617259.****


Ok, so now that I've hit on several of my favorite products, I want to quickly tell you a little about how you can get yourself some free stuff! We all love free stuff, right? 

Sidenote: You're going to want your collagen on smartship. You will not want to run out. I promise you'll be sad. We ran out and now I'm sitting here waiting for my new order to come in and I hate it. Smart ship will save you a little extra money each month. It's so easy to change up your ship date if you need to or switch products completely or cancel. Download the Modere app after you order and you can manage it all easily from that AND you can grab your $10 off code to share with your friends... Which brings me to this.

There are a couple of ways you can do it.

1. When you purchase anything, you will get your very own $10 off referral code that you can share with any of your friends if they decide they want to try it out too once you start raving about it. 😉 Drop a little post on your FB page about it (I can help you do this if you ever need any help) and when people order with your referral code, they get $10 off and you get credits for free products!

So for every order that is made, you'll get $10 minimum in credits that can be used on anything in the store or can be applied toward your smart ship order! But if their order is $50 or more, you'll get 25% of their order in credits! So for example, if their order totals $100, you'll get $25 in credits! It's a great option for those of you who aren't interested in earning any commissions but wouldn't mind some free stuff. ;)

2. Now speaking of commissions, YES you can enroll as a social marketer and do this thing too! I basically ignored this for 6 months as I saw other people post about it. I just kept saying "It's just not for me. I'd feel weird talking about it all the time. I don't want to get out of my comfort zone." But then when I really looked into the products and kept seeing so many people's results and also saw the people who were involved in this company, I knew I'd end up wanting to share it myself. So sign me up and let's see what happens right?! 

I didn't know if I wanted to do the whole "build a team" side of the business. I just thought maybe I could get some free product credits to help pay for my own goodies and then if I was lucky, make a little extra on top of that. You don't have to build a team. But you'll find that so many people want to jump in the same way you did because why not give it a shot! 

Anyway, if you are at all interested in earning commissions, please feel free to DM me on FB or Instagram! (FB: Amanda Crain Nall and IG: @amandanall) I won't go into the percentages and bonuses and things like that here but I'm happy to share and talk to ya about it if you message me. :) 

 I've already got several of you guys on my team and y'all are off and running! I'm so happy to help and to do this together. I love my Etsy shop but some days I'm just OVER the paint and the mess. It would be nice to have a backup in case I ever want to step back from that.


I have never been more excited about an opportunity. I've never seen an "opportunity" truly work for me and so many other people--so easily. So quickly. So much. This company has the most effective collagen on the market, friends. Their weight loss products have been voted #1. They are growing exponentially and I for one am so happy to have caught them on the way up because it's going to be a fun ride! 

One thing I have never done is turn my nose up at a product because of the way it is marketed. I don't instantly write off products that have a "business opportunity" attached. I hope you don't either. I personally think these sorts of companies are so smart and they are giving people everywhere a chance to build their own business on their own terms from their homes or their phones.  No business degree required. No interview process. No shoes even. 😉 Find a product you love and tell people about it! I've been telling people about the dang Revlon Hairdryer I love for a couple of years now and you better believe if they had a "business opportunity" attached I'd have signed up a long time ago! 😂

Think about it. Why would you be influenced to buy some wrinkle cream because Jennifer Garner said it works for her (I love her by the way) when 1) we know she's being paid millions to say she loves it 2) do we really think she's using those cheap beauty products? #doubtful But somehow we still trust her to tell us what we should buy. But when a real-life friend falls in love with a product that is really working for her, she tells you about, you think "Ohh where'd you get it?! I want some!" and then she tells you that she works for the company because she loves the products so much--why does that turn us off immediately? Why do so many instantly back away and think SCAM!!! These companies aren't scams. 

Modere could very well have gone the route of hiring Eva Longoria or Jennifer Aniston to take a shot of their liquid collagen on TV and pay them millions to do it. They could have the collagen on shelves in Target. That's one way of marketing a product. But this company was smart enough to realize that real people are the best way to spread the word about products that work. We want to hear what our real-life friends think of things and why. That's also why "influencers" are so popular. We feel like we can relate to them more because they are just like us. (Sort of. Some of those girls have lives one can only dream of.)

All of that to say, if you have a friend who sells Plexus or Mary Kay or Monat or whatever...don't write them off just because they are able to create income for their families with it. They wouldn't be involved in that aspect if they didn't also love the products.

Support and encourage your friends, sisters. ❤ Even if you don't need what they are offering, you can still support them by liking their posts, commenting, sharing, referrals...there are so many other ways.

Ok girls! That about wraps it up! If you have any other questions, I will do my very best to answer them and if I can't, I'll find someone who can.

Love you guys!




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    Hi does liquid biocell helps for people having alopecia areata and immense hair fall?

    1. I just checked our "Real Results 2.0" FB group to see if I could find anyone who has had results with alopecia and YES!! There is a girl who posted with before and afters and she says "No more alopecia for me!!!!!!!!
      8 months later it's filled in and getting a little length to blend in!!!!!
      Doing all things collagen!!! Literally!"

      Copy and paste this link to join the group and check her results! (Or message me on FB and I can send you an invite!)

  3. Does the BFF results last after discontinued use once receiving desired effect?

    1. That's hard to answer because of so many other contributing factors! Someone could get great results from it and then stop using it and start gaining a little weight at the same time and the BFF isn't going going to prevent that. But some can stop using it and their results stay just fine! It's just so hard because everyone is so different.

  4. I just bought the you know if it is okay to take the 2 tbsp's at once instead of breaking it up throughout the day? Thank you!

    1. Hey! You CAN. It won't hurt anything at all. But the reason we suggest morning and night is because it has a 12 hour life span so when you take it separately, you are covered for the full 24 hours. It's how it was tested during their trials and studies so it's what they call the "optimal" way of taking it. :)

  5. My friend bought a bottle, put in fridge never open it. How long will last before it expires. Bottle has no expiration date.

    1. It's good for 15 months unopened! Doesn't need to be refrigerated until it's opened. :)

  6. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Once open how long is it good for after expiration date


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