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It's our last Friday before "real" school starts back, friends!! Ahhh!! My boys are more excited about this "first" day of school than they have ever been before. They NEED this. Mama needs this too. 😂 Not that virtual school has been hard on me. My boys are very self-sufficient and (fairly) responsible when it comes to doing what they need to be doing without me having to hover. But they are bored bored bored and ready to have some normalcy back in their lives. 

Thankfully, they aren't bothered by the masks all that much and are aware things will look a lot different this year but they are kids. Kids are resilient. At this point, all of the changes are still exciting and new so we've got that on our side. Let's just see how long it lasts before they start complaining about their new normal. 🙈

But today I'm here to talk about my favorite things from the week from the best movie I watched all the way to my favorite purchase. So here we go!


I watched a couple of movies worth noting this week and they were complete opposites. One was a brand new release/crime/drama/thriller and one was an old favorite funny rom-com. Both really good just completely different.

I watched The Vanished last weekend and it was very reminiscent of one of my twisty psychological thrillers that I love to read so much. The ending was shocking. Did not see it coming at all which I always love.

The movie is about a couple and their young daughter who decide to pack up their RV and go camping. Then the daughter goes missing and well...all hell breaks loose. The parents are frantic to get their daughter back and will do anything to find her.

If you love to read thrillers, you'll love probably love this one too. I rented it through Amazon.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have...

I have a list of movies that I can watch over and over (just like the movie I told y'all about in last week's Favorites!) and Couple's Retreat is one of them! I love everything about this movie!! Have you seen it? It's old. Not crazy old but like 2008/2009ish maybe. But I'm assuming you have all heard of it. And I'm sure most of you have seen it. BUT IF YOU HAVEN'T, you should! I watched it yesterday while I was working even though I've seen it about 97,000 times. ;)

The location alone is worth watching for. It will make you start googling vacation places with tiki hut rooms out over the crystal blue water. (I'll save you the trouble and let you know that this was filmed at the St. Regis in Bora Bora. #hellobucketlist)

But it's hilarious, the cast is full of people I love and it's sweet too! I feel like I'm telling you things you already know but again, for the very few who haven't seen this movie yet--it's a good one!!
I am working on an end-of-summer book review because I skipped July so I'm going to lump it in with August. So look for that soon. I don't have an official book of the week this week though because I'm in the middle of one at the moment. I'm currently listening to Pretty Things by Janelle Brown and it's too early to tell if this will be a winner for me or not but so far it's been good! I think I'm just starting to get to the meat of it though so we'll see how we do.

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The book is about a major Instagram influencer who moves back to her recently inherited home in Lake Tahoe. She's trying to live a simpler life after realizing how fake and phony her life has become (which is very reminiscent of the last book I read which is odd.) She realizes she is lonely so she decides to rent out the caretaker's cottage on the property. This is a great idea until she ends up renting to a couple who claim to be on sabbatical from their lives as a teacher and yoga instructor. In reality, the woman is someone from Miss Influencer's past and they are up to no good... (Insert evil laugh.)

I'm hoping this turns out to be a good one!

I haven't been watching much TV this week since I started the new book. BUT, I am going to start Yellowstone ASAP because so many of you told me to watch it when I asked about it in the Deals Group this week! Apparently, I'm missing out so that's up next for me. Have you watched this one yet?

FINALLY!! My entire Anniversary Sale arrived last night and I am SO pleased with my choices this year!! I said it before but I wanted to go a little more practical this year with my picks. I wanted to choose items I'd get a lot of wear out of so I skipped the sweaters and blouses and opted for one great pair of jeans, cozy and crazy soft joggers, the greatest little tees (to wear with said joggers and under $12), a super soft loungy top and a splurge on some Uggs. I also bought two more of my favorite bra and then ordered one other that I've never tried before. It still hasn't come in yet so the jury is still out on that one.

Here were my original choices. The Barefoot Dreams cardigan and the earrings were things I already have so I didn't order those this year. And then a couple of other things were added after the initial splurge as I found a few more items I wanted to try. But remember me saying I was going to order both sets of those joggers (shown below) and then let you know which I prefer? They were SO similar online but now that I've tried them both, I do have a favorite.

The Gibson ones beat out the BP brand by a hair in my opinion. So I kept the gray and the black Gibson brand. (the ones on the bottom left.) The Gibson ones ran the tiniest bit big so I could get away with an XS in those but ended up with a small in the black and XS in the grey because that's the only ones they had left when I ordered. The BP ones seemed to run a little snug so a small in those fit tighter and weren't nearly as comfortable. Had I gone up to a medium in them though, I bet they would have been fine.

Both are insanely soft and are made from that material that you could just curl up in all day and night. Now of course, as I'm typing this, the grey and black options in both brands aren't available right now but there are other colors. And with this sale, things go in and out of stock all the time so it never hurts to check and keep checking. But I HIGHLY recommend grabbing a pair of these joggers (in either brand really) if your size becomes available! Also, if you haven't picked up a couple of those $12 tees yet, I just checked and it's showing that 3 colors are available in multiple sizes! I have a small in these and they are a very relaxed fit so an XS would have been great too.

I got my order in late yesterday so I wasn't able to do any try on pics but I'll try to do those today and post them over in the deals group. Remember that the #nsale ends on the 31st so grab those deals while you can!!

