Thursday, February 20, 2020


Hey hey, friends!! How about some good ole makeup talk today?!  I did a post about my makeup routine HERE back in June but I love mixing in new products and changing it up every once in a while so I wanted to show you some things I'm currently using and loving. ❤

I've been wanting a new foundation for almost a month now.  I've tried a few drugstore brands here and there and they were fine but not exactly what I was hoping for from a foundation.  I kept having a few issues.  Usually, it was that they didn't last all day or they left me too shiny or sticky--or all of the above.

I knew I wanted something that would give me full coverage (dark spots and melasma are my enemies--thank you, sun & hormones) and one that wouldn't disappear over the course of the day.  I wanted something that gives a smooth finish and looks natural.  Not too shiny and luminous (not for winter anyway) and not too matte where it looks cakey. 

After doing some research (aka-being influenced by Instagram influencers and beauty vloggers), I decided I wanted to try the Tarte Face Tape foundation and the It Cosmetics C.C. Cream foundation.  I've heard rave reviews about both and they seemed to have everything I was looking for.  But I could not decide which one to buy so instead, I grabbed the travel size of each and figured that would be the perfect way to sample them (and make sure I was getting the right color) without committing to a full size and then realizing I hated it.  I highly recommend this if you are unsure and just want to test them out!

As far as color goes, I got medium in both because I've been using these tanning drops in my nightly moisturizer once every couple of days.  

(Sidenote:  The best deal for these is still HERE.  You get 2 bottles for the price of one AND you can do Easy Pay if you want.  But they are currently out of the ones in "medium" which is what I have.  However, they do have the "light" so you can just add a few more drops to go darker.  I feel like 3 drops of medium is probably equivalent to about 6 drops of the light.  But don't quote me on that.  You can play around with them to find the perfect amount to get your perfect glow.  You can also find the medium here though if you really just want those instead.  I've really been loving these!! I forgot how much better I look with a little faux glow.)


The color looked identical to me on both.  I applied one to one side of my face and one to the other on the day I got them and I literally couldn't see a difference in the colors or the finishes.  Both gave me full coverage, meaning it covered up my dark spots SOOOO much better than my light-medium coverage foundations.  And the finish was even, smooth and looked natural.

Both of them lasted all day too but I think the It Cosmetics C.C. Cream is what I'll be buying in the full-size tube.  For one, I just feel like I'm drawn to it more and while both last all day, I keep thinking that the C.C. cream just looks better at the end of the day.  I can't put my finger on it.  I just like it a SMIDGE more than the Face Tape.  Also, it has a built-in SPF 50 so really, that pushes it to the top for me.

For the record, the C.C. Cream is made to be a brightening color corrector, poreless-finish primer, dark spot concealer, moisturizing day cream, has SPF 50+, hydrates and protects your skin, diffuses the appearance of imperfections and is infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and all sorts of other good anti-aging stuff.  So maybe that's why I love it so much and find it bumps the Tarte one down just a bit although the Face Tape does claim to do most of that as well.  So who knows.  I'm sure it comes down to personal preference but if they are the same except one has SPF 50 in it, I'll just go with that one.

Since my skin tone is shade or two darker now that I'm using the tanning drops, I realized my under-eye concealer needed to darken up as well.  I have been using this Tarte Shape Tape concealer for so long now (in light) and I do love it!  I highly recommend it.  BUT when I was checking out the It Cosmetics stuff, I happened to see this Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer from them as well and curiosity got the best of me. I've heard awesome things about this concealer and thought I'd go ahead and try it instead of buying the Shape Tape in a darker color.  (There were a million colors to choose from and I went with Light Tan but all the ones in that range were so similar.)

Thankfully, it was a great choice and I'm loving this stuff! Just as much as the Shape Tape.  The Bye Bye concealer is very thick and pigmented so it will cover up those dark circles with very little product. (The tube is going to last forever.) I literally just put the tiniest dab on my finger and then warm it up a little and then apply it with a little brush or my finger.  It's also got a little highlighter in it I think which I didn't realize until I put it on so it helps brighten your dark circles too.

Now, if you're going to ask if it settles into the creases then yes.  Over the course of the day, it will but I have yet to find a concealer that doesn't do this.  Whenever I see any concealer do this, a quick dab and swipe with my finger to re-blend is all it takes to freshen it up.  I mean, my skin has creases and wrinkles right there so I'm not sure how it would be possible for a concealer to magically make your under-eyes completely smooth.  So I give that a pass. #itsnotyouitsme

Other pluses:  It's waterproof, it will last all day and it's got some great anti-aging ingredients in there as well.

Also, I just checked and it's currently on sale!

So those are the two newest "big" products I've switched over to.  As for the rest of my current go-to's, here's a quick rundown:

2. NARS bronzer in Laguna (I've been using both of these off and on for years!)
PS: Great little mini blush/bronzer duo here in the most popular blush and bronzer color.

3. Lumify Eye Drops:  These are the BEST little beauty secret!  They are so much better for your eyes than Visine and make your eyes bright and clear when they are looking a little red and tired.

