Friday, February 25, 2022


Hey hey girls! Happy Friday!

Y'all, we started this week with a high of 80 and I was in heaven. I sat out by the pool late in the afternoon and relaxed until the sun went down. I am so ready for more of those days! But this being Texas and all, by Wednesday it had dropped to the 30s and was rainy and yesterday we were all out of school because of ice. And it stayed at about 25 degrees all day. 🤦‍♀️

But all that time being stuck inside yesterday gave me a good excuse to get back to the blog! I mean, it HAS been almost 2 months. #oopsie

Can I just say, it feels SO good to hit that "publish" button again on a blog post! I've missed my blogger peeps! I feel like we have a lot to catch up on so instead of Favorites of the Week, this is going to be more like Favorites of Lately and I'm only covering what I've been watching and wearing for now because we'll be here all day if I don't cut it off. More favorites from lately will be coming in a separate post. ❤

Moving on…

Ok, maybe I'm a little behind on this but have yall discovered La Brea. Does anyone watch this? If you were a Lost fan, this is probably right up your alley! It's set in LA when a huge sinkhole opens up and dozens of people are swallowed up. Instead of crashing to the bottom though, everyone falls through this glowing slit in the earth that leads to another dimension. Specifically, the same location but they are now in 10,000 BC. So far, there's only one season but it'll be back in the fall. I was completely intrigued. I need more.

Also finished...

Season 2 of Emily in Paris.

And Season 2 of Sweet Magnolias.

And How I Met Your Father is also really cute! I love Hillary Duff in this!

Highly recommend checking out all of those!

I have new book recs to share too but again, that'll be for another post.

So let's move on to clothes!

Before I get started, you might notice the decor is a little bare in the pics below. I am trying to redo this whole room and Like seriously paralyzed. I hate making decisions. So ignore the empty space and the awful slipcovers on the chairs. Chuck tore into them when he first showed up on the scene and ripped them apart little by little. Shopping for a new dining table and chairs is a big decision and there are so many options! I swear I'll never finish this room. 🤦‍♀️ I need help!

But back to the clothes! Cute, casual and comfy are my go-tos. And affordable for the most part but I am known to splurge on things I'll wear for YEARS. I know when I'll get my money's worth out of something.

Like this sweatshirt. I ordered it from my friend, Kirsten, who is a Zyia rep and while it was a little more expensive than most graphic sweatshirts, it was too dang cute not to add to my collection. I've probably worn it 20 times already. And I love supporting other hard-working mamas with those side hustles!

This next top is super soft and comes in three colors. I'm wearing a small in the taupe. Flare jeans are perfect for us middle-of-the-road girls. I'm 5'5" but they look great with heels but I can also pull them off with flats. Or barefoot. Which is what I am usually.

I wore this cute black top with its mock turtleneck and fun sleeves for a fun night out on the town with a bunch of friends last month. The only full-length pic I got was in the bathroom at the restaurant. The lighting was terrible but the mirror was great! Can't win 'em all. 

 This is easy to pair with some fun earrings, jeans and booties. Wearing a small in the top.

And who doesn't like red?! 

red top / jeans / booties (no longer available) / earrings 

Oh my gosh, y'all. I love this green sweater! It would be so cute for St. Patrick's Day too! (When is that?) Of COURSE, I just went to link it and it's sold out. But this boutique has the cutest stuff! Use my link and you'll get 20% off your first order.

I wore it off-the-shoulder to a little girls dinner the other night.

Now ladies. Hear me when I say this.

Get the PJs!! Oh my word. Totally worth it.

I'm wearing a small in this first set. They are thin but not too thin, ultra-soft, and loose in all the right areas without it looking sloppy. They came in a bunch of different prints that you can see HERE too. I have no doubt I'll be back for more.

And oh friends. This next pair...y'all, I would have bought these even if they had dinosaurs and Power Rangers on them. That's how dreamy they are. I know I keep saying things are so soft but it's like next level. 

Thankfully, it was just dogs and coffee mugs on these which I can handle. And I did make the poor salesgirl undress the mannequin so I could grab the last pair in my size. I'm wearing a small and they run TTS. I can't find this print online but there are a ton of others.

 I also got the dark grey pair with the hearts. I haven't snapped a pic in those yet but I will!

And speaking of cozy stuff, my pink fuzzy slippers are still only $9.99 in the pink/6.5-7.5 combo!

I'll be back with more of what we've been up to over here next week but you can always find me on Instagram @amandanall, on FB "Amanda Crain Nall" and in my Deals group! Coming soon: book reviews, movie reviews, 2 upcoming girls trips to Salt Lake City in March and Cancun in April, beauty product finds and some recipes!

Let me know if you want to see anything else! I welcome suggestions! 😘

Have the best weekend, friends!



  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    So happy to see you here- missed your voice but looks like you have been busy, looking forward to upcoming posts!
    Have a great weekend

  2. Glad you're back. Can't wait for more blog posts!


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