Friday, July 8, 2022


Happy Friday, y'all! Hope you had the best long weekend and fun 4th! Can you believe we're already a week into July?! Summer is flying by. Next month I'll have a kid in HIGH SCHOOL and a 7th grader and I still picture them like this.

I love those matching expressions. This was my favorite season of life. I adored this age. Life just felt easier even though I'm sure I'm forgetting the hard stuff. 😂 But these boys were two of the easiest kids I've ever known at every age--which means I'll probably get hammered with those teenage years! I'm well aware, y'all. But praying they stay sweet and good.

Anyway, today I'm back with another round of Friday Favorites! If you follow me on social media, a lot of this may look familiar. Most of it is a round-up of favorites from lately that I just wanted to put all in one place. And also, when I find a favorite, I RARELY can put off sharing it until Friday or whenever I get around to blogging again. So you'll usually see all my favorites in real time over on Insta. 😂

I'm starting with a few favorites from my phone this week.

If you're looking for a cute and super sweet little chick-lit novel, I thought Christina Lauren's new book, Something Wilder was really good! As always, I listened to it because I need to multitask at all times. I listened when I was driving, doing laundry, doing dishes, getting ready for bed, getting ready in the morning, and a few times I even took it into the shower so I could listen in there. (I only do that when I can't come to a stopping point and need to keep going. 😂)

I listen to music almost as much as I do my audiobooks lately and get stuck on different songs every other week. Not necessarily NEW songs...I just find a few that I listen to on repeat for a while until I move on.

Nate Smith's Under My Skin is one of my all-time favorites. I am a hopeless romantic at heart (deep deep down...😂) and a sweet country song is my kryptonite.

And Morgan Wallen. I love it all. But lately, it's been Somebody's Problem that's been on repeat. Other favorites from him: Cover Me Up, Not Good at Not, You Proof, Sand in My Boots, Chasin You, 865...#cantstopwontstop #butseriouslycantstop

Moving on to favorite TV shows!

Southern Charm is back and I'm giving it a chance with its new people but honestly, I just want more Craig and Paige. I love Paige! Put her on this show! They are too cute. Kathryn is an absolute disaster but like our girl Dorinda, she is TV gold. 

I've been watching Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 2 on Peacock so I don't have to wait to watch because once again...I'm impatient. And y'all, it's so worth your $5.99!! These ex-Housewives (the girls who were fired at some point) are all a little bit crazy but Dorinda takes the cake. They are all staying at her Blue Stone Manor for 8 days and Dorinda and Brandi are unbearable. Jill is annoying and thirsty, Vicki is soooo boring, Taylor is ok but she has her moments, Tamra is fine but Eva is the voice of reason (for the most part), and Phaedra!! Y'all, Phaedra is everything! She is sweet and rational and absolutely hilarious. I need more Phaedra in my life. Bring that girl back!

And OMG!!! Where are my Big Brother fans?! It's just not summer until BB starts!

I honestly never really like the cast until several episodes in when I get to know them more and this season is no different. But I'm sure I'll have favorites soon.

So far, Kyle is Mason's favorite. (top row, far right) Mase is my BB buddy every year. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up as a houseguest in 10 years. 😉

Moving on to favorite finds. ❤️

I put this on Insta because there was no way I could wait until today to post about it but I found the best pool float. 🙌🏻 Removable canopy, cup holder, recliner, and it allows you to sit in the water. Huge ✔️✔️✔️✔️ for me. 

Does anyone remember (or currently use) these sweet little baby floats? This was us 13 years ago, y'all. I remember thinking "I wish they had an adult version of this." 

And sure enough, 13 years later, I found one! I will admit that it is VERY possible this has existed this entire time and I just missed it 😂 but 🤷‍♀️.

Seriously though. You need it. You'll never leave the pool.

And another favorite find is this sunglass holder!

