Monday, December 3, 2018

Hello Monday!

Happy Monday, y'all!!  I am working on our Disney recap right now and it's taking me FOR.EV.ER.  I have a million pictures to sort through and was planning on sitting down after church yesterday to type out Part 1 but got halfway through it and realized I could barely hold my eyes open.  Apparently, the first head cold of the season has hit me HARD and it took me down.  

I fell asleep in the most uncomfortable position right next to my laptop for a solid three hours and only woke up because I got a text saying my groceries were ready at Walmart.  So that was clue number 1 that something was up.  And within an hour after waking up, I was sneezing, stuffy and cranky.  haha

So we'll try again tomorrow on Part 1.  :)

The whole weekend wasn't a bust though.  Saturday was Mason's first basketball game of the season and they WON!  This is a big deal because they lost every single game last season.  So we're definitely off to a great start!  Mason had a great game and scored 6 or 8 points depending on who you ask. ;)


We also managed to get our tree lights fixed (yay!) so we finally got to decorate the tree!  Mason helped me put the finishing touches on but for most of the day the boys were out running around with their buddies. Tree decorating is not really their jam.

I usually have a lime green ribbon between the blue but decided to skip it this year and now I'm kind of sad I did.  BUT, it's done and all the lights are the same color so it's good enough.

We always put our tree in our dining room so that when you pull into our culdesac its the first thing you see.  But to make room for it, we have to push our dining room table out of the way because if we left it, it would block our view of it while we're in the house.  Not ideal but we make it work.  It's also not ideal that every time I try to take a picture, the chandelier gets in the way of the top of the tree.

When I was growing up, my mom always had this little elf climbing up his ladder by our fireplace.  It is straight outta the '80s and I could not love it more!  It brings some of my happiest childhood memories into our home and my kids will grow up seeing it every year too.

In real life, those bottom lights really are the same color as the rest of them. I have no idea why they photograph as being whiter than the others but I'm trying not to let it bother me.  ;)

And since we are talking Christmas, our elf Doodah is back!  The name Doodah came when our elf arrived for the first time when the boys were toddlers and one of their favorite new words was "Dude".  But when we went to name him "Dude" it ended up sounding more like "Doo-dah" in toddler-ese.  And it stuck.

Oh and our elf is "fancier" because our original elf went missing after Year 1 and at the time the Elf on the Shelf was pretty new and only came in the kit with the book for $30 or $40.  I knew we'd eventually find our elf so I grabbed this little cutie as a sub for 10 bucks at Kirklands and told the boys he got new clothes and let his hair grow and they totally bought it.  And then guess what?!  We found our original elf the next year!  #ofcourse  But I thought maybe that was too much switching back and forth so we kept this guy and never looked back.

Today, I'll be over on the deals blog and in the Facebook group as much as I can be so please stop by to see what I've found!  I've also got lots and lots (and lots and lots) of Etsy orders to get made and shipped out so I'll be covered in paint and glitter today as well.  I think I'm going to close the Etsy shop again in the next day or two so I'll have to time to get them all done in time for Christmas and so I can have a few days off before Christmas to really enjoy the holiday.  I've been so intentional about not overloading myself this year with my Etsy business to the point that it takes over my life like it has in the past.  I may be sacrificing some income but saving my sanity and getting to enjoy those little moments with my family make it totally worth it.

So, if you've been wanting to order something from the shop, get on over there before it closes!

See you back here tomorrow!

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  1. I hope you're feeling better soon! Your tree is gorgeous!

  2. Amanda! Your tree is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. Your tree is so pretty. I love the ribbon so much. Welcome back. Hope you feel better. I love your blog and especially love your posts on BOOKS. :) Get well soon.

    1. I should have a little review ready to go next week! I haven't been reading/listening much lately because I've been all about Christmas movies! haha. So it may be a short one! ;)

  4. I love your dining room curtains. Any chance you can post a link?

    1. Thank you!! They were a random find at Home Goods years ago!

  5. Your Christmas tree is SPOT ON! Merry Christmas

  6. Your tree is so pretty. I have things straight outta the 80's in my house for Christmas too and boy does it bring back all the feelings, and my kids love them too. I don't blame you for stepping back from your shop, I can only imagine how busy you are. I hope you feel better!


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