Friday, July 9, 2021


 Happy Friday, friends! Look at me on the blog two days in a row! I'm always so proud of myself when I can make that happen. It's rare. 🤪 But I have had a lot of "favorites" building up lately so I wanted to make sure I posted before they sell out or I just completely forget. Thank you for being here!

And as always, I'm linking up with my girls Erika and Andrea. ❤

Let's start today with my favorite...

Last Friday night, Mason and I watched The Tomorrow War. I wasn't planning on watching it with him but Craig was out of town and Matthew was playing video games with his buddies so I risked it since it was only PG-13 and I'd been waiting for it to be released. We both gave it two thumbs up. The only "bad" parts in the movie were a few bad words (one was the f-bomb but Mason was talking during that part and I'm pretty sure he missed it completely) and violence involving the invading aliens. They are pretty gross but nothing a 6th-grade boy can't handle.

I love movies like this, especially lately. I've definitely been on more of an action movie kick recently and Mason is now wanting to see anything even remotely like this now. So I think I may let him watch Independence Day. I think he'll love it.

I will have a new book review up soon but if you've been following me on IG, you may have seen my dislike for the new Kristan Higgins novel, Pack Up the Moon. I was completely shocked that I disliked this book so much because she is one of my all-time favorite authors. 

I'll get more into it in my book review but it was just sad and depressing all the way through. It's about a man who loses his young wife to a terminal illness early on in their marriage and then he discovers she's left 12 letters for him. One to be delivered each month after her death. The premise is just worth sobbing over right there but I expected there to be this moment where the grieving widower is able to find peace, happiness, light...but it's a dark cloud the entire way through. I haven't been so ready for a book to be over since I listened to Teresa Guidice read her own audiobook. 😂😂 #painful

I seem to be the odd man out when it comes to my review though because it has almost a perfect 5 star rating on Amazon. 🤷‍♀️ So you may love it! It is an absolutely heartbreaking, emotional, tragic book but also a lovely just wasn't what I wanted or was expecting from Kristan Higgins.

I did finish The Sixth Wedding which is the small little sequel to 28 Summers too and that was good! My only real complaint was that it cut off abruptly and I wanted more! I was listening to it while I was unloading the dishwasher and when it ended I was like "Wait, is that it?!" I felt like Elin Hilderbrand just got bored and was like "Ok the end." 😂 It absolutely could have been made into a full sequel. I feel like instead of wrapping up their stories, I was left with more questions...

Did you guys see my big Skincare post from yesterday?

I pulled out all of the products that I use on a daily basis or semi-regular basis (everything from cleansers to moisturizers to face masks) plus I shared the only 2 products that I've ever actually seen an honest-to-goodness difference with after using for only a few weeks. Check it out here!

Also, huge shoutout to this absolutely fabulous hair mask! The Rambling Redhead mentioned it on her stories the other day so I got it and oooohhhh it's nice, y'all. My hair was so stinkin' soft and smooth after I dried it. I got mine immediately after I saw her post about it (#easilyinfluenced) so mine came literally overnight. But with all the people ordering it who have also been influenced, it's back-ordered a little bit now. You can still order it though and they'll send it out as soon as it's back. I checked and Walmart has it on their site too but you'll wait just as long and it's more expensive.

I think this would be great for little girls too! I have zero experience with daughters but I feel like it would work well. ;)

And speaking of being #influenced, I also saw the Rambling Redhead talk about this bottom lash mascara and how amazing it is. I've never worn mascara on my bottom lashes because it smudges so easily so I was excited to try this. It was just $14 too so I figured it was worth a shot. And it is so good! I haven't seen any smudging and now I get to have pretty lower lashes too! Yay! #itsthelittlethings

I also saw two different influencers mention these long sarongs this week so I ordered the black and white 2 pack from Amazon and I love them! Great purchase.

