Friday, July 31, 2020


Hello Friday I've Been Waiting For You.

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm so glad I was able to get ONE post out this week! I had several rush orders come in from my Etsy shop and then an avalanche of teacher name signs due to ship all in a row so after I got through all of that every day, I just wanted to relax and enjoy a few hours of not having to do anything. (Besides laundry, dishes, dinner, trying to remember to water my flowers, etc. 😂)

But now I'm so happy to see Friday!!

Once again, I've rounded up all my favorite things from this week--from my favorite movie I watched to my favorite outfit (if you can call it that) and so many things in between! So let's do it!

Have y'all seen The Healer? It is so good! It's a few years old but I had never even heard of it until recently when it popped up on Netflix.

The Healer (2016) - IMDb

It's about guy who finds his way to Nova Scotia after his long lost uncle shows up out of nowhere to basically bribe him to come live for a full year in the town where his ancestors are from. When he gets there, he discovers some family secrets and realizes that he's part of this magical healing legacy.

I thought this was the sweetest movie but I wasn't ready for it to end! I felt like they cut it off right when it was getting good! I was fully prepared for another 45 minutes or so when I realized it was over. Dang.

If you need something to watch this weekend, I recommend this one! I think it's rated PG so your kids might like it too!

Oh hello, Elin! I just love you!!

We all know by now that Elin Hilderbrand is basically the Queen of the Beach Read, right? I've loved all her books. Some more than others of course but none of them have been lower than 4 stars in my book. They are always sweet, have the best imagery of Nantucket and give you something to lose yourself in.

I have read almost all of her books but I knew there were a few I missed. So when I was looking for a new audiobook to start this week so I could listen while I was painting signs and decal-ing tumblers, I saw that The Blue Bistro was 1) one that I hadn't read yet and 2) I had just seen where Elin herself recommended this book to someone on IG the other day! The girl said she'd never read an EH book before and Elin suggested she start with The Blue Bistro so I was like "I have to read this book!"

So glad I did! It is so perfect for summer, the story will make you laugh and cry and it might also make you hungry. Haha. I did feel like the ending was a little rushed and I would have loved to read an epilogue but all in all it was another winner!

You all know by now that we are still very much obsessed with our Charlie! I am spoiling this dog rotten, I admit, but I'm also constantly looking for things to keep him entertained so he won't go foraging for fun in the laundry room, my closet, the bathroom, the office... He loves to find random articles of clothing, toilet paper, dish towels, computer paper, name it...and drag them into the living room to gnaw on.


If you don't already know, Bark Box is a subscription box that comes once a month and it's filled with toys and treats for your dog! You can fill out a little questionnaire about your dog beforehand so they'll know the breed, the size, etc and they'll choose products for your pup based on this.

I had an offer code for a double box on my first order so this is what all came in it! Four soft toys to chew on, 4 bags of treats and 2 types of beef stick chews. (A regular box would be half this. I just got lucky with that offer code!)

So fun!! The double box offer isn't working anymore but there is always an offer on their homepage that you can claim! I've seen them for a month free with a 6 or 12 month subscription and a special free toy...things like that.  I think they change them up a lot so I'm not sure what will be there when this is posted. But you can go HERE to check it out!

I signed up for the 6-month subscription so once a month, we'll get a box of treats, toys and chews with a new "theme" each month.  They also have a one month and a 12-month option too.  

Charlie has loved all his new toys this week! They were all so perfect for him and his size. The little Nintendo controllers, the Polaroid camera, the woolly mammoth and the "Lady Liberty" crown which I honestly had no idea what that was until I looked it up. I just know he loves to play fetch with it!

The Nintendo controllers are perfect for a good game of tug-of-war!

And I think the Woolly Mammoth is his favorite thing to chew on and carry around.

And all the treats have been a big hit too although Charlie doesn't seem to be super particular about his food. He just wants it all!

