Friday, December 13, 2019


Happy Friday, friends!  It's been radio silent over here in my part of Blogland all week which is not necessarily unusual.  Y'all know by now I tend to come and go here on the blog and focus most of my attention on my Etsy shop and my Deals Group.  But this week my Etsy shop completely won out over everything and it was pedal to the metal.

I had 50+ signs, cups, burlap prints, and earrings to make, pack and ship by Friday which is totally doable in a normal week.  But this week, things were different.  I worked until midnight Monday-Wednesday to get all those orders completed so that I could spend Thursday packing and organizing (and last minute shopping) because we are leaving today for a fun little Christmas getaway!

We are all so excited!  I love a mini-vacay any time of year but couple that with the whole thing being Christmas-themed and I'm in heaven.  Then throw in a lake, some Smores, hot chocolate by the fire, outdoor movies, lots of buffalo plaid...I can't wait.  The best part is that this resort we're headed to is just 2 hours away from us!  I love a vacation but I hate long travel times so this is perfect!

Local peeps, you'll definitely want to follow along if you're interested in knowing more about this place! I have a feeling most of you don't even know it exists.  I certainly didn't until a few weeks ago. This will be our first time there and you know I'll be giving it a big ole recap here on the blog next week.  If you've ever read my trip recaps before, then you know I am pretty thorough (ok...some might say "long-winded".  But I prefer "thorough".) when it comes to travel posts.  I don't skimp on the details because these memories with my family are precious to me and I want to remember as much as I can.  I also want my kids to be able to come back to this post in 30 years and remember it all as if it were yesterday.   (You can find my travel posts HERE.)

Anyway, I'll be blowing up my Instagram all weekend, as I tend to do when I'm on any sort of trip, so you can find me here if you want to see all our fun at this rustic and charming little lake resort! 

Now on to my FAVORITES of the week!

Does anyone else just feel like a new woman when they get new PJs?  If I'm at home for longer than 5 minutes, I'm in my comfy clothes and I'm most definitely a homebody who also works from yeah.  I'm in my comfy clothes a lot.  But I also don't want to look like a total slob when I'm trying to be cozy either although I'll pick comfy over cute 9 times out of 10. haha

And look who came through for me in both areas last weekend!!  Walmart!!  I know a lot of bloggers and influencers have started teaming up with Walmart lately--and they should!  Walmart is really starting to up their game when it comes to clothes.  I'm definitely seeing a lot more of the kind of stuff I'd typically see (and buy) at Target.

However, this is not a sponsored post.  This is me going into Walmart, seeing cute things that make me want to curl into a ball and sleep the day away by the fire, and buying it.  But dang Walmart---CALL ME!  ;)

Anyway, I found myself passing by the PJ section and reaching out to touch all the softest things which of course led me to stopping and shopping.  Sigh.  Here's what I walked away with...

PJ set #1.  These are sold separately but I thought they looked so cute together.  Now this top is insanely soft and lightweight.  Perfect for sleeping.  I'm wearing a small.  Would people look at me weird if I wore this top with jeans?  Hmmmm...

I paired it with the softest velour joggers ever.  OMG.  They were such a cute fit on top of being the softest things ever!  I had to have them in at least two different prints so I decided on...

...PJ Set #2.

This time I went with Let's Get Cozy with the cutest little wintery owls!  (Ignore the wrinkled shirt.  I had literally just rolled out of bed and wanted to snap this picture before I changed.)

I cannot even describe how amazingly comfy this PJ set is.  Do yourself a huge favor and check them out online and if they aren't available online (which a lot of this stuff isn't which is really unfair if you ask me) then head to your local Wally World.  I think each piece was around 10 bucks.  That's right.  $10 bottoms, $10 tops.  It's really hard to beat that price, friends.  

I honestly couldn't care less what this set really even looks like...if it was puke brown with pictures of two-headed monsters I'd probably have still bought it.  It's that comfy and soft.  Thankfully, it's also super cute.

Unfortunately, the pants don't seem to be available online in these two patterns but you can find the same ones HERE in other patterns! Yawn top HERE and Let's Get Cozy top HERE.

And guess what?  Two days later I had to go back to Walmart and I couldn't keep myself away from the PJ section.  Again.

