Friday, May 15, 2020


Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites! 

I know we've all got things to do, kids to homeschool, work to get done, and other blogs to let's get straight to it!

I took the week off from blogging because I needed to get caught up on all the Etsy orders that have come in over the past few weeks for teacher gifts!  (Can I get an amen for homeschool coming to an end?! I've never been more appreciative of those teachers and it seems like my customers are happy to show their appreciation too!)  

Remember last month when I was all "Boo, my Etsy shop is down 80% from what it usually is at this time of the year."  Well, that little dip has passed and it is once again working me at full capacity. #thankful #tired #coveredinpaint

In between painting signs and vinyl-ing (??) cups, I am still needed for homeschool help--although not as much.  I'm pretty sure the teachers, the students, and the parents are all slowly checking out as we near the finish line. Things are either getting easier OR my kids aren't quite as gung-ho about finishing every single assignment as they once were. I'm choosing to believe its the former. 😉 And then somewhere in there, I try to keep my Deals Group updated with the latest sales and fun finds.  

And on top of these things, I keep feeling this urge to redecorate/reorganize/redo/re-whatever my whole house which gets me all kinds of distracted. PLUS, I'm completely obsessing over finding THE dog for our family.  I'm literally on rescue/adoption websites every day, multiple times a day waiting for something new to pop up so I can send in an application.  We have all the best intentions to adopt but holy cow.  It is so much harder than I thought it'd be to find the kind of dog we're looking for!  I'm starting to feel like we'll be waiting forever at this rate.  I know there are so many dogs out there that need a good home but we don't want to go into these next 10 to 15 years without giving careful thought as to what kind of dog we'll be living with.  So we do have certain criteria and's like finding a unicorn. A unicorn that everyone else is in line for as well. Sigh.

So yes.  My mind is all over the place lately.  I should probably be medicated. 😂  

What were we talking about?

I saw this meme on Insta the other day and about died.  🤣🤣🤣  Are y'all watching Real Housewives of New York this season? If you are, you'll get it!

Sonja was definitely trying to give off some Miranda Priestly vibes during Fashion Week. Bless her heart.  She wants to be a Boss Babe so SO BAD...but I always end up feeling like she's just playing a part in a bad theater production.  I feel like International Luxury Fashion Lifestyle Brand should have started out as more like Fashion Brand and then taken a "we'll see" approach from there, right?  I will go to bat for Sonja though because she's reality television gold and her insane antics brighten up my Thursday nights every week.  Gotta love her.

Also, I just started watching The Worst Cooks in America yesterday because she's a contestant and I'm anxious to see how this plays out. It can't end well! 😂 And yes, her toaster oven has made an appearance! Ok maybe not HER toaster oven since that never actually came to fruition but A toaster oven.  For her first challenge, she made rack of lamb in the toaster oven.  What.In.The.World. 

Y'all.  Go watch this show if you need a good laugh.

Another favorite around here?  Mason would say his jerseys!  He's been wearing every jersey he has ever owned lately because he's really missing baseball season.

Also one of his favorites...cheesy omelets. 🤦‍♀️

So this eyeshadow palette is one of MY favorites of the week!  I've been feeling super duper blah lately with not really having any reason to put on makeup, get "dressed" and look cute.  I was sorting through some makeup the other day and decided I wanted a new eyeshadow palette.  I had seen an Instagram influencer talking about this gorgeous new Too Faced palette, which made me head to YouTube to check out reviews and I was sold.  It came in earlier this week and it's so pretty!!!

I've been playing around with all the different colors all week and I love almost all of them!!  I love the matte colors. They are very pigmented and the colors are beautiful.  Nude enough for every day but pair them with the shimmers and you take it up a notch.  

I took these pictures as soon as I got this in before I took my brushes to it.  My favorites for everyday wear are the nude and seashell...with the sparkling sand or shimmering pearl...but then again I'm also loving the rose gold...and the sparkling sable and sugared chestnut are so pretty when you want to go more dramatic.  So basically, I love them all.  I just need somewhere to go now!