This little box is so fun! It would probably be even more fun if this stuff was for me! haha Maybe I should try out Fab Fit Fun since it's the same type of thing except with goodies for me instead. ;)

Has anyone else tried Bark Box for their pup?? Two paws/thumbs up from us! 😉

Ok, so my favorite purchase from this week was kind of boring but also a necessity. I ordered these socks after I saw them on Lightning Deal (and posted in the Deals Group--did you see them too?!) and saw how many awesome reviews they had!

You can get them in 6 packs of all white, grey, or multi and they fit perfectly! Super comfy and the best part...they stay on my heels. 🙌 I don't ask a lot from my socks but I do need them to be of the no-show variety with my sneakers, comfortable and they BEST stay on my heel. #thatsallIask

If you need new socks, be sure to try these!

I think Mason in football pads made last week's picture of the week section too (or was it the week before?) but how cute is my little man?! He looks so grown up! They are the Steelers so he just had to have the yellow/black football cleats to match his uniform. I feel like he'd want me to point those out to you. They are definitely EXTRA. 😂

Another day, another picture of my dog. Sorry, y'all. #Icantstop 

Charlie had a quick appointment at the vet this week to get a second dose of one of his shots and this dog...I seriously can't believe how lucky we got with him! He may be a little mischievous but in all other areas, he is PERFECT. Car rides are no big deal to him. There's no shaking in terror or anxiously running around the car between the front and back seats...he just lays down quietly and waits to get wherever he's going. I took this one while we were waiting for someone to come get him from the car and take him in (we aren't allowed in because of Covid) and although I'm sure he was a little nervous, he was super chill. 

He was also INCREDIBLY happy to back home 10 minutes later! Sweet boy.

And one more for good measure. ❤

And I had to include these gorgeous pictures I took on our walk the other night. The sky looked so beautiful!

Now for my favorites sales of the week! I checked to see which were the most popular deals y'all had been snatching up in the Deals Group this week and there were three clear winners.


This mop has the best reviews and you can use the code 403THO1P at checkout to knock it down to under $17! (Reg. $27.99). As of now, the code is still working but it could stop working at any time! So many of y'all said you loved this mop when I posted it!

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Spray to Clean Step 1 Squeeze the trigger Step 2 Mist released Step 3 Move the mop to clean the floor Hardwood Floor Ceramic Tile Marble Floor Glass'


Another big hit was this Coffee t-shirt! Again, I don't know if the code will still be working when this gets posted but you can try the code R9D9LEKT at checkout to see if it'll knock it down to $12.49! It's been working all week so I'm guessing its days are numbered! Worth a shot though!

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing, text that says 'OFFEE COFFEE COFFEE'


No photo description available.

And this deal for the no-touch thermometer was just posted over in the group yesterday afternoon and lots of members snapped it up and shared it on their own pages within minutes of me posting. So I'm sharing it here too since so many of you were interested. My cousin is actually the one who sent me a text to let me know this was on sale! (Thank you, Kaci!) She's a teacher and they have to take their temperature and report to the nurse every morning once school starts back up. So I know lots of teachers, as well as mamas, will be needing this very soon!

As I'm typing this, it is on sale for $10 off plus it has an additional $3 off clickable coupon with it. It's also worth noting that it's an Amazon Best Seller so its a good one!

This was my second week using Home Chef and I've got to say, I'm really liking it! It's so nice to have dinner decided for you, all the ingredients in the fridge and ready to go, directions laid out so nicely, and literally no guesswork.

My favorite meal this week was this Honey Mustard Mushroom & Chicken bake with green beans. It looks like a hot mess because I didn't take the time to really get a good picture before diving in but mmmmmm.... 

It was mushrooms and chicken with a little melted cheese on top sprinkled with some honey mustard and fried onions. Green beans on the side. Delicious and much fancier than what I could come up with.

If you are interested, you can use my referral code AMANDAN657 or just follow this link to get $30 off!
One of these days I'm going to start getting dressed again but it wasn't this week. This week we had some rain and cloudy days so this was my favorite outfit! 🤪 (Old picture but same outfit.)

