Friday, July 24, 2020


Anyone else?? ⬆⬆⬆😂😂😂

I normally try to get all my Etsy orders for the week done by Thursday night so that my Fridays can look a lot like that but it has been a busy week and I've got to work today. Boo. But as soon as I'm done, I fully intend on doing a whole lot of nothing for a little while. (But I also kind of want to paint one of my ceiling fans this weekend so...) We'll see how long I can let myself do nothing before I get antsy. 😉

But today, I'm back with another set of Friday Favorites! Let's get started!


I've been wanting to watch Peppermint for like a year now. But the movie is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure so I've been choosing others over it for so long. It's about a woman whose husband and young daughter are shot to death in a drive-by shooting at a Christmas Carnival while she watches from a few paces away. It is absolutely unthinkable. Horrific. It's why I haven't watched this movie until now! My heart just breaks even thinking of it.

Anyway, 5 years after their deaths, Mom is back and ready for her revenge. 

I've always loved Jennifer Garner. But she is a BADA$$ in this movie. At one point during the movie I was like, "Dang. She's like a mix between a Ninja Turtle and Kevin McCallister!". She was amazing. So many bad guys got what was coming to them and I was cheering her on the whole time. You will too if you haven't seen it yet. 

It was so good. But it was also very heavy. So after I watched it I turned on...

POMS! This movie was adorable!! Diane Keaton is ALWAYS great and this movie will make you laugh and cry. Will it go down in history as one of her best movies? No. But it was a fun one to watch.


Big Brother Season 6

Ok so maybe Season 6 was part of last week but I finished it last weekend so I'm throwing it in here. It is just not summer without Big Brother and I was in the mood for some BB drama! So I decided to go into CBS All Access and watch a season I'd never seen before. So I went with Season 6 and it was was pretty funny watching all their 2005 fashion choices! Wasn't my favorite cast but it kept me entertained while I worked and at night when there was literally nothing else on.

Then I moved on to...

Season 12

I decided to watch a season that has always been a favorite so I re-watched Season 12 with Rachel and Brendon (gag), Britney, Hayden, was one of the first seasons I ever watched (in 2010!) and I loved the cast so much! Even "Brenchel" who by the way are still married and Rachel is even pregnant with their second baby. I honestly couldn't remember who won that season so it really was like watching it for the first time.  

CBS All Access has all the seasons on there if you are bored and want to go check them out! I think it's like $5.99 a month but I'm telling's totally worth the extra few dollars to bump it up to the no commercials version. They play the same commercials OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER...I know they probably do this to get you to cave and upgrade your subscription. It worked. Totally worth it. 😂😂😂

And BIG BROTHER FANS...did you hear?!  The new season of BB is an All-Stars season and it starts August 5th!!



One of y'all recommend this to me last week and I listened to the audiobook over the past few days. It was so good!! It's set on this creepy remote island off the coast of Ireland where these two VIPs have decided to hold their wedding.  Someone is killed during the wedding night...but who and why?!

I love that you go through the whole book knowing that SOMEONE is going to die at this wedding so you have to try to figure out who you think it'll end up being and why. Everyone has little secrets...the groom, the best man, the bridesmaid, the bride, the "man of honor", the wedding you jump from "Oh I bet this person will be the one because of this!" to "But hang could totally be this person because of that!" the whole way through. They all look guilty at some point and they all look like they could end up being the victim at some point. 

If you're looking for a new thriller to read, check this one out!


Someone in the Deals Group suggested I add in a favorite meal of the week to my list this week and I thought that was a great idea. This week, we tried out our very first Home Chef meals! I see every influencer and their mama out there talking about Home Chef or Hello Fresh or whatever else there is so I decided to check it out for myself.

Our first meal that I made from our box was these BBQ Shrimp Tacos and OMGeeeee....SO GOOD! Shrimp tacos aren't on our normal go-to menu. I don't know why. Probably because I'd never think to fix them the way they did and mine would be boring. haha But I'll be making them like this from now on!

Look how good!

They were AMAZING. If you've never heard of Home Chef or never seen what it looks like when it arrives, here's a little example. You can choose your meals (how many per week, how many servings and the meals themselves) and they are delivered to your door packed with tons of ice packs. The ingredients are all in labeled bags and grouped together so you know what goes with what and they send you the recipe card which is so simple.

Here's a little of what it looks like.

Pictures and description on one side and recipe with pictures on the other.

The shrimp and veggies are mixed with the most delicious BBQ sauce and the coleslaw is mixed with jalapeno ranch. It's topped off with a little queso fresco crumbles and crispy fried onions which make it taste a lot like a tempura shrimp sushi roll. Mmmmmm... (PS: I switched their tortillas for my low carb ones.)

