Friday, February 12, 2021


Hey hey, y'all! Long time, no see!! It has been a crazy busy two weeks for me but a good kind of crazy busy! I spent the first half of last week finishing up Etsy orders and getting all kinds of last-minute shopping, organizing, and packing done before leaving for my very first Leadership Retreat on Thursday. I got back on Sunday and you mamas know how it goes. When you leave for a trip, it always takes a minute to get back into the routine. 

When I get out of a routine, certain things just get pushed to the back burner...this blog being one of them. (I know y'all have heard me say that before! haha) Why can't I be more Type A so I can just get all the things done?! I told Craig the other day that one of us needs to just step up and become a Type A personality...because we are both very easy-going and big procrastinators. I really need one of us to crack the whip, y'all. Why can't it be as easy as just saying "I'm going to become a Type A person." Close eyes, snap fingers, done. 😂 

Anyway, the good thing is that we recognize that we can get overwhelmed when we let things go too long or whatever it may be so that's good. We know our faults. We are aware. It's just hard to change a personality type! But I know that the busier I become, the more I need to at least try to pick up tips from those super-organized Type A people who seem to get everything done, no sweat. So excuse me for a second while I go search "How to Become a Type A Person" on Pinterest real quick. 😂 (Ok, I really did just do that and fell down a rabbit hole of personality quizzes. I'm clearly a Type B personality. That's really a thing!)

All of that to say, the last couple of weeks have had my head spinning and my house a mess but the fact that I'm even writing this blog post means I'm getting back to my routine and getting my $&!# together. Finally.

So about that trip...

UPDATE: We all tested negative for Covid right before we left for this trip which is why we didn't have masks on around each other. If we're negative, I'm not sure why a mask is necessary...? Fear not. Two weeks later and still none of us have it. 

Most of y'all who are reading this already know I started with a social retail company called Modere about 4 months ago. Modere is a health and wellness company that focuses on clean, non-toxic products. They have everything from toothpaste to their hero product--liquid collagen, baby! I love that I am using products that are better for me now too. I've switched to their nontoxic surface spray and laundry detergents, dish soap, many things. I've never been super into health and wellness products before and I (ashamedly) haven't paid a whole heck of a lot of attention to the chemicals I use in my home. So I'm thankful that my eyes have been opened and I can make some easy adjustments.

Listen, I know that there have definitely been people who have unfollowed me on Instagram and probably stopped reading here once it became known that I had joined a (gasp!) social marketing company. (Oh the shame!) And it did hurt my feelings for a while but you know what I've noticed lately? For every one that unfollows me for it, I get 10 new ones who hit follow because they love what I'm doing, who I'm becoming, what I'm sharing, and/or are inspired by my decision to go for it. They are cheering me on!!! If you are one of those, THANK YOU. It makes my heart burst every time I get a supportive comment or message. ❤

 I was able to go on this retreat because I met certain ranks that our team put in place. This retreat was meant for future leaders on the team and the fact that I was already hitting those requirements and feeling like a leader after just 4 months was incredibly empowering, y'all. I finally felt like I was using that business degree I worked so hard for. 

Now the fun stuff!

Meet my friends. Starting from left to right. Me, Amanda B, Holly and Haley. I'm the new girl in the group but Haley and Amanda B are from my hometown area (Texarkana) and we have a million friends in common. Haley and I have been social media friends for years but had never met in real life. She is actually married to a guy I used to date 20 years ago. (That makes me sound so old.) So that's kind of our connection. It's really not as awkward as it sounds. 😂 Amanda and Haley are childhood besties and Holly and Amanda live in the same town and are really tight too. I met all of them in person for the first time back in November when Amanda had a little team gathering at her house in Arkansas on weekend. I immediately felt at ease with all of them and felt like I'd known them forever. Don't you love when that happens?!

