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Hey hey, friends! I'm back today after...hmmmm...almost another month off??? #oops I clearly like to keep you guys guessing on when the next post will be. 😬

Today I'm just here to catch y'all up with some highlights from the past month and then tomorrow, I've actually got a Friday Favorites post all ready to go too. (Seriously, when is the last time I did a true Friday Favorites post?! I looked. It was September. I'm tryin', friends!)

Hopefully, this is a sign that I can get back to a routine over here. No promises though. If you're following me over on Instagram  or Facebook, that's a great way to stay caught up. I'm way more active over there. 

But moving on to what's been happening over here for the past few weeks...

You guys know how much I love my girlfriends. My besties, Dani and Pam, are always down for a good chat with food and wine (or margaritas--we aren't picky) so a few weeks ago we stayed in and sat around Dani's table just talking for about 6 hours. How is it that time passes by so quickly when you're with your people? What the heck did we even talk about for 6 hours?! I know the cat got an earful. Thank goodness cats can't talk. 😉

I'm excited to squeeze in another couple of nights out with other friend groups next week before Christmas too. I love a good GNO. ❤

In other news, I've been doing as much of this as possible. 

Christmas PJs, Christmas decor, Christmas movies, repeat.

Mason and his buddies have been raking leaves for the neighbors for a little money. Their entrepreneurial spirit never ceases to amaze me. Those boys like that cash!

Sweet Chuck always keeps it interesting. He stepped on some duct tape the other day while I was decorating the tree and I had to get the Goo Gone after it in order to keep it from ripping off the pad of his foot.

Sidenote: This is the same Goo Gone I've also used to free a lizard from a sticky pad I found in our garage a few years ago. A little Goo Gone, some Q-tips, plus an hour of my time sitting on the front porch trying not to kill the poor thing, and that lizard was free. He was still a little sticky but I like to believe he went on to lead a great life. 😉

After some quick intervention with Chuck, I did actually get the tree up and decorated.

Mason spent the first night laying under it with his friends on FaceTime while they all played Fortnite together...or the car soccer game maybe? Which one is that? 🤷‍♀️

At some point I'm going to wrap some gifts to stick under there but you may remember Chuck unwrapping a few himself last year... We'll see how he does this year.

My Etsy shop is finally slowing down now that I've deactivated all the sign listings for the moment. If you are looking for your new "one little word" sign for 2022, these will be back up again after Christmas! I just need to give myself a little breather going into the holiday.

Sunsets have been pretty incredible lately. I took this at the boys' school when they had to stay late for something the other day. So beautiful.

The culdesac is always entertaining with SO MANY boys in our neighborhood. The light outside was pure pink on this night.

Last Thursday I hit up our sweet little square in downtown Mckinney for some Christmas shopping and ended up with nothing but clothes for myself. 😉 #sorrynotsorry There is a reason why Mckinney is rated one of the top places in the country to live and this is a big part of it.

If I'd have had people with me, we most definitely would have stopped by The Yard for some of their nachos in the sun. 😍

And then last weekend was so much fun. Several of us from our Modere team headed to Gillham, Arkansas for a little sleepover at my girl, Amanda B's house. Her house is gorgeous, right on the river and she is always the best hostess. Everything was beautiful and cozy and festive.

Saturday night, we drove about 45 minutes to Hochatown, OK and started the night at The Tasting Room for a cocktail...

...before moving on to dinner at Abendigos...

...and then ending our night at Chiggers which was...interesting... 😂 #wheninOklahoma

Some of my friends ran into a big group of their friends there too so that was fun.

Afterward, it was back to Amanda's for some cozy couch time and chatting late into the night.

You are never too old for a slumber party, friends. (But why am I always the first one to bed?! I can't hang.)

Amanda's back deck is my favorite. It was 33 degrees when I woke up but with a blanket wrapped around me, it was perfect. I loved the quiet time before the rest of the house woke up.

I really am blessed to have these girls and this company in my life. I'm still not even sure how this all came about but I'm forever grateful for what it's brought me.

And speaking of our company, our last sale (with FREEBIES) of the year just dropped last night. So if you are sick and tired of feeling a little too fluffy, if you're dying to lose a few (or more) pounds in the new year, if you just want to get healthy already (like for real this time) and maybe even plump up that skin and erase some years from your face--let me help you!! I've helped over 500 of you over the past year plus myself! I can honestly say I feel (and look) better at 40 than I did at 39 or 38 or even 37. Maybe it was hitting 40 that flipped that switch in me but I was over not feeling my best. So I did something about it. And you can too if you just give it a chance to do what it can do! If you quit after a month, you're just throwing away your money. Stick with it, give it 90 days, take before and after pics, throw away the scale and focus on how you feel, how your clothes fit and the inches you're losing.

Our Lean Body System is designed to work on overall body composition. So it's burning fat but also building that gorgeous lean muscle we all want, right?!

I started making a point to work out a few times a week a few months back and I was blown away with how much faster I saw results once I added that in. Normally it takes me a while to see changes but it's like it doubled the speed of my results when I paired working out (nothing crazy) with this system. And that's what you want. Sure, a magic bullet where you could eat anything and not workout but still shed that extra weight like crazy would be nice but it's not realistic. Can people see changes without working out or changing their diet? Sure! But helping yourself out with some basics like drinking more water, moving more, and not eating a ton of extra calories a day will enhance those results times 10. 

Right now, all of our Trim Collections are on sale for an extra $10 off which you can stack with your $10 off new customer discount OR with the smartship savings discounts. (Up to 15% off plus free shipping with 8+ items.) If you need help with this, please just message me and I'll hook you up with THE best deal possible. I'm kind of a master at that. 😉

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Smartship is always the best way to get the biggest discount. Again, I can show you how to save the most! Don't be shy! Just message me! I can save you even more than these prices are showing.

Need links to a certain bundle? Message me!!! Seriously, friends. Please let me help you. Sometimes I see big orders come in and I KNOW I could have saved you money (like a lot) if you'd have let me help! That's what I get paid for. That's what I love to do. Let me do it! ❤

And finally, since it's throwback Thursday...I wanted to show you a picture I dug up last night after my boys didn't believe me when I said I played volleyball in high school. So young with her whole life in front of her. This was my sophomore year of high school so I was probably 16. I spent way too much time going through that photo album earlier today!

And that's it for today, friends! Back tomorrow for Friday Favorites! Thank you for stopping by!


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    In your high school picture there is such a resemblance to your oldest son! Have a wonderful Christmas!


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