If anyone wants to try out Home Chef for themselves, you can check it out HERE and use my code AMANDAN657 for $30 off! (PS: Everyone gets a referral code so you will too once you sign up for a delivery. You'll be able to share it with everyone too so don't think it's just influencers who get it.)

The menu changes each week but if you ever see these tacos on their...pick them!!


And since we're talking about food, now is a great time to share one of my favorite products of the week! My new Air Fryer! I know I know. You're probably going..."Uhhh yeah, where have you been the past 2 years?". I know. I was a holdout. And now you can just call me a BELIEVER.

I picked this one because it had amazing reviews, was the size I wanted, was under $100 (and on Rollback so it was actually a good deal under my budget), and was available with same day pick up at one of my local stores. (I was feeling impatient now that I'd decided to finally get one!)

I've used it anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day this week and I love it! I've done french fries, fish sticks and nuggets for the boys and okra and chicken for us. What do I need to make next?! With Home Chef meals this week, I haven't been able to use it like I want just yet but once our meals are gone, I will! 

Also wanted to mention that Colleen Rothschild is having their Christmas in July sale right now!  Get 50% off on some of their best-selling products and 20% off everything else that's not on special pricing.  (Get the Radiant Cleansing Balm!!!!) You can grab the Discovery Kit for just $69 with free shipping! That includes the beloved Cleansing Balm plus 5 other products you're going to love. It's a great way to try out some of the line before you commit to the full-size products.

This is just a little of my own personal collection. 😂 I'm an addict. I know.

You can find my past reviews of CR Skincare HERE if you need help making a decision on what you may want to try!


As for my favorite purchases of the week, my Air Fryer is definitely one of them. But since I've already talked about that, I have to show you my others!

Ahhhh! Hello Fall!!

Ok, don't start judging me yet. I only put this out so I could take the picture and it's now waiting patiently in my decor closet ready to be pulled back out starting September 1. ;) But look how cute this pillow cover is!!

And yes, it's a cover, not an entire pillow. It's 18x18 with that soft knit texture and fit perfectly over a pillow insert I already had.  The best part was that this cutie was on sale for 60% so it made it just $18! I bet it sells out but I also would think it has a high chance of coming back in stock too. There are a ton of other awesome rugs and pillows for 60% off though! Click here for the rest of the pillow covers though! (And if you need inserts, you can find them cheap HERE.)

And I told y'all in Wednesday's Amazon Haul post that I'd just ordered another one of these little collapsible bins for our sunroom. Well, it came in the next day (gosh I love Amazon) and it looks so cute in its new spot! The curtain you see on the left is actually a little dressing room I rigged up so the boys and all their friends could change into and out of swimsuits without traipsing through my house soaking wet. A lot of the time though, my two will change out of their clothes and into swimsuits behind the curtain and then end up spending the rest of the day in their swimsuit. So their dirty clothes just lay on the ground until I go check behind the curtain and collect them. I wanted somewhere to throw them in case they did come back to put them on later. At least they might not have a spider in their shorts this way. 😉

So this little basket will be their clothes/towels hamper for out here from now on. (Although we reuse our pool towels several times before we wash them. Is that gross? We hang them to dry in the sun on a hanging rack.)  

And in the fall, when it gets cooler and they stop using the pool, I'll put a few blankets in there instead.

This is my second one of these. They are only $11.99 and come in a ton of prints. I use the other one in my craft room to hold packing materials.


Charlie is a very mischievous little pup. It is never dull with him around!  Yesterday he got caught entertaining himself with a roll of toilet paper. 😂

Good thing he's cute!!

But my favorite picture this week was of this sweet boy!!  Mason is playing tackle football for the first time this year. We always said we were going to wait until middle school but we've given in and are going to let him start a year early. Look how handsome he is in those pads!


Need I say more? 🤣🤣🤣

And in case you missed it on Wednesday, you can go back HERE to check out all the Amazon goodness that's been arriving on doorstep lately!

And that's it for today, friends! Have a happy weekend!!



  1. I am a HUGE Diane Keaton fan!! Why have I not seen Poms?!

    1. It's so cute! I think your girls might like it too! (I'm trying to remember if there was anything in there they shouldn't see?)

  2. We loved Grilled cheese in the air fryer too! I’m late to game as well getting one but so glad I did.

    1. I saw you post that the other day! I need to try it!

  3. Yay so glad you loved The Guest List!! My pup used to do that with the toilet paper too :) Doesn’t he know it’s a hot commodity right now?! Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you for the rec!! What a crazy story!! And yes, we don't have the luxury of using the toilet paper as a toy these days, Charlie! 😂

  4. I love Diane Keaton! I haven't heard of either of these movies but they sound good.


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