Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Favorites. #34.

Hello Friday!!  So very happy to see you!!  

The busy season in my shop has definitely begun so this will most likely be the last free weekend where I don't have to work and I need to take full advantage!  We've got the Manda Strong 5K and Fun Run tomorrow morning and then I fully intend on putting up all my Christmas decorations, minus the tree.  The tree will get set up in the dining room in front of our big windows the day after Thanksgiving.  

Can we take a poll real quick on who has already put up their Christmas decorations?  Let me tell you right now.  I do NOT judge if you put your decorations up super early or are a stickler for waiting until after Thanksgiving.  I tend to do it differently every year.  We host Thanksgiving every single year at our house and while I would like it to LOOK like Thanksgiving, I also LOVE how my house looks all decorated for Christmas.  And I want my guests to see it too since they won't be back in town again for Christmas.  So Christmas is winning out again this year and I can't wait!  I'd have twinkly lights in my house all year long if I could get away with it.

But first, I have to get through Friday.  And Friday Favorites always help.  So once again, I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share my favorites from the week.

I've been waiting all week to share this first one with you!!  Lately, I have been on a skincare/makeup/beauty product kick.  I know 36 is not old but I'm also well aware that I'm no spring chicken.  And I have been a little obsessed with trying to keep my skin looking as young and healthy as it possibly can for a 36-year-old who spent too much time in tanning beds in college.  #hindsightis2020

Anyway, while I was checking beauty blogs and Facebook pages geared towards beauty products I stumbled upon this awesome little makeup brush cleaner and HAD to have it.  And it really is the absolute coolest thing!!

If I don't keep my brushes clean my face starts to break out and my makeup just doesn't go on as smoothly.  But cleaning my brushes is a pain because if I clean them at night, they are sometimes still wet in the morning.  And if I clean them in the morning, then I can't use them to touch up my makeup later in the day or that night because they are still wet.  So, I rarely clean them.  And that's so bad!

This handy dandy contraption will clean AND dry your brush in 30 seconds.  FOR REAL.  #doIsoundlikeaninfomercial?

You must watch this!


How cool is that?!

Here's what mine looked like.  Mine is a different brand from the one in the video apparently but I didn't even realize that until I watched it twice.  They are almost identical and work the exact same way.  I had to look close to even notice they weren't the same brand. 

I didn't have any brush cleanser but it said I could use antibacterial soap and water.  I found this one under the sink and figured it would be better than my nice yummy smelling Bath and Body Works soaps. Fragrance-free was probably the way to go.  But you can also use an actual brush cleanser too for any non-water soluble product.  (Find a good one here.)

I took a video but it was shaky and hard to do holding the phone in one hand and the swirling brush in the other.  The above video is way better.  

See!  All nice and dry within seconds!!  And look at that nasty water!

It was the coolest thing ever, y'all.  I can't recommend it enough!  It would make a really fun gift for a makeup lover in your life!  

You can find it HERE!  

By the way, I ordered mine at 11pm one night and it was on my porch by noon the next day.  Free next day shipping with Amazon Prime is the greatest thing for people with little patience.  ;)

In case you missed my post from yesterday about an app that allows you to control your kids' devices, you need to go back and read that.  (And then come back here!)  I post a lot of fluff and fun stuff in this blog but that app is legit and I hope some of you will find it useful.  

Speaking of fluff, I got to slip these new Ugg wannabes on my feet for the first time this week because it has been COLD here for the past few days.  

These are from Target.  They were less than $35 when I bought them and I just checked and they are now on sale for $28.  PLUS, Target has free shipping for the entire holiday season!  So if you'd rather not wander into Target for these boots because you'll definitely leave with a cart full a bunch of random stuff you don't need, play it safe and order online.  They have 5 colors to choose from and I may have the "natural" colored ones in my cart as we speak.

They are lined on the inside with the faux fur and are like a big ole hug for your feet.  They feel just as good as my Uggs do.  Seriously, can't tell the difference.  I have tall Uggs (love them) but no short ones and these are just what I needed. 

Plus, they look good with pajama pants. ;)  Which brings me to...


I wore this ALL DAY LONG.  It rained all day Wednesday and was really cold.  Just a great day to stay inside and get cozy.  I worked all day on orders but at least I get to do that in my PJs if I want.  So I definitely did.

(By the way, it took me forever to finally decide to purchase that blardigan.  It is expensive and I just wasn't sure it was worth it.  But oh my gosh.  I wear it constantly.  I actually ended up getting a second one during the anniversary sale this year in that brownish/grey color and I keep one upstairs on my desk chair in my work room because it gets chilly in there in the winter and one downstairs in our bedroom.)

And I know some people don't like to wear them out of the house but I don't know why not?!!  They are cute and comfy and, in my opinion, totally worth the money.  I put one of them on at some point every single day when it's cold.  And I will absolutely splurge with no regrets on something I wear that much.

By the way, I may or may not have worn this entire outfit to run into the post office, dump my packages for the day on the counter and run out.  That's ok, right?  It was freezing and raining so I felt like that gave me a pass to wear my pajamas to the post office.  ;)

And while we're at it, here are a few other cute PJ options.

I posted a question in my new Facebook group (which I'd love for you to join, by the way!) about drinkable collagen/collagen peptides powder.  Like I said earlier, I'm all about doing everything I can to keep my skin as young and healthy looking as possible and trying to slow that aging process down anyway I can.

I'd been hearing about drinkable collagen for awhile and finally decided to do some research.  Collagen is so important for healthy skin and nails and I kept hearing about this "glow" that people talk about when they drink this stuff.  Jennifer Aniston was even quoted in an interview about it when she was talking about her morning routine.  

