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Happy Friday, friends!!  How's that Christmas shopping going?!
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But I have knocked out a ton of shopping already (not all for myself) and it feels good to have most of it done. Of course, this means I'll probably congratulate myself all the way up until Christmas Eve when I remember 6 different things I forgot to get.  I'm really going to try to avoid that this year. ;) 

Anyway, today I'm back with regularly scheduled programming which means FRIDAY FAVORITES!  I haven't done a typical Friday Favorites post since November 16th because of Disney!  #IblameyouDisneyWorld

It took me a while to get caught up on everything once we were back and then last week's Friday Favorites was Part 3 of my Disney recap.

Which brings me to...

I'm up to Part 4 of my Disney World recap series and I still have 2 more parks to cover!  I'll include a list of final thoughts in my last post so be sure to stop by if you're going to Disney soon!  I've got our days at Epcot and Magic Kingdom coming next week.  If you'd like to check out Parts 1-4, you can find them below.

I had the very best time hanging with my parents the whole time, too.  Our day at Epcot was probably one of our best.  Which I was really surprised about.  I wasn't expecting to love Epcot as much as I did.

Isn't my mama cute!?!  My parents are definitely a favorite.  
(Disney shirt HERE.  Wearing a medium.)

Have y'all watched Dumplin' on Netflix yet??

If you haven't and you're looking for a fun movie to watch this weekend, try this one!  I thought it was so cute, it made me tear up a few times and I'll watch anything with Jennifer Aniston. 
(Fun Fact/Embarrassing Sidenote:  I used to have a Team Aniston shirt.

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Yep.  Just like Nicky Hilton's.  #noshame

Anyway, J.A. plays the role of a former beauty queen turned pageant director who is also a reluctant mom to a plus-size teen, Willowdean, aka "Dumplin". Dumplin' and her friends decide to enter her mom's pageant in order to protest it from the inside but with the help of some gold-hearted Dolly Parton impersonators they all end up learning so much about themselves.  This movie is all about being confident in who you are, cherishing real, meaningful friendships and has a beautiful mother/daughter story.

Your husbands won't love it so don't make them watch but you probably will!

I shared a mini video home tour of some of my Christmas decorations on Instagram yesterday!  They were in my stories but if they aren't still there when you're reading this, you can find them in my Holiday Fun highlights. 

I'm not big on doing home tours because my house is always a hot mess and is a work-in-progress ALL.THE.TIME.  And I'm not being self-deprecating when I say that.  #thestruggleisreal

But yesterday I carved out some time to empty out so many toy bins and junk drawers while everyone was at work and school and it felt so good!  And then it started raining so it was great for pictures since it wasn't so dark you couldn't see the details but it wasn't so light that you couldn't see the glow.

I wish I could leave it like this all year long.  See the rest on Instagram @amandanall.

Jane deals are my absolute favorite all day every day.  If you follow my Daily Deals FB group and Blog, you know this. ;) And you're probably a fan now too.  

I love this desk calendar for $11.99!  I always buy an expensive planner every year and then use it for a few weeks and then...nothing.  But my desk calendar?  I use it every day.  These are great in your "command center" area of your house and can be hung easily as well.  They just make more sense for me but I know it's different for everyone.

And these metal tiered trays have been such a popular deal since they are on sale for under $30!  I can't promise they'll still be available once this gets posted but you should definitely check if you're interested.  Reviews are excellent!

These are a few brand new deals starting today!  (As I type this, they haven't been released yet so I'll update links as soon as I can.)

FRIENDS TEE (Need I say more?)

(If for some reason these links aren't working since I posted this before the deals go live, shop everything HERE.)

As a reminder, Jane deals only last for 72 hours or until they sell out so you really have to act fast when you see something you want.  And just adding it to your cart doesn't save it so check out after each item. They are all different sellers so there's not need in waiting to check out all at once.

As for Amazon faves from the week, it has to go to the Echo Dots.  If you wish you had a few more, take advantage of this deal!  Grab 2 for $50 right now (discount will show at checkout and these are $30 each on sale so it's a steal!) or if you are more into the kids dots, you can get 3 for $100.  Also an amazing deal!

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 We're getting one of each this Christmas because we bought before this deal was offered (boo) but I'm really excited about this little feature.

If you love doing something meaningful for your kids at Christmas and something they will keep forever, you might want to check out these little books. 

They are very small so I used a Sharpie so you could see the size.  But they are PERFECT stocking stuffers.  They come in a ton of different themes (kids to grandma, kids to dad, mom/dad to kids, birthdays, wife to hubby etc) but I grabbed the "What I love about being your mom" ones.

I'll fill them in for each kiddo and hopefully, they'll keep them forever.

Sweet right?!  You can find them all HERE.  Grab one for the kids to Dad or Grandma too!

That's it for today, friends!  I'll be posting more gift ideas and great deals on the FB page and Deals Blog today and I'd love for you to join me!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. One of my friends introduced me to Jane recently and I'm completely hooked (not sure what rock I've been living under that I didn't know about it before)! I'm wearing my first top from there today and it is amazing - so soft and so cute!

  2. I am so sad that they are taking Friends off of Netflix...I don't even know what I am going to watch. Ha! I am so excited to watch Dumplin this weekend. I love that you had a team Aniston shirt. I hope you have a great weekend!


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