Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Hello hello, friends! Hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and COOL! We are over here trying to do all those things and Amazon Prime has been a lifesaver. Y'all know what I'm talking about. You are my people and I know most of you are Amazon Junkies too. 😉 

Thanks to Amazon, I don't need really need to leave my house for much unless I want to. And since we're in the middle of a pandemic and smack in the middle of a sweltering TX summer, I choose to stay home 9.5 times out of 10. 

I've been talking about doing another big Amazon Haul for a while now so today is the day!  (You can find my other posts HERE.) Amazon makes me happy. It's quick, easy, efficient, and has basically anything I need. My Prime Membership is probably the best money I spend all year. #totallyworthit (PS: This is not sponsored although it's starting to sound like it is! 😂)

Anyway, I wanted to give you a peek at some of the things that have shown up on my doorstep over the past couple of months. It's definitely not a full list. We'd seriously be here for DAYS if I shared every single thing I buy. But here are some highlights.

I shared this in the Deals Group a few days ago and I know a lot of y'all grabbed it! (If you aren't part of my deals group yet, please join! If you love Amazon, then you'll be pretty darn happy over there!)

We've been on a sports hiatus since the spring. We chose not to do any summer ball when it opened back up but Mason's new football team has already started practicing for the fall season so we had to get ourselves back in gear! We've always ordered these big cans of Gatorade powder so the boys can just mix them into their water in their big 1/2 gallon jugs. So much cheaper than buying bottles of Gatorade!  These last so long and are just $11.99. The cans are huge (and heavy!) and make 9 gallons. 

Glacier Cherry and Fruit Punch were the only two flavors left in stock and I bet they'll start to sell out once the sports season kicks off for good in the fall! Might want to grab one or two now!

And if you need a new jug, this Igloo is on sale right now!

Igloo Proformance Half Gallon Sport Jug


I also just bought this tower fan for my sunroom. It gets really hot in there during the peak of summer, even with all the windows open and the ceiling fan on. I needed a fan to park myself directly in front of so I could go back to enjoying my little happy place! When I'm not out there, I pull it back to the side of the couch and out of the way but when I'm in my spot, it's going full blast and pointed right at me.

It was one of the cheapest ones I could find that would also make it to my doorstep within a couple of days. I love it and am kicking myself for not ordering one sooner! It has made evenings out there--stretched out on my couch with my Kindle or laptop and a glass of wine--so much better!

(Click here for a full tour of my sunroom.)


I recently bought these little charcoal bags to help absorb any smells that might linger too long after we cook. I swear, any time we cook the smells get trapped in the master bedroom. I have no idea why or how but it's not ideal and it drives me crazy. So I bought a little 4 pack of these "air purifying bags" in hopes to combat that a little and I think they are working! I definitely don't notice the smells much anymore but it's not like it immediately absorbs all smells the second you stop cooking. It just seems to keep my house from smelling like food 3 hours after the fact, ya know? Weird little purchase but, hey, that's Amazon at its best! 😂

I also added one to the boys' bathroom (yuck), the laundry room and the kitchen as well as our bedroom.


The other day when I was painting and re-organizing my craft room, I realized I needed something to hold all the brown kraft paper and airbags (or whatever those little plastic bags full of air are called) that come with a lot of my packages. I reuse them when I ship out my Etsy orders. My stash was getting so big I needed something to hold the excess so I saw one of these little collapsible bins for under 12 bucks and knew it would be perfect. 

There are tons and tons of patterns to choose from too. These would great for holding toys, laundry, blankets...whatever. When I went to grab the link to this, I spotted this black/white check one and it's in my cart now. 😉 It'll be so cute to put out somewhere for fall and Christmas but I bet it'll end up in the sunroom so we can use it to keep all the boys random pieces of discarded clothing in one place. I swear every single night, I have to do a once over of the sunroom and pool area collecting shirts, socks, shorts, underwear...sigh. So we'll use it for dirty pool towels and all their other dirty laundry that comes from outside.