This time I left with a Christmas-y looking set made from that same super-soft velour.  #heavenlyItellya

I think this set was around $16 and it fits like it was made just for me.  These will definitely be my Christmas morning pajamas.  I would have paid four times as much for these at Nordstrom and probably twice as much at Target.  Instead, I paid $16.  #winning

Again, you'll have to check to see if these are available at your local store (HERE) and/or if they can be shipped but you'll probably also want to check out the other colors they come in too.  So pretty!

I've also been wearing the bottoms with my cozy shirt.

And I wanted to show you a close up of the colors so you can see them better.  I love the pop of red mixed in with the blue and a tiny bit of yellow.  

Since we're talking about PJs, I thought I'd go ahead and tell you all about these new slippers I just got in from Amazon!  They are FANTASTIC!!  And right now, you can get them for just $8.99 through the 15th!  I may have grabbed three pairs of these.  One for me and two for gifts.  The soles of these are memory foam so it really feels like you are walking on a cloud.  They keep your little tootsies nice and warm too and are cute on top of it!  You'll definitely be hearing about these for years to come.  I cannot believe I only paid $8.99 for them.

ZriEy Women's Comfort Memory Foam Slippers Warm Indoor Outdoor Anti-Slip House Shoes Snow Black Size 5 Size 6

These come in several different colors too.  There is no way someone wouldn't love these as a gift this year!!  GO before the 50% off sale is over!  $8.99 very well spent, y'all!  Adjusted price shown at checkout.  Go HERE to shop them!

And of my all-time favorite skincare products of ALL.TIME.  The Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm.  Y'all.  You've probably heard all the bloggers, vloggers and influencers rave about this stuff.  And for good reason.  It's amazing.  It sits in its little jar as a solid but as soon as it touches your skin it starts to melt into the most luxurious oil.  It's incredible.  Your makeup plus all the dirt and oil on your face will literally melt away as you rub this in.  After it's melted into your skin, get a soft washcloth wet with warm/hot water and gently wipe it off.  (TIP: I use these microfiber washcloths with my cleansing balm and they work SO much better than the little muslin cloth the balm will come with.  Don't skip this step!)

I was just about to be scraping the bottom of my last jumbo-sized jar when I saw that they were having a sale which was perfect timing.  The jumbo-sized jar is 50% off...which makes it about $4 more than the regular size jar!  Uhhh SCORE!  

This is the jumbo size.  I got this in July and have used it morning and night, every single day since then.  So it's lasted me 6 months. 

My skin has never felt better.  It doesn't dry your face out and make it all tight like some face washes can do.  It hydrates without making it oily and I've noticed a real improvement in my skin tone.  I dare say the word "glowing" when I talk about this product and what I love about it!  And don't let the oil scare you!  I was raised thinking oil on my face was the worst thing in the world.  I used all oil-free skincare products and still had issues with breakouts.  After doing a little research, I found out that oil is actually good for my face.  And it shows.  I may flip flop with other skincare and beauty products looking for the best new thing but I have a feeling this will still be my go-to when I'm 80.

I'm not sure when the sale ends but right now select products are 50% off and the ones that aren't are 20% off automatically at checkout.  (Make sure you go all the way to checkout to see your adjusted prices.)  Shipping is FREE and FAST!  This brand has some other amazing products if you're wanting to try some out.  I am trying their Eye Serum for the first time because of all the reviews I've read about it.  We'll see what I think but I have a feeling I'm going to be impressed!

Shop the full sale HERE!

And that's it for today, friends!  Remember to join me on Instagram this weekend for our little Christmas getaway and be sure to check out the Deals Group for more fun finds, sales and great deals!

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  1. I need all of those cozy things. Like now.

  2. You are so right about the WalMart PJs-they are heavenly.

    Have fun on your trip-can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. I actual took a photo of the "Let's get cozy" sweatshirt for my Santa List. what size did you get? do you think it will unravel? Great minds think alike>>>

    1. I got a small in all of the pieces! I don't think it will unravel. I probably won't throw it in the dryer just in case.

  4. Have fun on your getaway! Love all the cozy sweaters!

  5. How is the fit on the slippers? I usually wear an 8 1/2 or 9 in women's shoes. Sometimes I have to order a 7-8 in slippers and sometimes I have to order a 9-10. Thanks. I just don't want them too big. Have a great day.

    1. I'm a 7.5 and got the 7-8. They fit my feet perfectly so I'd say they fit closer to the 7-7.5 range than the 8. Definitely not big on me at all.


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