That "Magic" Coffee Review (UPDATED!)

Ok friends!  Today I'm bringing y'all a review!  It's my first official review on this blog.  Meaning someone provided me a product in return for a review.  #bloggerperks

To be clear on this whole thing, just because I agree to do a review, doesn't mean I'm going to give it all the praise.  I think you guys know by now that I keep it pretty real around here (probably a little too real sometimes...) so I hope you know you can trust me when it comes to product reviews and recs.

Here's what I reviewed.

Revital U Brew.  It's a coffee that promises increased energy that lasts all day, controls your appetite and cravings, promotes weight loss and is a mood booster.

So here's how this whole thing got started.

The other day I had a mom friend reach out to me about doing a review on my blog of this coffee she sells. I was pretty hesitant at first because I would hate to not like the product and then have to give it an honest review. #awkward

I told her I was pretty picky about my coffee. I can't drink it black. I stick to lattes or that premixed iced mocha coffee from the store in addition to Hershey's Chocolate and Caramel creamer. (OMG so good. Tastes like a Yoo-hoo and is so bad for me.  I know this.  And I don't care.)

But she said I can mix this coffee with anything (protein shakes, smoothies, hot chocolate...anything) so I told her sure. She said it will give you amazing energy, boost your mood and suppress your appetite and help with weight loss. (She is my size and lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks...Uhhh yeah!!) Which all sounds AMAZING!! But will it really do these things?? I've tried other products that claim to do the same and they did the exact opposite for me. I was nervous.

She brought me over a tub of it and the next day I tried it (mixed into my iced coffee/yoohoo drink). And HOLY COW, PEOPLE. I am a total skeptic when it comes to stuff like this. But seriously. ONE sample was all it took to feel the effects. I had that happy, feel good, get-it-all-done-right-now energy and it completely knocked out my appetite until dinner. And even then, I ate about half of what I normally do. I took it for 3 days straight and PURPOSELY skipped on Thanksgiving because I wanted to be hungry! haha And then I got back right to drinking it daily.

This stuff is LEGIT.

My BFF from childhood dropped by my house that week and when she was about to leave I handed her two samples and told her she had to try this.  She loves stuff like this and is always up for trying something new.  I also might add in that she's a vet who works long hours.  She's also a little type A so she likes to get stuff done.

Anyway, this was her text to me the next day.

She placed an order right after that.
And yes, after I realized how easy it is to hand out samples of this stuff and then let people come to me if they want more (and they almost always do), I decided to get out of my comfort zone a little and become an "influencer".  
Y'all, this was just supposed to be a simple product review!  And somehow I ended up signing up almost immediately to sell it because I'm not really selling it.  I'm just handing out samples, sending samples or telling people where they can get samples at for under $5.  And then letting them try it on their own and decide if they like it or not.  I'm not left feeling guilty because someone might get stuck with something that may or may not work for them because they already know whether or not it works for them!  It seriously works that fast.
"I hate coffee.  How can I hide the flavor?"

If you hate coffee, I'd suggest going the hot chocolate route.

This was my "coffee" yesterday morning.

I steamed my milk in my latte maker because I was feelin' fancy.  (But you can just pop it in the microwave for a minute or so too.)   I prefer my hot chocolate made from milk, not water.  So much better.  Then I added in a packet of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, a scoop of my coffee and topped it with those little marshmallows.

It tastes just like hot chocolate.

This stuff is also pretty amazing.  I LOVE this cold coffee that I get at the store and that darn  Hershey's creamer...Heavenly.  So I just added my scoop of magic coffee to the mix.

I could barely taste much of a difference.  It was still delicious. To be honest, these drinks taste more like chocolate milk or a Yoo-Hoo than they do coffee.  #sogood #somuchsugar #didImentionIdontcare

How does it make you feel?

The first day I drank it, I took my drink upstairs (the one above) and got to work on orders for the day.

About 30  minutes after I'd started sipping on this little concoction, I started noticing a few things.  

I felt much more alert and I felt happy.  I was just in a really good, blissful mood.

 Within an hour, I started to feel what I can only describe as "zippy".   I was completely focused, I was feeling super energetic but NOT in a bad, spastic, crazy way.  I wasn't jittery.  My heart wasn't beating out my chest.  I wasn't having palpitations.  I was just on an energy high but without looking like a maniac. And I was doing ALL THE THINGS.

I worked steadily for the rest of the morning and just kept thinking to myself, "What the heck!  This stuff is AWESOME!  My friends will want this!!"

Around 3:00, I realized that I hadn't eaten a THING all day.  This was not on purpose.  I was just in the zone and usually, I just listen to my stomach and stop working when I get hungry.  But I just wasn't hungry.  At all.

Another thing I realized was that I never hit the wall like I normally do every day around 3pm.  I tend to want to stop and just drop my head on my keyboard and take a nap around 3 (keyword is WANT) but that day my eyes weren't tired and drooping and I was completely awake and focused.  #whatisthissorcery

By 8pm, I still wasn't hungry but once I got the boys into bed and it was time for me to wrap it all up for the night, I did hit a wall.  And I crashed.  Hard.

