Friday, December 17, 2021


Happy Friday, friends! I'm back today with an installment of Friday Favorites which, I actually haven't done in forever. When did I become so bad at this?! 🙈 Regardless, I've made it happen today and I can't lie...I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for 2 posts in a row. (You can find yesterday's post HERE in case you missed it.) So settle in for some of my most random favorites from the past few weeks.


Thursday, December 16, 2021


Hey hey, friends! I'm back today after...hmmmm...almost another month off??? #oops I clearly like to keep you guys guessing on when the next post will be. 😬

Today I'm just here to catch y'all up with some highlights from the past month and then tomorrow, I've actually got a Friday Favorites post all ready to go too. (Seriously, when is the last time I did a true Friday Favorites post?! I looked. It was September. I'm tryin', friends!)

Hopefully, this is a sign that I can get back to a routine over here. No promises though. If you're following me over on Instagram  or Facebook, that's a great way to stay caught up. I'm way more active over there. 

But moving on to what's been happening over here for the past few weeks...

You guys know how much I love my girlfriends. My besties, Dani and Pam, are always down for a good chat with food and wine (or margaritas--we aren't picky) so a few weeks ago we stayed in and sat around Dani's table just talking for about 6 hours. How is it that time passes by so quickly when you're with your people? What the heck did we even talk about for 6 hours?! I know the cat got an earful. Thank goodness cats can't talk. 😉