Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites #1. {2.24.17}

Well, I made it through my first week of blogging!  Thank you all for reading!  I hope you keep coming back.  I've had so much fun reading your comments!!  

Today I'm linking up with my friends Erika, Narci and Andrea for my first Friday Favorites!  Since my blog is officially 1 week old today, I think it should be my first favorite!  

For those just now finding me, here's an "about me" in a nutshell (boymom, retired NFL wife, Etsy shop owner, Christ follower, DIY enthusiast) and a rundown of the week.

Last Friday:  My first post.  A "Foreword" if you will, to my new blog and an introduction to me and my family. :)
Monday:  The other big part of my life!  My Etsy Shop!  #makermama
Tuesday:  A recap of our 3 day weekend.
Wednesday:  My first What's Up Wednesday!
Thursday:  Don't Make It Weird.  A post about one of my weird and a bit extreme quirks. ;)


So one of my favorite things this week has been my sweet 8-year-old, Matthew, who came home from school last Friday asking fo some new books.  I am a huge reader (ok, so "listener" is probably more accurate these days) so when my kids show interest in reading I am all over it.  We hopped on the computer and looked through Amazon together and he picked out 3 new books with only a little help from me.  They came in on Tuesday and he was a happy boy!

One was a book that one group in his class is reading right now called The Secret Zoo.  It's a series apparently and he was really eager to start that one.  He also picked out a couple of classics.  How to Eat Fried Worms.  (I still remember this book from when I was his age and the picture we had to draw of how we would eat a worm if we had to!)  And one other classic that kind of surprised me.  He picked out Where the Red Fern Grows but probably just because he loves books about dogs.  He said he wanted Old Yeller (it was shown right next to it) but I vetoed that.  He's a pretty sensitive kid and Old Yeller made me super sad.  So we got them ordered and then that night I started thinking about Where the Red Fern Grows and realized-DUH!!  It is SO SAD TOO!!!  If I remember right, one of the dogs gets killed by a mountain lion or something and the other one dies from a broken heart basically.  Is this right?!  Sweet Lord.  Should I sneak into his room when he's sleeping and steal it?  Ugh.  

So, this is him all happy with his new books. We'll call this the "Before" picture.

 Maybe I'll be around to snap a picture of him after the dog dying scene.  You know, after he goes into a major depression because bad things happen to sweet dogs.  Seriously, should I let him read this?!  I really don't want him to be sad!  My Mama Bear instinct is to protect him from pain and sadness, girls!  (Update:  So I just googled it and one of the things I saw said it is one of the 10 saddest books ever! Momfail?)

Moving on...


This is one of my biggest FAVORITES this week!  I have been eyeing these booties for at least a month and finally pulled the trigger! They just came in yesterday and I think my feet are more comfy with them on than with them off!  They are ADORABLE and are ridiculously comfortable!!  Did I mention they are on SALE?

I ordered them in both colors because I just couldn't decide and figured I could make a decision when they got here.  Nope.  I have to keep both.  And I very rarely do that.   I DO know I'd be crying if I had decided later to get the brown ones too and they were sold out.  I don't even have pictures of them on yet they are so new but I'm hoping to wear them to church on Sunday so maybe I'll snap one then, These are so perfect leading into spring!  Fit true to size.  You won't be disappointed!!  Sizes are running out though, just FYI!  YES to this shoe, girls!!


I have been dying to try these SugarBear Hair Vitamins.  I found them through Facebook I think.  They kept popping up in those annoying ads so I decided to scroll through the comments about them to what all the fuss was about and the comments were really good!! I want to say these are Instagram famous too but I can't remember which celebs are shilling them.