The good news is that it was 8pm so it was fine to crash.  But I still asked Rebecca about it.  She reminded me that I needed to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated or I will crash.  I had forgotten that.  I'd also barely eaten anything all day so I'm sure that didn't help.

So after that, I remembered to drink more water (I didn't go crazy with it) and I forced myself to eat a little something around lunch even though I was not hungry AT ALL.  Do you realize how much easier it is to make healthy food choices though when you aren't starving or craving something in particular?  I was starting to understand how people were losing weight on this!

I drank it for the next couple of days and my energy leveled off into this constant, steady, high energy that lasted all day.  I didn't crash again and if I started to feel just the slightest bit tired, I'd down some water and be back up to great.  My body adjusted perfectly to it.

The appetite suppressor in this stuff is no joke.  I realized that if I took it on Thanksgiving I wasn't going to be hungry for anything.  So I skipped it that day just so I could eat and enjoy!  But the effects must carry over into the next day because for the first time ever, I did not pig out on Thanksgiving.  Whoa.

Will you become immune to the effects?

I've been drinking this coffee almost every single day since Thanksgiving.  I've been asked if the effects start to wear off over time (like 3 weeks down the road will it still work?) and I have to say that although I don't get the same zippy feeling I got the first time or two that I drank it, it's almost better now because my energy level goes up and then stays that way the entire day.  In my head, I'm picturing this chart where a line shoots up at 45 degrees and then levels off into a super straight line. That's how I feel.

As for the appetite suppressor, I am never hungry for lunch anymore.  I'm barely hungry for dinner.   And I've lost 4-5 pounds.  I haven't had a craving for anything at all since the day I started.  I haven't noticed a change in the appetite suppressor aspect at all.  Still rock solid.  :)

And as for my mood...  There is an ingredient in the coffee that they call "nature's Prozac" and I totally get why.  Since I've started drinking it, my mood is 10x better than what it normally is.  I'm still stressed but my mood feels lighter and happier.  But I think I noticed this effect the most this past Saturday.  

Saturday I forgot to drink my coffee for the first time in at least a week and THAT is when I could really tell what a difference it was making for me.  I was in a mood practically all day.  And not a good one. Plus I was tired and just wanted to take a nap.  And I ate all the mint M&Ms.  So basically a normal Saturday before the magic coffee days. ;)

This may sound like PMS but these "symptoms" weren't there the day before or the day after when I DID drink the coffee.

*Update:  It's now been a year. I don't drink it every single day but the effects have mostly stayed the same! Sometimes I do use 1.5 scoops instead of just 1 though if I want to make sure I feel the good stuff that day.  The energy is still there and it always kills my appetite.  However, I was not one of the lucky ones to lose weight.  Boo.  But tons of other people I know have so again, it's all about how it effects you personally.  We don't all have the same body chemistry so it won't affect us all the same way.  I am DIGGING the new hot cocoa option by the way.  More on that below.

What's in this stuff? 

I'm not even going to try and type out all the big words that I can't pronounce here but you can see all the ingredients and what they do by going to my website here for the quick version or the extended version here It's right on the main page.  I've done my research on the ingredients. I feel very comfortable with the ingredients.  But you are in charge of your own body so do what works for you.

For the record, Rebecca told me that before she started selling it she had her friend who is a pharmacist look over the ingredients first to make sure there wasn't anything harmful in there.  Her friend gave the all clear and was really impressed by them.

Also worth mentioning:  This friend sells a similar product too and said Revital U would probably work even better than her product.  (It does.  I've tried both products and it was no contest. No, I won't name the inferior product because that's mean.)

And for those of you wondering how much caffeine is in this coffee, here's your answer.  100mg.

I googled to see how much caffeine is in a regular cup of coffee and it says 120mg (although another site said 95mg) and K-cup coffee having anywhere from 100-140mg.

Caffeine affects everyone differently so it's impossible for me to guarantee how you'll feel after you drink this.  But so far, I have had no complaints. 

Here's the bottom line. 

Does this stuff work? 

 YES.  For me, it totally did and things like this NEVER work for me!  I was shocked too.  Trust me.

I am a huge skeptic when it comes to practically everything that promises to help me lose weight/gain energy/erase wrinkles/blah blah blah.  But even still, I usually end up trying them only to end up disappointed or irritated because everyone tells me I need to give it a few months to see results.  I am an impatient person.  I don't like handing over my money in hopes that in 3 months maybe I'll notice a small difference.  I want a big difference and I want it yesterday.  ;)  #brat

But with ONE SINGLE SAMPLE of this stuff, I was able to feel the difference.  I was bubbling with energy but NOT in a crazy way.  My mood was most definitely boosted and my appetite was non-existent.  Score.

