Looking for info on Keto?  You've come to the right place!

I have gotten the best feedback from y'all over this whole Keto thing! Who knew?!  It has been so fun for me to share what I've learned in just 2 short months and pass any "wisdom" I have on this subject to y'all.  I'm at almost 10 weeks in now (as I type this on 7/28/19) and officially down a full 20 pounds now.  (And now in venturing into maintenance mode.)

Did I work out?  NO.  (But I'm starting that part of this whole health and fitness thing tomorrow so wish me luck on that...).
Did I lose it all just by changing what I ate...mainly curbing those carbs?!  YES.  
Was it all that hard?  NO!

I am now fully in this whole Keto thing.  I'm a huge believer because I've seen it work and I feel like diets NEVER work unless you eat grilled chicken and veggies all the dang time and I don't always feel like chicken and veggies, y'all!  Sometimes I want guac, sour cream, cheese and salsa!  (Ok, I want that all the time actually.)  And on Keto, it's approved!

I wanted to go ahead and put all the Keto Talk into one post here with links to everything Keto-related so you don't have to go digging through the whole blog.  I'll update this page whenever I cover something new.  I hope y'all find this helpful!  It's a great place to start!

If you're looking for where to start, try my blog post.

  It's got everything I could think of to include to help you get started if it's something you may be interested in.  There's no signing up or "joining" or anything like that.  This is just something you can take on for free which I love.  You absolutely do not need expensive meal plans or books or a coach or anything.  ALTHOUGH, there is all of that available for you out there if you want it.  I didn't go that route.  Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook (along with google) were my coaches. ;)

So head on over to that post for how I got started, why I got started, my starting and current weight (as of the day I wrote that post), what I eat, what I apps I use, if I intermittent fast as well, recipes...the whole nine yards, folks.  I hope it helps and please feel free to drop a comment or question here, on the post or DM me on Instagram any time!  I'm @amandanall. :)

I opened up my Instagram Stories for questions from y'all last week and got some really good ones!  A lot of them were the same question asked by lots of people so if you have one, check my #ketolife Highlights in my bio HERE and click through! I may have already answered it. Lots of great info, questions, resources etc there too.  I'll open it up from time to time in case anyone else has questions but again, you can always DM me or comment here. :)

I find a lot of great Keto things on Amazon that I can't always find at my grocery store.  I've started a Keto section in my Amazon Store so that you can shop some of my faves.  I haven't personally used every single item in there, but they were either recommended by someone I know in real life, or someone I follow on social media who is a trust-worthy Keto-er.  :)

You can find ALL my Keto Faves HERE and the rest of my Amazon Store HERE.

And if you're new around here, I also run a great little Daily Deals Facebook group where I post fun finds, sales, deals, coupon codes and more throughout each day in every product category you can imagine.  From clothing to mini waffle makers.  Come join us!

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