So on Wednesday, the girls drove in to Dallas. Our flight was early the next morning so I drove the 30 minutes from Mckinney to stay with them at the airport hotel so I didn't have to get up super early the next morning. Holly's best friend is a chef so she recommended this trendy little restaurant called Encina and it wasn't a stuffy kind of fancy but it was adventurous-fancy for sure! So good though!! (You can see the menu here.)

After dinner, we walked a couple of blocks to see what we could find. We ended up stopping in a little bar for a glass of wine and listened to an awesome jazz band. We also did some really good people watching. 😉 It was the best night and I'm so glad we got to hang out as a group before the craziness of the retreat started!

The next morning, we were up bright and early to catch our flight to Phoenix!

Arizona is so brown and bumpy. 😂

We got to Phoenix around 11, piled in an Uber and told them to drop us off at this cute little shopping district in Scottsdale (close to the house we were staying in) so we could grab some lunch. We couldn't check in to our house until 4 so we had time to kill. We ate lunch on a patio and enjoyed the perfect weather and then rolled our luggage down the sidewalk going in and out of shops. We got several comments from passers-by about how we were clearly prepared to do some damage at the shops. 

Finally it was time to check in and meet all the other girls!! There were 18 of us staying at this big, gorgeous house. (12 in the main house and 6 of us in the 2 bedroom casita.) I'd seen these faces on many many zoom meetings over the past 4 months and it was just so cool to meet everyone in person.

So cool, right?! I just can't get over all these cacti everywhere! It's like a movie set. 

I did a mini video tour of some of the house on Instagram (in my Scottsdale highlight) but didn't take many pictures! I did snap one of our room. I was on the top bunk which at first I thought would be fun b/c I always wanted the top bunk at camp...but crawling up and down that isn't as easy as it was when I was 10. 😬

We were in the little guest house/casita across the driveway along with 3 others (hey Kentucky girls!!). There were 2 bedrooms, a pool table, big comfy sectional, TV, mini fridge and full bathroom. 

Aubrey (Holly's best friend-the chef) flew in so she could be our private chef for the weekend (check us out! haha) and she's so good!! All of her food all weekend was delicious. I just kept thinking "Man, life is just soooo much easier when you have someone else to take care of all your food needs!!". 😂 It was kind of amazing. I'm going to see if I can get a few of her recipes. I wish I would have taken pictures of it!!

I did take pictures of the desserts though. Aren't these adorable?!

So fancy.

After dinner on our first night, we changed into our PJs and just went around the room sharing a little bit about our story and who we are, where we came from, how we got here...and it was so emotional! The things that so many of these ladies have had to overcome in their pasts to get where they are today was just insanely inspiring. Overwhelmingly so. I am NOT one to talk in a big group like this. Especially about personal things. But being around a group like this really pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you WANT to go there. It was such a bonding time for us and I felt like I was in a sorority on Bid Night again! (Anyone know what I'm talking about when I say that? That feeling like you found your people and you're bonded by a common thread? It was like that!)

The next morning we were up by 6 so we could be out the door by 7 to head to a full day of photo shoots! Andrea, our fearless leader, booked a professional photographer and makeup artist to take headshots, snap individual lifestyle type photos and then do some group shots for us. The shoot took place at the photographers house and seriously, every single corner of each room was a perfect backdrop. We were able to pick whatever little set up we wanted. This was such a cool experience and I can't wait to see the professional shots!

I snapped this one of Holly while we waited our turn. Didn't it come out cute?!

Holly took this one while we waited but I think it looks so professional!

Sweet Haley! Love her!

Our crew!

And Holly. Holly is one of our top leaders and she is the most passionate, inspiring and positive person. There's no way I'd be where I am in this business without her. She's tucked me under her wing and helped me with anything I could possibly need.

We took full advantage of the most beautiful sunset. That glow made every picture just perfect!

After we finally finished shooting, we headed back to our house for dinner and a training session.

And then the next morning we had a working breakfast, before we got ready for yoga!

I haven't done yoga in years but it felt really good to be out there again. I've already done it a few times this week. It's about time I started doing something again! 

