Friday, July 8, 2022


Happy Friday, y'all! Hope you had the best long weekend and fun 4th! Can you believe we're already a week into July?! Summer is flying by. Next month I'll have a kid in HIGH SCHOOL and a 7th grader and I still picture them like this.


Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Happy Tuesday, friends! It is Book Review day over here! I'm calling it my May Book Review because I read most of these last month but a few were just good ones I've read so far this year that I haven't talked about yet. So I added them in. But does it really matter when I read them? Y'all know you don't care about that! 😂 I just gotta name this graphic something!


Friday, June 17, 2022


Happy Friday, friends!! Girls, I am here with a Friday Favorites post after I don't know how long. I am not done with this blog, y'all so keep coming back! I'm here. I'm getting back to it. I'm finding my groove again. So let's get to it!

I met my girls out for dinner this week and snapped a quick pic before I walked out the door. My favorite "dressy" jeans, a casual little summer cami, my everyday flip-flops with just a touch of sparkle, barely-there makeup, and minimal jewelry is my go-to look during nights out in the summer.

jeans | similar cami | flip flops | earrings were a gift :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2022


 Happy Tuesday, friends! We are kicking into summer mode over here which means wrapping up spring baseball, starting summer camps, and adjusting to later nights and later mornings. 

We've actually been out of school since May 20th and we wasted no time jumping into summer. Matthew has already had his first high school band mini camp (HIGH SCHOOL, Y'ALL!) and Mason went to church camp--both within our first week of summer.


Thursday, June 2, 2022


Hey friends!! Welcome back! I've been meaning to get this Cancun recap posted for about 2 months now and today is the day! I knew I'd get there eventually. 🤪

If you read here or follow me on social media (or know me in real life), you probably know I have 2 best girlfriends, Dani and Pam. They are two of my favorite people and it doesn't matter if we're out to dinner on a random Tuesday night at our favorite Mexican place, sitting around a kitchen table in our sweats for 6 hours drinking wine, or playing Never Have I Ever on a rooftop bar in Cancun (😂...I mean, just when you THINK you know someone...haha), we are always having fun and thankful to have each other. There is never drama (between us anyway), we never get tired of each other, we are all super laid back and low-maintenance and it's just easy and fun wherever we go. And all of that makes for the best travel buddies! 

(QUICK TIP WHEN TRAVELING WITH FRIENDS: If you have a friend who complains about everything, is never happy with the food, starts drama, isn't nice to waiters, and/or can't stand sunshine--you know the type--leave that girl at home, y'all. 😉 Don't do it.)

That's Pam on the left and Dani in the middle. I honestly, 1000% do not know what I'd do without them. ❤


Friday, March 4, 2022

Happy FRIDAY!!

 Hey, friends! Just jumping on here to say that I will be leaving for a super fun girls trip to Salt Lake City on Monday and I'd love for you to follow along on Instagram! I'm @amandanall in case you aren't following me and would like to! The first half of the trip is a Leadership Retreat at a FABULOUS "MTV Cribs" style house. I think there will be about 20 of us so it should be so much fun and way fancier than any rental I've ever stayed in, for sure. ;) 

The second half of our trip (Thursday to Sunday), we will move to a hotel for Modere's Social Retail Conference. I can't wait to see all of our new girls at their first conference!! Our team has been growing like CRAZY!!! And for good reason! They are all finding a home here. Success here. Extra income, a community, a place to much. If you are wondering if this could be right for you, let me tell you, I am almost certain that it is! It is right for anyone looking for any of these things!!! It's as easy as grabbing the products you're already ordering or want to order plus a $40 link. Boom.There are SO many success stories I wish I could tell, y'all. The only secret is that they all show up for their business and their customers every day. And when I say that, I mean they take about 30 minutes a day to do some things. It is NOT hard. It is the greatest little side hustle with the best women you will ever meet and the baddest, coolest chick ever hanging on to that #1 Woman-Led Company title right now. Talk about science and innovation...this company is the GOLD STANDARD.

So I hope that you follow along next week! We're leaving Monday afternoon and will be home Sunday afternoon. It's going to be full of so many fun things including a "sparkle and shine" cocktail party (ooohhhh!!) and an 80s night which is going to be so much fun.

Here's a sneak peek at my 80s look. I'll add some majorly crimped hair and hairspray to really round it out. ;)


The 80s were so weird, y'all. Why did we think this looked good?!

Have the best Friday, friends and I hope to see you again here after the trip for a full recap!


Friday, February 25, 2022


Hey hey girls! Happy Friday!

Y'all, we started this week with a high of 80 and I was in heaven. I sat out by the pool late in the afternoon and relaxed until the sun went down. I am so ready for more of those days! But this being Texas and all, by Wednesday it had dropped to the 30s and was rainy and yesterday we were all out of school because of ice. And it stayed at about 25 degrees all day. 🤦‍♀️

But all that time being stuck inside yesterday gave me a good excuse to get back to the blog! I mean, it HAS been almost 2 months. #oopsie

Can I just say, it feels SO good to hit that "publish" button again on a blog post! I've missed my blogger peeps! I feel like we have a lot to catch up on so instead of Favorites of the Week, this is going to be more like Favorites of Lately and I'm only covering what I've been watching and wearing for now because we'll be here all day if I don't cut it off. More favorites from lately will be coming in a separate post. ❤