Rainy days at the end of July in a Texas heatwave get all of us excited for fall! So we stay inside and pretend its cold out, light our apple pumpkin candles and get cozy. Or at least that's what I do. And these comfy PJ pants are a MUST when you want to be cozy! I've told you about them before. I think I have 6, 7, 8 (??) pairs. I've been collecting them for years! 

I think these run a little small so I size up to a medium. Also, I'm 5'5" and they completely cover my toes so you tall girls shouldn't have a problem. They are only $14.99 too! (PS: Beware of other sellers that have these on Amazon. Its been hit or miss with getting the "good ones" so I always order from this listing only.)

Ahhhhh!! Look what's new to the shop!! How cute are these little skinny can coolers?! I'm telling you, I have not been able to keep the glittery ones in stock this summer! Every time I order some, I think "Oh there's no way they'll go this fast so I'll just order this many" and then bam. I'm out again. 😂 You think I'd learn! 

Excited to add these cuties to the shop too!!

I have several available in this gorgeous glitter lilac. (Shown here with the "morning" font and neon pink glitter vinyl.)

And this tumbler is actually the glitter blush color (so it's shimmery like the one above) but it's hard to see in the picture. Love these too! (Straw not shown but it is included! Name done in "delightful" font with glitter teal vinyl.)

Another one in glitter white, opal 2 vinyl and "bright" font.

I feel like my skinny tumblers, travel mugs and wine tumblers have taken a backseat to the can coolers this summer so don't forget to take a peek at them when you head to the shop! We won't be able to sit around drinking White Claws forever and you'll need something cute to hold your coffee or water! 😂

And I know it's early but I've already had several orders for fall signs! This is one of my favorites! I'm hoping to add some new ones to the shop this season too!

Fall Subway Wood Sign Subway Art Painted Sign Pumpkin Sign image 0

As always, you can see the full shop HERE!

And to end things on a fun note....

Seriously though! 😂😂😂

And that's it for today! If you want to explore past Friday Favorites posts you can find all of those HERE. Thanks for stopping by, friends!

Happy Friday!!


Friday, July 24, 2020

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Hello hello, friends! Hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and COOL! We are over here trying to do all those things and Amazon Prime has been a lifesaver. Y'all know what I'm talking about. You are my people and I know most of you are Amazon Junkies too. 😉 

Thanks to Amazon, I don't need really need to leave my house for much unless I want to. And since we're in the middle of a pandemic and smack in the middle of a sweltering TX summer, I choose to stay home 9.5 times out of 10. 


Friday, July 17, 2020


Happy Friday!! It has been a scorcher here in Mckinney this week. The kind where you open the front door and immediately get pushed back inside by an invisible fire. Seriously.

When someone asks me how hot it is where I live, I send them this photo... funny summer memes hot meme humor funny memes summer memes


Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Hello hello, friends! Girls, I am clearly on "summer" time right now. I keep letting myself get distracted with all sorts of other stuff besides this blog lately. I should change my name to That Distracted Chick or That Procrastinating Chick. Although the whole reason I get distracted and procrastinate is usually because I've been inspired to do something random like add shiplap to an inlay in my living room, (did I ever post that here?), paint my craft room on a whim (finished it on Friday!), build a dog gate out of leftover shiplap and wood scraps in my garage (a spur of the moment Saturday morning project--super pleased with that one!) or decide to add bracelets to my Etsy shop (still working on that). So That Inspired Chick still works too I guess.

So, all of that to say I've finally got my JUNE Book Review up for you! I know we are already into mid-July but you guys probably know that's how I roll sometimes. 😂


Friday, July 3, 2020


Okayyyyyy! We've officially made it to the midway point of this terrible, awful, no good, very bad year.  The optimist in me wants to be all "SURELY things will get better from here." But the realist in me is much much much bigger and is telling me to give it another 6 months.

And then the flat out pessimist in me is saying this. 😂

I'm Sure Things Will Be Back To Normal By July - Meme - Shut Up ...
Oh dear.  We shall see, right?

Anyway, we're trying to keep things as normal as we possibly can around here and Charlie has been the greatest distraction from pretty much everything this week.