Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Gift Guide: Boy(ish) Edition

Ok, y'all.  As I type this I am sitting in the waiting room while Craig has a dental procedure done (under anesthesia) and this is the most "down time" I've had before 9pm in a really long time.  Isn't that sad?  I'm enjoying sitting here and doing some online shopping!!  It's Cyber Monday (although when this posts, it will be Tuesday) and there are so many fun toys out there that I thought I'd put together a little informal gift guide.  

My boys are 9 and 7 now.  All they do is play outside with their friends, play sports and play Minecraft.  (Or watch Dude Perfect or Kid Fails on You Tube Kids).  They don't play with toys like they used to but I know what they used to go nuts over!  (Hint:  anything with wheels)

Here are some of my favorite picks.  Most of these were on sale at the time this was written so hopefully they still are! And these are not just for boys.  I know there are girls who love playing with race tracks and cars just as much as boys do. But I don't have girls so I'm not really sure what the hot toys are for them.  So that's why this is my "boyish" guide.  ;)  And for the record, I still think playing with cars and race tracks are fun.

Race Tracks

First up is this race track because my boys were allll about cars and race tracks.  Especially when asking for Christmas gifts.  These things are not cheap either so finding deals on them is key.

This one is on sale right now (I hope it still is) and it looks so awesome!  I'm kind of thinking of getting it for my boys now.  I think they'd love it!

This one (below) is less expensive and smaller but just as cool.  A great option for younger kids.
And this one looks super cool.  LED lights plus a race track?  Great combo!  

It has great reviews too!  (Always read the reviews!!)  I kind of want to play with this light up track.

I really miss the days when I knew anything with wheels would be a total score with my kids!!

Matthew used to carry around a Halloween bucket filled to the brim with all of his cars.  He would even sleep with it.  Anytime he got new cars he was so excited.  Boy moms:  You'll rarely go wrong with a big case of new cars.

Teddy Ruxpin

And oh my gosh.  Look what is back!!  #80skid

The Teddy Ruxpin!!

You will definitely pay for the nostalgia factor of this guy but he is on sale at the moment.  Did anyone else love Teddy Ruxpin back in the day?!

The New Fidget Spinner

And then there's this new take on the fidget spinner.  It's called the Fidget Cube and basically, it gives you more to fidget with.  This would make a cute stocking stuffer!  I have a feeling all the kids will be coming back to school in the new year with one of these in their backpack.

Board Games

I came across this while I was looking for fun game options and OH MY GOSH I WANT THIS!!

This is the Googly Eyes game and even though it's for kids, I think it would be hilarious for adults too!  Put on the crazy glasses that distort your vision and then try to draw what's on your card.  Kind of like Pictionary plus Beer Goggles?  haha.

We have a New Year's Eve party at our house every year and while the kids go crazy upstairs, the adults usually play some sort of game. I think this would be a totally fun option!!  You can find it here.

And are anyone else's kids obsessed with bottle flipping?  It is a completely normal sound to hear water bottles smacking the hardwood all.the.time. at my house.  Mason is the main noisemaker.  If there is a bottle within 10 feet, he will find it and flip it until someone (me) tells him to STOP IT!!!  The constant "boom boom boom" of a bottle being flipped over and over drives me up the wall.

But I just ran across THIS GAME.  An actual bottle flipping board game.  This has Mason's name written all over it.  This WILL be under our tree this year.  Mason will flip!  ;) #seewhatIdidthere

Find it here.  (Nana?  You seeing this???  You said you needed ideas!)

But my boys' absolute favorite toy they've ever received has to be this truck.  They each had one. And they would push them around the culdesac so fast every single day.  They would also sit in them and roll down the driveway.

These will be the things that remind them of their childhood someday.  So many memories with their big yellow trucks.

They aren't super cheap but they are on sale (as of now) so if you think you're cutie pie would like this, get it now!  But even if they aren't on sale, they are so worth it!  We've gone through 4!  One was stolen from our front yard and one we ran over.  Oops.  And we had no other option than to replace them.  They were obsessed. 

Even now, they still play with them.  Find them here.

So those are just some of my top picks this year.  The more I browse, the more I find.  So if you're like me, and you like it when moms like you tell you about their favorite finds, join my group here because that's what I've been doing lately!  I know I can't buy everything I see, so I really like sharing these fun finds with you! (And hearing your feedback on things!)

And before I go, I wanted to let you all know that my Etsy shop is CLOSED.  I just can't keep accepting orders or I will go insane.  I shipped out a bunch today and then gained a bunch today as well.  So I'm now at 144 open orders.  And I just want to enjoy the holidays with my family at some point.  I'm hoping to have all orders shipped out by December 15th at the latest.  (If you have a current order with me, you can find your expected ship date under Purchases in your Etsy account.  Your order will ship by that day if not sooner.)

I will probably reopen again before Christmas but those orders will not ship until after Christmas.  If you have joined my Facebook group, I will be hosting another giveaway and giving out a special Members Only coupon code after Christmas!  Hope to see you there!

Have a great Tuesday, friends!!

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  1. Ian loved anything with wheels and still does at almost 13. A few years ago, Santa brought him an Anki Overdrive track. We all play with it! google it and look into for your boys! Well made...Ian puts it together and takes it apart all the time. Expensive but like I said we have had it a few years and still works great!

  2. Great lists ideas!! I think boys are the hardest! Ebby Lee always makes a giant detailed list but the boys are like -eh.

  3. So many good suggestions! I always have a hard time with boy toys!!

  4. Great gift ideas!! This year was kind of hard for my son (7 too) because he doesn't play with toys either. I love that bottle flipping game though and he is always wanting a new fidget spinner!

  5. The googly eyes game is fun and my kids get a huge kick out of it - BUT - it gives me and my husband the worst headache ever! #old

  6. That's a great list of ideas! My kids have the Googly Eyes game and LOVE it! And I think Teddy Ruxpin will be making an appearance under our tree this year. Hopefully my youngest will love it, but it's more for nostalgia purposes!


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