I don't know about you, but my cupholders are filled with random sunglasses. There are always sunglassess floating around on my front seat when someone needs to get in or taking up all the space so I can't put my drink down. It's also a problem when I want to pack several pairs and I don't have enough cases. It's a problem. A first-world problem but still--a problem. 

But then I saw this on Amazon and it's perfect! It comes in a 4, 5 or 6 slot option and is the best way to keep all your glasses neat and safe and it's 100% travel friendly. Best thing that ever happened to my cupholders. 😂

Time for a shameless plug!

Girls! All the drinkware in my Etsy shop is currently 20% off! I NEVER DO THIS. But I really want to clear some room for some new stuff I've had my eye on and to get that, I have to clear the shelves. So if you're looking for some cute, personalized tumblers, go check them out here!

I've been trying to do better at sharing outfits and fashion here. I feel a little stupid even saying "outfits" and "fashion" when absolutely nothing is anything you aren't already finding yourself on Amazon or Dillards or Nordstrom or some cute boutique. But at the same time--y'all are my people! So you get me when I share simple stuff like super soft Walmart shorts for $6 or a pretty dress for church that's reasonably priced.

So I wanted to share a couple of winners from lately.

I got this wine-colored, racerback bralette and this Free People super flowy tank on Amazon last week and it has been the outfit that I want to wear It's over 100 degrees on the regular here in TX now and this is such a great outfit to stay cool in and still look cute.

The bralette is lightly padded and super pretty. It doesn't have great support but as a 34C/D, it works fine. I would LOVE for the straps to be adjustable and I'm on the hunt for something similar with adjustable straps but this is so comfortable I could sleep in it. (And I have.)

The grey tank is very flowy and the armholes are huge and the back is open but that's why it looks SO GOOD with a pretty little lace bralette. It was made for this! I do a little front tuck to keep it from looking TOO flowy and those blue jean shorts are the ones I've been raving about for months now. I've seriously got this pair and one other on repeat all summer. I'm about to order a white bralette to wear with the "Dusty Iris" one too. So cute!

The one I'm wearing is a small but I'm ordering this Dusty Iris in the XS.

And y'all! This dress! It's only $59!!

If I'd have seen it on the website, I wouldn't have even stopped scrolling. (You hearing me, Dillards?? Get a better pic!) But I saw this in person and the colors drew me in. All I could think about was how pretty this would be on a beach vacation and I'm THIS CLOSE to qualifying for our next Modere Escape trip to the Dominican Republic in November. (Gah, I love that dang company. I still can't believe I get paid for sharing that liquid collagen with y'all when I'd honestly share it for FREE. It's that good. Y'all need to get on it if you aren't yet. Drink your skincare. Best thing I've ever done for my 40yo skin! And fastest results. Where else can you see undeniable proof in just 28 days?! More of that HERE if you're interested though. Or message me. I can help and save you money!)

So I had to get it. And I had to show you now while it was still available.

And finally, a few pics from our 4th of July weekend!

We went to our neighbor's house for a big family-friendly pool party on Sunday...

...and I didn't do a great job at taking pics. But that one was good.

And then on the 4th, I headed over to Dani's to hang with her for a smaller adults-only pool party.

And then ended the night dropping this one off with his buddy but snapping a picture first to document the holiday. I've never thought Mason looks like me at all but I think he may have my hair. 😂 We're allowing it to grow wild this summer but it'll be tamed once school starts back up again.

And that's about it, friends! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit me over in the Daily Deals FB Group and on Instagram!

Love you guys! Have a great weekend!



  1. I FEEL YOU!! I'm a country music fan too-especially in the SUMMER!!

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Eeekkkk! I get so happy every time you post bc your faves and recs are always on point - and affordable - which this teacher so appreciates! And all the yes for country music! Just added those two songs to my library. And I’m loving that tank and bralette!

  3. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Miss reading your blog, will you be back soon?

  4. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I really hope you get back into posting blog posts!

  5. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I really hope you get back to blogging!!!

  6. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Are you planning on blogging again?


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