 Everyone was saying how long and thick their hair had gotten with them (yeah, we'll see) but they were also saying they were delicious.  I read through a LOT of comments and since they also had a 4 star rating on Amazon, I decided to give them a try. They came in today and y'all...I don't care if they make my hair super healthy or not.  They taste SO GOOD.  I wanted to eat 10 of them but they said I could only have 2.  :(  I don't think I'll be forgetting to take these every day!  I got a 30 day supply so we'll see if I notice any difference.  Go here if you want to check them out.  Yummm...definitely a favorite.  (On a sidenote, Craig walked in when I had these out on the counter and I made him try one.  He asked what they were and I said they're vitamins for your hair.  He thought this was absolutely ridiculous.  His exact words were "Hair vitamins?  Seriously?".  He is such a boy.)


These skinny stainless steel tumblers from my shop are fairly new and have been a HUGE hit with my customers--and me!  I love mine but always hope everyone else who orders something from me will love it just as much as I do!  I thought this review was so sweet!  (Sweet reviews are my favorite!!)  Anyway, I swear these tumblers are just as good as an expensive Yeti except these are sleek, less than half the cost, easy to hold and come with a matching straw. #score They hold 20oz of your favorite beverage and you can personalize them however you want!  A name, monogram, cute saying, a pineapple, whale, anchor, heart, frog...whatever!  I've got tons of cute patterned vinyl, lots of glitter vinyl and then, of course, the tried and true solid colors as well.  The tumblers are only available in these colors for now but I think they might be releasing new colors soon!  

ETSY TIP:  When shopping on Etsy via the app or mobile site, be sure to tap on ITEM DETAILS in each listing.  The way Etsy has their app set up, it is really easy to overlook.  It will give you the full description, all the ordering information you'll need and links to the other 2 colors.  I'll be doing a full Etsy Tips for Buyers post very soon.  ;)

I know.  I should really charge my phone.  But here's what the top of the listing will look like...

....just scroll down a little and click on Item Details when you shop on Etsy.  It'll most always answer any questions you have.  :)  And you can always message me (or whatever seller you need to) with all other questions!  You should also be able to find the turnaround time for that listing in the "shipping and policies" tab.
Other favorites from this week...

Love these gorgeous "Create Your Own" glitter dipped tumblers!  

 I made my first one these for my friend Brooke who is adopting a little girl from China very very soon!  Can't wait to meet Willow!

And of course, these 2 little boys are always my favorite.  They love each other so much and are as close as twins.  I thank God every day for telling me "no" when I prayed for a daughter.  He knew what He was doing and what was right for our family.  I could not imagine my life without my sweet boys.

Happy Friday!!  Have a great weekend!


  1. I read Where the Red Fern Grows an 8 or 9 year old I think? I still remember the day I finished it...SO SAD! But, it is still one of my very favorite stories!! Maybe just warn him that it might make him sad and let him decide? It is a great book!

    1. My husband just googled it too and said that one of the guys falls on his axe and it kills him!? What the heck!! I haven't read it since I was a kid so I don't remember all these things! We did talk to him this morning though and tell him to be prepared that it is a sad book and that there may be some people/dogs that die. He acted tough like it would be fine so maybe it will be. I just hate to see him upset! He's my sensitive one!

  2. Now, I'm so curious about those vitamins! Keep me posted on how they work! :)

    1. I just popped my 2 for the day and they were scrumptious. :)

  3. That's awesome he likes to read - I remember How to Eat Fried Worms. I never read Where The Red Fern Grows, or I didn't finish it - but yeah, it's a sad one. A lot of the classic books with dogs are sad, I think.

    Congrats on on week blogging, that's awesome.


  4. Hi Amanda! I just started blogging recently, too and feel like I'm finally coming up for air! Your blog looks great and I love those tumblers!

  5. Ours read where the red fern grows as a class and the teacher told them to let their parents read the last few chapters to them. That was fourth or fifth grade. Of course I cried through the ending:(

  6. Love that I found your blog! Do you mind sharing where you got your patterned vinyl from?! If not, I totally understand. I have the same machine you do, and I have been dying to find good patterned vinyl!! Love love love making projects for baby/wedding showers, birthdays, etc - maybe one day I'll take that brave step to open a shop!

    1. Happy to help! I love New Chance Vinyl! You can find them on facebook and they also have a website. :)


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