I've waited a little longer to post this than I normally would have just because I wanted to hear back from friends of mine who I sent samples to.  Here are a few of their texts/messages that have come in.  

I've also talked to several in person (so I don't have documented proof of this but I promise I'm not lying...haha) who have said they love it, that they can feel the appetite suppressor effects even into the next day, that they had amazing energy but not the bad kind and I've even had a few people ask about selling it too because again, with just a sample, you can tell if it works or not!  

I know this stuff is AWESOME and has worked for me.  No, it's not going to cure cancer or diabetes or make your teeth whiter.  But it WILL give you good energy, make you happy and knock out your cravings.


 Revital U now has all the benefits of the coffee packed into a capsule!  Supposedly, one capsule is equal to one cup of Revital U coffee.  These are your answer if you have been avoiding this stuff because you hate coffee or (like me) have to go through an elaborate ritual just to make your coffee into something you can drink.  These are also saving me calories because of my elaborate hot chocolate/coffee mixes.  ;)  And they are great for on-the-go or traveling when you can't fix a cup of coffee.

I will have a new post with my full review of the Smart Caps in a few weeks, once I give them enough time to work (or not).  But if you can't wait to try them yourself,  you can order a 3-day sample of the Smart Caps for just $4.87 just like you can the coffee.  Just go HERE and make sure you choose the correct sample!  I've had several people email me saying they meant to order the coffee sticks but ordered capsules or vice versa.  And I can't do anything about it on my end to fix it.  :(  So double check!

Update:  I'm not a fan of the Smart Caps. I feel no change at all.  Stick with the coffee or the new Smart Cocoa!!

UPDATE:  The New Smart Cocoa!

Ok, I don't want to brag or anything but I really feel like Revital U heard my pleas for a non-coffee option that will still deliver all the good effects.  ;)  They recently came out with Smart HOT CHOCOLATE and let me tell you, it is so good!!!  I make mine with milk, add a half scoop of the Smart COFFEE and then a full scoop of the Smart COCOA and stir.  Deeeelicious.  :) 

I WILL say that the coffee is still the product that will give you the most energy, the most appetitie suppression etc.  At least it has for me.  But the cocoa is my jam and it is working just about as good as the coffee. So it's now my drink of choice almost all the time.

Find the Smart Cocoa samples HERE or order a tub HERE.


Before I go, I want to address the fact that yes, this is a network marketing company.  I know they can get a bad rap a lot of times.  But if I had found this at Walmart, I'd be telling you all about it so I thought, why not.  

And I'm not planning on becoming a crazy coffee lady.  

I tried not to sound too cliche throughout the whole thing because that can just be annoying, right?  These are my real life stories and my real life friends and their real-life experience with it.  So please don't let the fact that its a network marketing company turn you off before you've had a chance to try it.  And I promise not to join a coffee cult.  ;)

 This company is a direct sales/network marketing company.  But they are NEW which means the market isn't completely saturated yet.  The just launched in September 2017.  AND the company is based out of Frisco, TX which is pretty much across the street from me.  (I think they ship from Fort Worth though.)  I thought that was pretty cool. 

You can sign up for $49.99.  No monthly or quarterly quotas or going inactive.  For $50 you'll get your own website to send all your own friends too!  If it wasn't easy, I wouldn't do it.  But my friends are major coffee lovers and are all busy and tired mamas.  So it was kind of a no-brainer for me.  Especially since it works right off the bat.  (Or doesn't maybe for some people.  But at least they'll know before they make a purchase.)

Again, go HERE to learn more about the business opportunity.  The one thing that makes me completely comfortable with this opportunity is that there's no hard sell.  Everyone can sample it first and then make up their minds.  There's no big push to buy first.  As an "influencer", your job is just to give them a sample-or show them where they can get them for super cheap-and then if they want more, they know where to purchase!  :)  And no one feels icky.

For more info on the business opportunity, go HERE for a little video from the CEO who does an excellent job at explaining it all.


If you'd like to order a 3-day sample of the coffee, smart caps or hot cocoa, it's so easy and cheap!  Go HERE, click on Shop and grab what you'd like to try for just $4.87 each.  (Basically just covers the cost of shipping.)

(Remember!  There are now 3 different types of samples!  Smart Caps, Smart Coffee and Smart Cocoa.  Double check that you are ordering the right one!  

If you'd like to purchase a full tub or box of sticks of coffee, cocoa or a box of Smart Caps (30 day supply) you can!  Preferred customers get a discount and it just means you will be on auto-ship.  I feel like auto-ship can be the devil for some things but for coffee, which you drink every day, it just works.  But you totally don't have to do that.  And you can change when you'd like your auto-ship to come too.  (Sooner or later.)  Or cancel any time.

If you have questions, I'm only an email away!  Or join my Facebook group for this blog to connect easier!  

REVITAL U BREW:  THUMBS WAY UP.  You came out of nowhere, magic coffee. ;)

Shop or get more info at my website:

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