I also grabbed my very first ever eyeshadow primer and I was blown away by how much this stuff really does help!  For starters, my eyelids looked way less wrinkly immediately so thumbs up for that but it absolutely kept my eyeshadow from getting those gross creases too!  And the shadow went on SUPER smooth.  Why did it take me so long to try this?  Also, this little tube is going to last FOREVER.

Last weekend, our friends, the Richardsons, surprised us by putting this sweet Mckinney Love sign in our yard!  It's kind of like a "pay it forward" sort of thing where you post a picture with it, hashtag it, and watch it circulate the community.  You choose a new family to pass it on to, write your own little note to them on the back of it and pass it on! Fun, right?!  

Matthew volunteered to run it across the street to put in our neighbors' yard.

Does anyone have any more good ideas for spreading some love in your neighborhood or community?  Let me know!

I'll be spending the weekend reorganizing the playroom, contemplating paint colors for rooms that will never get painted and hopefully starting the new season of Dead to Me. It has been so long since I've seen the first season that I almost feel like I need to rewatch that first.  Or maybe I can find some CliffsNotes online that'll summarize it all for me.

Dead To Me' Season 2: What We Know So Far

I haven't started it yet because I've been listening to the new Jennifer Weiner book, Big Summer, and just finished.  It was a fun read!!  I definitely recommend checking it out.  I'll have a full review of it in my May Book Review in a couple of weeks!  It's a bit of chick-lit mixed with Instagram influencers mixed with a murder mystery that I did not see coming. It's good!! It's not my favorite book of hers but it's solid.

Big Summer: A Novel: Weiner, Jennifer: 9781501133510: ...

I am giddy with all the new summer reads coming out from my favorite authors!!  I've managed to score an advanced copy of Kristan Higgins new book, Always the Last to Know (out on June 9th) and also Emily Giffin's new one, The Lies That Bind. That one will be released on June 2nd.

Always the Last to Know by [Kristan Higgins]The Lies That Bind: A Novel by [Emily Giffin]

Of course, these are both digital copies (dang it) so I can't fly through them as quickly as I can with my audiobooks but I'm hoping to have them both finished in time for the May review so I can let you know if they are worth picking up when they are released.

Others that will be released soon are 28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand (June 16th) and Nancy Thayer's Girls of Summer (May 26th). 

If you missed my April review you can find it here along with all my others!

And that'll do it for Friday Favorites! Let me know what books you are looking forward to reading this summer so I can add them to my list!

Happy weekend, friends!



  1. That eyeshadow palette looks amazing. I love the idea of pairing a shimmer with a matte shadow. The McKinney Love sign is such a sweet idea for connecting in your community.

    1. Isn't it sweet? It was such a fun little surprise too. :)

  2. The first new episode of Dead to Me starts off with a really good recap of Season one, so, you'll catch up pretty quickly! Have a great weekend!

  3. Dead to Me season two was really good! I was surprised by some of the twists. I usually get bored with shows quickly but I think you’ll like it!

    1. I've been watching all day long while I cleaned out closets! I'm currently on Episode 7!!

  4. That Sonja meme!!!! Bahahaha!

  5. I love all those eye shadow shades. We're planning on tackling a flooring re-do this weekend and while I dread the work I can't wait to see the results.

    1. The work is never fun but the result is so exciting!!

  6. Books I'm looking forward to reading this summer are "Hello, Summer" by Mary Kay Andrews (released a week ago) and "Dance Away With Me" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (coming June 9).

    1. I forgot about the Mary Kay Andrews one! I knew there was one I was missing! And I LOVE Susan Elizabeth Phillips! Several years ago I plowed through almost every single one of her books, one after the other. But I don't think I've read one in a couple of years now since First Star I See Tonight came out. I loved the Chicago Stars series! Thanks for putting that back on my radar!

  7. WHY am I not watching Worst Cooks of America?! WHAT is happening to Sonja this season? And Dorinda for that matter. After the last episode, I just wanted to hug Dorinda.

  8. I love my White Claw koozie! and I am almost finished with Dead to Me season 2! So good!


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