LOVE this hot pink pullover I got from Kohls! So soft and is perfect to throw over your tank with leggings. It's hard to see int eh pictures I know but I had to mention it. It comes in other colors too. I'm super tempted to get it in at least one more.

After yoga we ate lunch around the pool.

And then we hiked.

So basically, we were told we were going on a hike. We had no idea it was going to be so intense. But I'm so glad it was!

See that raised section of the mountain right under the sun? That's where we were going. It was even further away than it looks here. This is called Tom's Thumb and its a 4+ mile hike with an elevation of 1200+ ft. And it was HARD. But I know that this isn't something I ever would have done if it wasn't for this group. It took us about 3 hours and it was totally worth it.

I laugh when I look at this picture because we were standing on a ledge about halfway up this mountain and it looks like we're just standing on flat ground. 😂

We finally made it to the top!! Hello Tom's Thumb!

Those views though. 😍

This is a picture of some super tired girls who are realizing we now have to get ourselves back down. VERY carefully. 😂

Going back down was faster than going up but a lot trickier with all the loose gravel. We had to baby step it most of the way so we didn't end up flat on our butts. 

This is an experience I will always remember and I'd love to come back one day and do it again. Arizona is just so beautiful.

After our hike, we showered, ate and settled in for another training session in our jammies. And the next day, we were on our planes back home.

The whole weekend was a whirlwind but was so much fun. I am so honored that I got to be apart of it and so honored to be involved in this company and with these girls!

If you want to learn more about my favorite products (the liquid collagen and the fat-burning collagen in particular!), be sure to check out this post. 

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We are in for some very wintery weather this weekend so it could get interesting around here over the next few days! I had to reschedule a trip to Galveston because the roads are so bad. The boys are all excited about the possibility of snow! We have a low of -1 DEGREE on Monday!! What in the world! I can't remember it ever getting anywhere near that before. If you need me, I'll be curled up in front of my fireplace every chance I get. Hopefully with my Kindle instead of my phone and a cup of hot chocolate. Sounds ideal to me. ❤

Are y'all getting any of this icy weather this weekend? Stay safe (and warm), friends!!

Thank you for being here!



  1. Good grief! So many beautiful pictures of so many beautiful ladies!!! What a fantastic time together!!

  2. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Come on... where are the masks in the middle of a deadly pandemic?

    1. We all tested negative right before we came. We wore masks on the plane obviously and any other time we had to. But we weren’t really around anyone else the whole time.

    2. Can't even man up to show your name. Why post something nasty? They are all adults and can make their own decisions. I can't stand internet trolls, obviously jealous. Anyways - this looks like a fantastic trip and what beautiful women you all are! Congrats on your success!

    3. Thank you, Madison! ❤ Some people just feel better about themselves if they are busy pointing out flaws in everyone else. We were all responsible and got tested before we left. I'm not sure why we'd need masks if we were all negative. 🤷‍♀️ And for "Anonymous"'s peace of mind, we are still all negative two weeks later. 😉

  3. What a great trip! I have said it before, but Congratulations on your success! You HAVE worked hard and you deserve it.
    (Also, reading this made me remember I didn't take my chocolate trim this morning before work-ahhhhhh!)

    Hope you have a cozy weekend by the fire...with Charlie of course!

    1. Thank you, Kara!! Next time you order, check out the chocolate Trim singles! I used them on the trip! Super easy to just throw in your purse!

  4. Very happy you rescheduled the trip! so dangerous!! stay warm!!

    1. Yes! So glad I’ll be home by the fire this weekend!

  5. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Congratulations on your success- I will always read here even if I never buy a thing- you come across as a very genuine and lovely person, not at all fake which I appreciate. Those pics are beautiful!


    1. Thank you, Sara! That means so much to me. ❤️

  6. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Your Modere journey is very intriguing. I may have to check into it further!

    1. Feel free to reach out anytime! I’m quickest to respond on IG! My email is a disaster so that’s kind of a crapshoot. 😂 I’d be happy to answer any questions to see if it might be a good fit for you too. ❤️


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