She said, "There’s a collagen peptide that I’ve been loving—I’ve been seeing a difference! My nails are stronger and there’s a healthier… how do you explain it? A glow. It’s sort of that working from the inside-out thing."  She adds the collagen to her smoothie.

I follow a beauty blogger who talks about this too.  I was all set to buy the collagen powder that she sells on her site but it would have to come all the way from England and I wanted it now.  #soimpatient

I ended up ordering some on Amazon.  It was supposed to be tasteless.  It wasn't.  It was disgusting just mixed with water.  I had to hide it in my frozen smoothies to drink it which hid the taste well.

But then a few days later, I was online ordering some more of my Spark through my Advocare website and noticed that they are now selling exactly what I've been looking for!  And it's literally called GLOW.  #itwasasign

I bought the Collagen Glow Powder and the Collagen pills and oh my gosh...the taste of this powder is a million times better!  Just add it to your water bottle and shake.  It's yummy, kind of like a cherry snowcone!  I've been on this for about 2 weeks now and I'm already noticing a difference in my skin, especially when I don't have any makeup on.  I really hate to use the word glow because it sounds contrived but there really is a little glow!  It may be my skin tone evening out or my skin clearing up since I washed my brushes recently. haha.  But I will be drinking this from now on.  

And I am a Spark addict.  If you don't know what Spark is let me just tell you that I call it my "happy juice".  I think it's all the vitamins that are in it but within minutes I get a nice warm happy feeling and get super focused.  I think it's supposed to be an energy drink but I find it gives me more focus than energy which is what I need.  I always drink it right before I tackle a huge project like cleaning out closets or putting up holiday decorations. But it also works great around 2:30/3pm when I start to get distracted and tired but need to finish up all my orders for the day.

Anyway, I've been mixing my Fruit Punch flavored Spark with the Cherry Berry Collagen with water every day and it is delicious.

This was in the carpool line on Wednesday afternoon.  Notice the outfit.

We are technically Advocare "distributors" but just stay that way in order to get the 25% discount.  We've never pushed the products or tried to work the business side of it.  We've just been consistent customers for 5+ years now.  But if you want to try the Collagen or Spark out for yourself, you can order here.  

Gotta throw in a few favorites from my shop of course!  And I wanted to give a few tips that might help your shopping experience.  

Turnaround Time:  My turnaround time is 2 weeks right now and I expect to be AT LEAST that through the holidays.  This does not include transit time so be sure to take all of this into consideration when you order!  (Order early!!)

Rush Fee:  I do have a separate listing that you can use to add on a Rush Fee if you need it.  This guarantees your order to ship out within 2 business days.  If you add this to your order, please message me through Etsy to let me know you've added it. It can get overlooked easily if several orders come in on top of it.

Local Pickup:  Message me for local pickup.

Custom Orders:  I am not able to take on any custom sign orders during the holidays.  (Colors can be changed on signs though.  Just include your preferences in the Notes section at checkout.)

Product Descriptions:  If you are on the mobile Etsy site or Etsy app, you'll need to tap on "Item Details" to view the full description and ordering information.

And this week, I thought I'd show you this dress.  Is it just me or does the drab gray color just not work with the fun, whimsical pom poms?  Not that making this dress in yellow would make it any better.  ;)  But if you're going to try to get all weird and quirky with giant balls attached to your sweater, why not go big and make it a pretty color?  

How is this attractive?

Maybe you need an ugly sweater for an upcoming Christmas party?  

Find it here for only $450!  ;)

Have a great weekend!

Also linking up with the Five on Friday girls!

And the High Five for Friday-ers!



  1. You have so many good favorites today!!!! The Baby it's Cold Outside cup is one of mine!! ;)

    1. Thanks friend! And thanks for showing off your other cup and sign today on your favorites!! XO

  2. Great favorites..I am so interested in the make up brush cleaner and I keep hearing about collagen too. It just doesn't sound appetizing to drink! Your drinkware designs are so cute!!! Have a great weekend. Jaclyn

    1. I was worried about drinking it too but it's just like adding any other powder packet to your water. Except it tastes like Kool-Aid. haha. It's so good!! Now the plain stuff I got on Amazon was not great. It tasted a little like fish. The Advocare stuff is SO much better!! And thank you!!! (PS-That makeup brush cleaner is my new favorite toy. You'll love it!)

  3. Okay! You've got me downloading apps yesterday and today I'm wanting a brush cleaner and collagen powder!

  4. Heading to check out your post on that app now! That makeup brush cleaner is SO cool!!! And ok, now you've got me needing to read more about drinkable collagen! My face needs some help and I'd rather not go the botox route (just yet haha) Happy Weekend!

    1. I have been feeling so blah lately when it comes to my skin so this had definitely given me a little boost in that department! I've heard its good for hair and nails too and I've even read where people said it helps with cellulite?! Any of those added benefits are fine by me! ;)

  5. Those boots from Target are adorable-- and I love everything that is gray, so they are win in my book! :) I need to check those out!

  6. I'm so intrigued by that makeup brush cleaner!! Going to check it out now!

  7. Blardigans. Best thing ever. I own 4. No shame here. I keep one at our beach house and use it as a robe (yes I know they have robes from Barefoot too but this way I can wear it at home and to the beach!) and I love love love them! I recently found a hooded sleeveless barefoot dreams vest at Nordstrom Rack. $45! heck yea get in my cart! LOL I love it !! Have a great weekend!

  8. ordering that make up brush cleaner NOW! I hate washing my brushes because they take so long to dry!


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