5.  I just got these Mary Kay liquid eyeshadows from my friend, Karla and they are GORGEOUS!  The perfect amount of shimmer.

6. Also from Mary Kay--my go-to primer when I need my makeup to look as flawless as possible.

7. Airspun Loose Powder: This stuff is just $3.  $3!!!  I got it on Amazon (but I think you can get it other places too) but $3 prime shipping--yes please!  This is going to last me for the rest of my life.  haha  I use just a tiny amount on my big fluffy brush and brush it on all over my face and under my eyes as the last thing I do in my little routine.  It takes away shine and helps keep my makeup looking fresh all day.  This stuff has a cult-following from what I hear!  Everyone and their GRANDMA loves it!

8. C.C. Cream (travel size HERE, full-size HERE) in medium

9. Bye Bye Under-Eye Concealer in Light Tan. (I still use my very favorite Becca Under-Eye Brightener first and then dab on my concealer.)

10. Tarte Face Tape in medium (travel size HERE, full-size HERE)

11. I'm loving this 4 pack of beauty blenders with the fluffy brush I use for my powder! (under $10 for this 5 piece set!)

12. Tula Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer:  Y'all, this stuff is awesome.  It comes out white but when you put it on your skin it turns into a neutral color that blends in with your skin and really does give you a "blurred" look.  I wear this under my makeup sometimes but I really try to save it for when I'm not wearing makeup that day but don't want to look disgusting either.  haha  It gives the perfect amount of color, evens out your skin tone and gives a little glow.  I'm almost out and will be restocking this stuff soon! (This will be a huge go-to this summer!!)

13. Lash Princess Mascara: I currently flip between a few mascaras but if you are looking for a mascara that will WOW you and is under $5 then you need to click here and grab yourself some Lash Princess mascara.  Period.

14.  Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara:  I got this in a bundle a few months ago and it's also fantastic.  Very similar to the Lash Princess and I love the cool tubes it comes in! (They vary frequently with Limited Edition tubes.)

15.  Benefits Porefessional Primer: After all my shopping at Ulta, I ended up scoring a sample size of this Porefessional Primer and holy smokes, y'all.  I have never loved a little sample more!  This stuff is golden.  Goes on silky smooth but is more of that lotion texture than the silicone one that some primers are.  (The MK primer above is more of a silicone feel.)  But this definitely fills in your pores and gives you a great base.

I forgot to include all of the following items in the big group picture above so I'll go through them really quickly.

As for lips, I am mostly a lip gloss kind of girl if anything.  But when I go someplace where I want a full face of makeup I'll switch to something more pigmented.  I love the Matte Ink lip stains and my MAC lipstick for that (in Velvet Teddy) but I mostly reach for my super cheap NYX Butter Glosses!  (Favorite colors are Creme Brulee, Vanilla Cream Pie, and Angel Food Cake.  That makes me hungry...and these smell amazing too.  Most are always under $5.)

And finally, a setting spray is a game-changer for when you need your makeup to stay put.  

I have this Urban Decay Setting Spray from years ago that I just dug out of a cabinet a few weeks ago.  But it really does work!!  There are a million different setting sprays but here are some that you can check out.

And in case you're interested in seeing exactly what I got from Ulta during my last little shopping spree, here it is.  I clearly love to sample things before I commit.  😂

Favorite Dry Shampoo in Brilliant Blonde (Buy 1, get 1 40% off right now!  Not just in the blonde color.)
Trying the Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo just to see how it is.
Travel Size Better Than Sex mascara.  I like this mascara but I don't love it.  I don't like the brush.

As for how I store all my makeup, here's a real-life picture of my bathroom counter.

I wish I could have a clear countertop but my drawers beneath are full up which means there's nowhere else for this stuff to go. Plus, I really do like to have it out so I can see it.

My acrylic makeup organizer is one of my favorite Amazon purchases.  Just recently, I added this little brush holder and palette organizer as well.

My gold jewelry organizer is from Home Goods but there are so many cute ones on Amazon.

So that's it for today, friends! If you're interested in my skincare routine, you can find that HERE.

 I am headed out tonight with some girlfriends and I can't wait!!  We're going to dinner and then to the #imomsohard LIVE show!! I can't wait to see Kristin and Jen in person!  This is going to be such a fun night out!  I'm not sure I'll have pics up on Friday Favorites tomorrow because we'll be getting home late but I'm sure I'll be posting to IG and my stories!  You can find me @amandanall. Linked below!




  1. And now, I need to try so many new things... ;)

    1. I still want to try one of those foundation sticks you were talking about a couple of weeks ago!

  2. I need a new blush so this is perfect timing! I love my it cc cream too!

    1. The Nars blush is awesome. And lasts forever!

  3. Such a thorough post. Thank you! I love using the Tula face filter but I hate that it’s super TINY for that price. So crazy!

    1. I know! That's why I switched to just using it when I didn't want a full face of makeup instead of wearing it under my makeup. It's so good though!

  4. I bought the Lash Princess and lip gloss on your recommendations-love them both. Thank you.

    1. You're so welcome! I love finding budget-friendly products that are just as good as the expensive stuff! ;)

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