Monday, November 30, 2020


Oh my goodness, y'all. It has been a heck of a crazy week around here and I am really looking forward to what I can only hope will be a super dull, mundane, and boring week. 😂 Is that bad? I just need everything to be chill and easy for this week so I can get caught up with life. I need to finish decorating my main Christmas tree and set up my sweet little Christmas village. I need to get the clean laundry put away so I can see the counter in my laundry room again. I need to restock my shop, work on Etsy orders, take new product photos, get Cyber Monday deals posted in my FB group, post the Cyber Monday Modere deals to social media (10-25% off everything!), order groceries (pause...doing the groceries now...).

And we're back. Online grocery shopping and pickup is the greatest thing to ever happen to busy moms. Period.

Anyway. This is my life and is why my head is always spinning. I am constantly being pulled in a million different directions throughout each day and sometimes I feel like I'm just about to stretch myself too thin. That's why I took down all the sign listing in my Etsy shop a couple of weeks ago and although it was a tough decision, it was most definitely the right call. I would be in a puddle of tears on the floor right now if I had the added stress of dozens of wood signs that needed to be painted and sent out ASAP right now. 

But I have heard you guys loud and clear and YES, those little "word of the year" signs will be back this week for you to order! I've gotten at least a dozen requests to bring those back so have no fear! I got you, girls! 😉 Can't wait to see what all your words are for 2021! Off the top of my head, I'm going to guess lots of "hope", "peace", "love", and "health".

Anyway, I really just wanted to come here and check in after being on hiatus for a week and show you a few of my favorite Cyber Monday Deals!


Friday, November 20, 2020


 Oh my goodness, y'all. Did you realize that NEXT WEEK is Thanksgiving...? Because I didn't until Wednesday of this week. Like FOR REAL. My mother-in-law texted me to let me know what all she was bringing and I was like "Ummm....wait, that's next week??" Oh crap. 🤦‍♀️

Give me all those sides!! #cantwait

Thursday, November 19, 2020


 Hey there sweet Charlie Bear!

Most of you know all about Charlie. He is our little 18lb fluffball that we adopted from a local rescue group here in the Dallas area back in June. We are all so obsessed with this dog but seriously--none more so than me.💕 


Friday, November 13, 2020


Happy Friday the 13th, y'all!! I am so dang excited!! I've got lunch plans with friends today (tentatively) and then I'm heading out to Arkansas tomorrow for an awesome girls night with my Modere team!! We are going to have the BEST time!! Private chef, 16+ girls, bonfires by the river...I mean. Eeek! Girl time is the best! 

But let's move on to this week's favorites because that's what you're here for, right? ;) I've got some fun ones so let's get to it!

Ok so now that we've made it through the election (sort of), I've been spending more time getting caught up on my shows! Southern Charm, S.W.A.T., Chicago Fire, The Goldbergs, This Is Us, The Bachelorette...and I'm working on catching up on RHOC and the new Salt Lake City franchise! Are y'all watching that one?

The Bachelorette is like WHOA. It's already a mess, just like 2020. Did we expect any different? If you don't watch, Clare cut the "journey" short after falling in love with Dale after like 2 weeks.  They get engaged. And although I hope Clare has found true, lasting love because I know she wants it so bad--I'm not going to be surprised if we hear about a breakup after Christmas. 

Friday, November 6, 2020


Sooooooooo. How we doin', America? 😂

I know this week has been rough for everyone no matter what side you're on. Here's hoping we can find out who the father is soon!


Thursday, November 5, 2020

A DAY IN THE LIFE: 11/2/20

Happy Wednesday, friends! I woke up Monday morning and decided I was going to turn it into a Day in the Life follow along on Instagram and a blog post here today. So if you did follow along on Insta, this will look familiar. I'll just be adding a little commentary. ;)

Now let me just say a couple of things...

1) I thought I was going to be meeting a couple of my "Buffalo girls" for lunch which would have made my day look a little more interesting. But one got sick so we rescheduled. And by "Buffalo girls" I mean two friends that I was besties with when our husbands were with the Buffalo Bills. And now we all live in the same area. 🥰

2) Craig was out of town for several days in case you were wondering why he wasn't mentioned at all during this day. I didn't want to say that on IG though since he wouldn't be back until Wednesday. He's back now. 😉