Last Saturday Mason had to go with his team for their official "weigh in" to see who can or can't run the ball. (You have to be under a certain weight in order to that apparently.) They had to wear their helmet when they weighed in.

After that little errand was checked off the list, we hit up SportsClips for haircuts. This was the first haircut for both boys since March that was not done by me. 😉 I actually really liked cutting their hair and was getting pretty good but I get it. They wanted the real deal after so long.

(This is one of those masks I talked about last week. Pretty cute for a mask! 😉)

Mason was pumped about his haircut and said he was getting his hair done like this every time from now on. I felt like it looked basically the same as it always does but 🤷‍♀️. My cute boy!

When we got home, Mason went to play with his friends and a little while later they all came tearing up the driveway saying they'd found a baby squirrel in one of the neighbor's yards that had fallen out of a tree. It was laying in the hot sun and a few ants were crawling on it and these boys were just NOT having that. They got a cardboard box and filled it with grass clipping and chopped up carrots and gently put the squirrel in it. They moved it to the shade but kept it in the same area so that hopefully the mom would come get it.

Y'all, this squirrel was not going to survive no matter what they did unfortunately but they wanted to save it so bad. One of the boys' moms sent me a picture of it laying there--brand spankin' new--surrounded by giant pieces of carrot and grass. I don't even want to post it here because it was so sad but it did make me smile that they were trying so hard. There was no way this brand new squirrel could eat a piece of carrot though and one of the boys even suggested chewing up the carrot and spitting it back into the baby's mouth like a bird. 😂 Sweet boys.

And speaking of sweet boys, Charlie helped me take out the trash one morning this week and I had to stop and grab a picture.

And then for #nationaldogday, Matthew and I were the only ones home so we tried to wrangle this dog into taking a selfie and he was not having it. This was the best we could do with the 3 of us.

But I did manage to get him to smile for the camera in this one. ;)

Mason's first tackle football game was so much fun to watch until he had to be helped off the field at one point because he got hurt. 🙈 He plays defense so his main job is to make tackles. And he does a great job at it but I swear it's going to give me grey hair. He comes home from every practice covered in new bruises and hurt ankles/shoulders/ name it. Sigh.

But aren't they a cute bunch of 5th graders?! (Mason's over on the right in the white shirt.) #gosteelers

And finally, last night Mase and I enjoyed a little pool time while Craig and Matthew were at baseball practice. Mason fell off a float right as I snapped this picture. 😂 Charlie was not expecting that.

Mason wore Charlie out swimming laps. Charlie likes to chase him from one end to the other and it makes them both very very tired! (And no, Charlie is not a fan of being IN the water but he loves to be around it.)

I went back to see what the biggest seller from the FB group was this week and it was this 2 pack of black and white striped pillow covers by far! (Mine came in yesterday!) 

Image may contain: stripes, text that says 'Material: 100% COTTON Decorative pattern is embroidered with black and white cotton thread, which do not have to worry about colour fading.'

These were regularly $12.99 for the 2 pack but I had a group code for us to use plus there was an additional $2 off clickable coupon with them as well which knocked them down to just $4.49!! For 2 18x18 pillow covers! It was kind of a no-brainer! 

I can't tell you when this code will stop working or when the clickable will disappear but you can try it and see! Even without the sale, it's still a great price and the covers are exactly what you see in the pictures.

Copy this code:  R6L6C75S and then click HERE to shop! And you can find 18x18 pillow inserts HERE if you need those as well.
This one had me laughing so hard because it is SO TRUE!! Why do I suddenly remember all the things I didn't do the second my head hits the pillow?!

Image result for minions funny quotes

Did I lock close the garage door? Did I feed the dog? Did I switch the laundry? Did I sign that paper? Did I write her back? Did I answer that text? Did I wash that uniform? Where IS that uniform??

Happy Friday, friends!!




  1. Okay, my parents keep telling me that I need to watch Yellowstone! Have you watched Homeland?! You have right???

    1. I’ve seen an episode or two of Homeland but it was years ago! I’ll have to add that to my list!

  2. Haha, so true! I get up at least 2 times after I go to bed because I'm unsure if I did a few things.

  3. Couples Retreat is one of my favorite movies!! We quote that movie all the time in our house.

    1. "I know my truth." and "Do you WANT me to go to Applebees with you?" comes out of my mouth a lot. 😂

  4. Yes, my husband and I put Bora Bora on our list after seeing that movie and hearing a few things about how fabulous it's supposed to be there. My boys could not wait to get to the hairdresser and went on our hairdresser's first week back! Our hairdresser kindly told me I was fired and she begged me not to cut their anymore-- I knew I was no good at it! LOL.

    1. Hahahaha! It's kind of like when all the hairdressers begged us not to attempt to dye our own hair during quarantine. 😂

  5. Yellowstone is one of my all time favorite shows!! We binge watched seasons 1-2 i. 4 nights and season 3 just finished. GO WATCH!! Kevin Costner hello!

    1. I am convinced! This one is next up on my binge watching list!

  6. Couples retreat was such a good movie! That's one I actually sat through and liked. Pretty Little Things sounds like a good read. I'll add that to my reading list. I recently borrowed Open Book by Jessica Simpson and looking forward to diving in to this one also. Wishing your boys a good school year on Monday!

    Maureen |


    1. Open Book was outstanding!! One of my favorites of the year for sure!


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