I was working one morning out in the sunroom when the boys woke up and made their way in to say good morning when they got up. Mason's bed head was cracking me up. 😂

And Matthew hates his hair in every picture but I loved these of him and his best buddy. They are so cute together. We all love Chuck but Chuck loves Matthew the most. 😉

I really am trying to step up my style game a little more lately. Like I've said before, I just became a Stylist with one of my favorite online boutiques (Closet Candy) and so now I'm slowly updating my wardrobe little by little with some super cute but still comfy and casual pieces. Their prices tend to beat out so many of the other online boutiques AND they have fast and free shipping!

So this week my new Kancans arrived and, as I said over in my Daily Deals Group if you are in there, I am OBSESSED with these jeans! I know the word obsessed is overused but I honestly can't think of a better way to say it. They are PERFECT. If you are looking for THE PERFECT PAIR of jeans, you must must must try these. I'm not exaggerating. I slipped them on yesterday for the first time and was blown away by how cute they were but also by how stinkin' comfortable they were!! 

These are the Sabrina jeans and they are stretchy and soft, have the perfect mid-rise so you're held in (and up), the whiskering and fading is just right and the raw hem edges are so on-trend and so perfect. They look great with sandals, heels and will look super cute with booties in the fall. I put them on with some of my new tops (also from CC) and tried to be a good blogger and actually take pictures of my outfits. 😉 (I can be a good blogger when I try hard! haha)

Note: The lighting in this room is always wonky so I try to brighten my pics up so it's not so dark. I really should be facing into the light for pics but it's just not how the room is set up. I need a better selfie mirror/space! (My mirror also needs a wipe down I think.)

Everyday Essentials Grey tee: so soft!, wearing a small, TTS, relaxed fit, multiple color choices
Sabrina Jeans: TTS, wearing a 7/27, 5'5", 130lbs
Penelope Sandals: TTS, super comfy, also come in black or white
Bracelet: Buy one, get one FREE!!

Embroidered Top: wearing a small, relaxed fit, so pretty!
Black Catching Feelings Top: Love the strap detail on this! Pair with heels for a pretty date night outfit. Wearing a small. TTS.

Here's a better look at the jeans. I'm telling you, they will be your new favorite.

Stole this pic from the website because it shows them with the booties.

This Everyday Essentials tee really is so great if you need just a good solid basic tee but you also want it to be soft, relaxed and have the perfect weight to it. I got it in black first and then immediately went back for another color.

Here it is in the black with those awesome black joggers.

Thank you for using me as your Stylist when you shop CCB! You can always drop my name in (Amanda Nall) if it doesn't come up. Or you don't have to. Totally up to you. 🥴😂

Did you see that my Etsy shop is having a sale again!?! 15% off all in-stock drinkware, burlap prints, and earrings!

Here are a few of the things you'll find there! Colors are selling out fast though but I'll be doing a restock soon. Let me know if there's anything you want me to make sure and restock!

This sale ends July 13th! No code needed. Shop it all HERE.

And finally, I'm sure it will come as no surprise to some of you that my favorite show of the week is BIG BROTHER! It's back and after just one episode, I think it's going to be a great season! I loved all the cast immediately and think they'll be fun to watch. My favorite so far is Christian and the only reason he edges out the others is because he did the puzzle the right way! I kept yelling at the TV for people to figure out the puzzle on the ground first and then slide them all into place. He was the only one who did it so he became an instant favorite. 😂 We'll see how it all plays out. If you're a BB fan then I know you're excited about the return too. And if you aren't, you should totally let me convince you to watch it this season. It's so much fun!

That's all for today, y'all! Hope you guys have the best week!

PS: If you are one of my collagen customers, are loving your products, are on FB, and would be interested in a free bottle of Biocell...message me over there ASAP! Fun little promo going on right now! 😉

Happy Friday, friends!



  1. OMG i love Independence Day so much. It's one of my top 5 movies!

    1. Yes!! It's so good! I feel like it's hitting a little too close to home these days though with all the UFO talk! hahaha

  2. Those sarongs are SO CUTE!!!!

  3. We really enjoyed The Tomorrow War too! My boys tend to like action movies as well so we watch a lot of them.

    1. I have a feeling we will be watching a ton of end of the world type movies for awhile! They are on a kick!

  4. Love your outfits they look cute and comfortable!

    1. Thank you, Ruth! I'm a creature of comfort! haha


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