Friday, September 18, 2020


Well....hmm. There just aren't words. I guess I should have expected nothing less from 2020. Because OF COURSE a devastating hurricane had to hit the exact place of my most anticipated vacation--possibly ever--the week that I was supposed to go. Of course it did. Because 2020.


Monday, September 14, 2020


Well, if you're following along with me on Instagram then you know that my beach trip got pushed postponed due to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sally's impending arrival. 

Hurricane Warning Issued for Parts of Louisiana and Mississippi Ahead of Tropical  Storm Sally | The Weather Channel

If you need a refresher, the plan was for me to leave after Mason's football game Saturday to head to Texarkana, where my parents live. From there, we would leave first thing Sunday morning to head to Orange Beach, Alabama. (All the details of this fun trip are on Friday's post HERE.)


Friday, September 11, 2020


Oh, friends. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

On Sunday afternoon, I will be at my happiest of Happy Places! Hello Orange Beach, AL!! And guess who is going? Me and my parents. And that's it. No kids. No hubs. Just us. And the best part? I have my own condo. ALL.TO.MYSELF. For 4 nights. #someonepinchme 

Even if it rains the entire time we're there, just having a condo all to myself with zero responsibility will be incredible after 6 months of being at home day in and day out with my peeps. I love them dearly but what mama doesn't need some alone time to regroup and BREATHE every once in a while?!  I know this one does!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020


 Hey there, friends! Happy Wednesday!!

I'm jumping on the blog today to give a little "life lately" type of post since I haven't done that in a while. So what all have we been up to??

Well, we are back to school (in person) now and Matthew had his first football practice this week which marks the official beginning to our 4 sport schedule (football and baseball for both boys) plus trying to get back to our normal school routine. It has been a bumpy road back to "normalcy" over here, I can tell you that much!

We're all a hot mess. #MomMotivation #breastfeeding #AeroflowBreastpumps


Friday, September 4, 2020


50 Truths You Can't Argue With - Funny Gallery

Whew!  Happy Friday!! This week has been so chaotic so I'm really looking forward to resetting and start fresh next week. We started the week with Matthew's baseball team playing Mason's baseball team for the first time ever, which was so much fun (minus the mini heat stroke Mason had about 10 minutes in...). Then it rained and rained and rained all day long on Tuesday which has cooled us off a little this week and made it super cozy and fall-like for a day or so. And then yesterday was the first day back to school in person after being virtual for the first 3 weeks and we were ALL so ready!! It has been a very long Spring Break. ;) Then we had another 8pm baseball game and didn't get home from that until 10 and the stress of trying to get everyone in the shower, remember to charge laptops for the next day, find last minute items we're going to need in the morning...ugh. We just haven't found a rhythm just yet but we will!

But moving on to the fun things from this week! Here are my favorites!


Friday, August 28, 2020


HEY EVERYBODY SMILE ITS FRIDAY! - dave le minion | Meme Generator

It's our last Friday before "real" school starts back, friends!! Ahhh!! My boys are more excited about this "first" day of school than they have ever been before. They NEED this. Mama needs this too. 😂 Not that virtual school has been hard on me. My boys are very self-sufficient and (fairly) responsible when it comes to doing what they need to be doing without me having to hover. But they are bored bored bored and ready to have some normalcy back in their lives. 

Friday, August 21, 2020


Hey girl heyyyyyyy!


Ok. So...second Friday of distance learning. How did things go this week after a full 5 days in a row? Honestly?

Here are a couple of moments for you...

-Mason and his classmates apparently have a giant group text going on so they are constantly texting each other during "class". I walked in to check on him at one point yesterday and saw him texting while the teacher was talking on the screen and snatched his phone up. Then I looked at the computer screen at all the other classmates in their little zoom boxes and saw half of them looking down at something...presumably their own phones. So he's no longer allowed his phone during class time. Lesson learned.

-Yesterday there was a region-wide outage and most of the class couldn't log on to their zoom meetings on and off throughout the day. There were definitely lots of frustrated mom texts being exchanged!! 😂 Thankfully, MISD sent out a robocall, a text and email after a little while explaining the situation and basically tell us not to panic. Or stop panicking. Whatever. So I did and it straightened itself out and the kids all got a pretty light day because of it. It's a learning curve. Things happen. We roll with it. 😎

But other than that, the only complaint is that "it's boring". I get it. We all do. But our fingers are still crossed that they'll be able to go back to school on September 3rd. One can only hope. 🤞

Anyway, since its Friday, it's time for all things "favorite" from the week! So here we go...