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Hey hey!!  It's the last What's Up Wednesday post for 2019!  This year has been a whirlwind and I'm hoping to stretch out the rest of 2019 as much as possible.  It can't be over yet!

But today's post is all about what we've been up lately and this linkup with Shay and Sheaffer is a great way to share a whole bunch of random stuff with you guys all in one place.  Those are always fun, right?!

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Today we're going to start with what I'm loving...


I walked by this L'Oreal Collagen Moisture Filler at Walmart the other day and it caught my eye.  Collagen is something my skin is in desperate need of these days so I figured it wouldn't hurt to add it to my routine.  And I have been really blown away by how much I love it and how plumped up my fine lines have been each morning!  It's not an expensive product either and although you can find it just about anywhere, it seems to be cheapest on Amazon.  (Under $9 and it's shipped from L'Oreal too so you don't have to worry that you're getting a fake from a third party seller.)

I'm almost done with a little skincare routine post so I'll go more into what all I use for the rest of my face during that.  But I did talk a little about a favorite product in this post last week but I don't want to annoy everyone with the same pictures of the same products in every post. 😂 So I'll leave them out of this one and you can jump back over here if you're interested.

What I'm reminiscing about...

We just got back from a very merry little weekend getaway in East Texas and I cannot WAIT to tell you guys all about it!  We had the best time!  We rode horses, ate s'mores by the fire, played a lot of mini-golf, and spent an afternoon at our resort's indoor waterpark.  My post is just about finished so it should be up by Friday.  But here's a sneak peek!

I've also got a couple of posts up on my Instagram plus I saved all my Instastories from this weekend in my Highlights (look for the 🎄Vacay🎄 bubble) in case you want to see more of this trip now.  We had an absolute blast at a place we didn't even know existed until just recently!

What we've been up to...

Mason just could not wait to decorate his gingerbread house so he did his one random night last week right before bed.  It wasn't quite the picture perfect moment I'd been envisioning for our gingerbread house-making.  I was thinking more of a Saturday afternoon, nice lighting, Christmas music in the background, and the house clean.  But then I realized that's just not us so instead, he worked on it after dinner with the history channel blaring from the living room and Matthew doing homework at the counter. Not quite the festive moment I had planned but again...real life. haha

A few nights before this, I found the boys on the floor in front of the Christmas tree counting presents and trying to guess what was in each one.  I somehow managed to snap the sweetest picture of them without anyone making a silly face or running away.  #itsakeeper

Matthew also had his very first band concert a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely incredible to hear this big group of 6th graders playing together so beautifully after only a few months.  Craig and I were so proud of our boy!

(similar shirt here)

What I'm dreading...

December 26th.  Christmas will officially be over!  :(  But more than that, I'm dreading taking down all these Christmas decorations! It's painful.

What I'm looking forward to...

New Year's Eve!  Every year we have a little family-friendly party at our house and it's one of my favorite nights!  I love ringing in a new year with a house full of people!

What I'm wearing...

I've been a little obsessed with comfy PJs lately. I told y'all about them last week on Friday Favorites but since it really is what I've been wearing lately I had to repost.  I'm over all my flannel ones from years before and gushing over these super soft velour ones from Walmart!

All of these are crazy soft and well made.  The joggers and plaid set are all made from the softest, silky, stretchy velour.  The tops are light and thin (which is what I like when I sleep) and they fit so cute!  Everything was under $10 per piece except the plaid set which was $16 for the set.  You just can't beat those prices!

I'm wearing a small in everything.  Also, I'm not sure if these are all still available online but you can check to see if there are any left in your size at your local store.  Either way, do a quick drive-by through Walmart's women's Pajama section next time you are there!

What I'm working on...

Right now, I am completely caught up on Etsy orders after turning off all listings for signs and drinkware for a couple of weeks.  Whew.  I will be slowly opening back up all the drinkware listings this week but will probably keep signs turned off until after Christmas.  I really want to enjoy my break next week with the boys while they are home and not have to hole up in my craft room working on orders all day every day.  So if you've been waiting for a cute tumbler or coffee mug, they'll be available again very soon but right now you can go to the shop to see some super cute wine glasses, tumblers and water bottles that have been marked WAY down to make room for some new inventory in 2020.  All of these are very limited in quantity so if you want to grab a cute travel mug for $6 or a $25 40oz water bottle for $10, you can... ;)

After Christmas, I'll be opening back up those sign orders so you can get your new Word of the Year signs to kick off 2020!

I love these little signs so much and so many of y'all have shared with me that you've started building a Word of the Year inspiration wall or collage with them.  These are 3.5" tall by 10" long and they can stand alone or be hung.

And before I wrap up all this shop talk, I want you to know that I just put all my Christmas leather and cork earrings on sale as well!  These ship fast so you should have them pretty quick!  The top two are made from that super sturdy leather backed cork that I love so so much and the bottom ones are a genuine leather!

These would be so cute for Christmas Day or a Christmas party!

What I'm watching/reading...

I'm watching all my favorite Christmas movies on repeat and new favorites (like Noelle on Disney + and Lea Michele's Same Time Next Christmas on Hulu/ABC) plus tons of other great Netflix originals!  I know I haven't posted a book review in MONTHS but I am still listening to tons of audiobooks too!  Trust me, a new review has been on my to-do list for quite awhile now and at some point I'll get back to it. ;)

What I'm excited about...

I've got a dinner date with my two best girls tonight and chips, salsa and girl talk is the so much fun!  We've really made getting together for dinners regularly a priority this year and I've loved it so much!

I'm also pretty pumped about one of my favorite parties of the year tomorrow night with another group of friends (many of them you may know..😉) that always brings out the side-splitting laughs!  It's epic every year and we always leave with stories that will last until the next Christmas (and beyond). 😂

And that's pretty much it!  As a recap, be sure to check out the Etsy shop for some major deals while you can and don't forget to come back Friday for my trip recap and Friday Favorites!


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  1. I highly suggest listening to The Giver of Stars (or reading it). And I can't wait for your makeup faves blog. Yay


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