I also ordered another rolling cart for my craft room and although the exact one I have is showing as unavailable right now, this one is very close. 

This might be a good idea to use for all your school supplies this year if you are doing virtual learning or homeschooling! It would be so easy to pull out when you need it and push to the side when you don't.


Our little chlorine tablet holder thing that floats around the pool broke the other day so I hopped on Amazon to find a new one. They have some funny ones you can choose from but I loved the little flamingo. I love the pop of color even if some may find him a little tacky. Eh. I think he's cute. He's small too so it's not like he's taking over the pool and I knew the boys would like him. Although had they been given the choice, I'm sure they would have picked the poop emoji instead! Yes, that was really an option!


I know I showed you these the other day but this has been the majority of my summer makeup routine lately. I use the Revlon concealer every day and that's pretty much all I use in terms of foundation when I'm doing nothing but staying home. I swipe it on around my nose and chin to blend out any redness and maybe add some mascara (the best mascara ever by the way) if I'm feeling fancy. 😂 I've been trying to save my "good" foundation for days when I actually need it. I also love this NYX contouring stick. It's the first time I've used something like this and it's so easy! It blends beautifully! Add a little touch of blush and finish it off with the most delicious smelling strawberry lip balm (with just a touch of color) and I'm good for the day.


I also picked up this little quilted crossbody on Lightning Deal the other day in both the cream and the black. These are under $18! 

At some point, nights out will be a thing again, right?


I'm still loving these colorful hoop earrings!! I feel like these are an absolute must-have if you love big hoops! I picked up this 12 pack for just $13.99!  

It's hard to tell with the filter on this picture but I'm wearing the yellow ones with my favorite black tee.

And the dark pink ones with my Amazon kimono (LOVE) in this one.


I don't think I ever posted these but I grabbed two sets of those trendy bracelets that are all the rage right now! Super cute and totally waterproof so you can wear them to the beach or pool if you are a "jewelry with your swimsuit kinda girl". I've been both so no judging from me!


I'm still loving my Adidas Cloudfoams. I'm so glad everyone told me I had to get these!! They really are insanely cushiony and comfy.

My leggings are also finally back in stock in this royal blue color!

These have been the leggings I keep grabbing for over and over. They are a thicker, more matte material as opposed to the thin, shiny material that a lot of them are. They are high-waisted, come in some really great colors and have pockets on each side. I LOVE these. I'm getting them in 2 other colors (the grey and the dark red) as well. I'm wearing a small and think they run TTS. UPDATED TO ADD: The grey pair just came in and they are NOT the same thick/matte fabric as the blue ones. So I'm only going to say the blue ones are my favorite. I don't love the grey ones but the blue ones are awesome!)


Is anyone else worried their kids have regressed a ton since the world went into lockdown mode in March? I am! Mine got nothing out of distance learning last year so I decided to try this little multiplication master game to keep Mason from losing all his math facts we'd been trying memorize.

He plays with it often and I even like to do it sometimes too. Makes me feel all smart and stuff. Haha. This could be another fun tool to add to your homeschool situation this year if you're going to be doing that!


And that's where I'll end today, friends. If you are looking for what I've been "priming" for Charlie (our new dog) then head on over HERE for all of that. If I would have included all of his stuff, this post would go on for dayssssss....

Thanks for dropping by today, friends!



  1. I love those bracelets so much too!!!

    1. I got the white ones after I saw them on you!!

    2. I'm not seeing the white ones? Am I just not looking in the right spot?

    3. Terry, I just saw that they aren't showing as available right now! I found them on another listing though and have updated the link! Or you can find them here. :)

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    the gatorade mix is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I despise kitchen smells after cooking! I use my diffuser with essential oils...I use single or a mix of lemon, rosemary, orange and clove. Usually it’s lemon and rosemary. 😘

    1. I need to break out my diffuser again. I tend to go through spurts where I use it a lot and then don't use it for months...haha. Thanks for the tip!


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