Friday, October 23, 2020


Can you believe we are about to enter into the last week of October?! Halloween is next Saturday and I officially turn into Mrs. Claus at the stroke of midnight on November 1st. 😂 I feel like if there were ever a year to decorate super early and feel no guilt or public shame about it, it's this year. We need as much Christmas as we can squeeze in and I, for one, say GO FOR IT, SISTER. So I am counting down the days until I can start feeling all kinds of holiday joy.

But first, we've got to make it through this last week. I'm not a big Halloween girl. I like it fine but it's not my favorite holiday. (Although I do appreciate a good frozen fun-size Snickers so I like to take the opportunity to stock my freezer.) But as my kids get older, I do start to appreciate Halloween more because I know the day is fast approaching when they will be too old or too cool to want to go trick-or-treating with us trailing behind them anymore. Now THAT scares me. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were pulling them around the 'hood in the red wagon dressed as Cars characters and superheroes?!

Look at my babies. #bestillmyheart

But moving on.

Today is Friday. Friday means Friday Favorites in all kinds of categories. So let's jump on into that good stuff, k?

I haven't watched anything amazing this week but the boys did want to watch Beethoven last weekend and they loved it. I thought they'd seen it before but I guess not. They now both want a giant St. Bernard. HA! #hardpass

If you've forgotten about this one from your own childhood and need something cute to watch with the fam that isn't too "old-timey" as my kids like to say, this is a good one! They asked when it was made and I told them 1992 and Matthew was like "It's really good quality for 1992." I'm pretty sure he thinks movies from 1992 should be in black and white. 😂

Last week at Mason's football game, I was talking to Shay and she asked if I had watched Emily in Paris yet. When I said no she said I HAD to watch and that she knew I'd love it. So I started it this week and she was so so right! It's so good!!! Its sort of Devil Wears Prada meets Sex & the City and I'm completely hooked. It's on Netflix. You'll love it!

Troubles in Paradise, the third and final book in Elin Hilderbrand's Paradise Trilogy came out recently and I had to see how these stories wrapped up! I will say that this trilogy was not my favorite of Elin's but they were still good! If you read Winter in Paradise and What Happens in Paradise, be sure to see how all these characters end up!

I think this final book was my favorite of the 3. There's a pregnancy, breakups, makeups, a hurricane...and even a few surprise guests from the Winter Street series at the end!  (By the way, I cannot recommend the Winter Street series enough!!! They are the absolute best, especially around the holidays. If you've never read these, let Winter Street be your next book!)

Mason--I feel like this whole post is about him! But I've been with him most this week since he's been home sick so please know I don't play favorites. I just happened to see this kiddo more this week because of his allergy issues.

But as for our purchase of the week, I know he'd say it was this mask! He's been really into the gaiters lately as opposed to masks so we went on Amazon to find some he might like. He chose this one and he really likes it! (for a mask) It comes in a 2pack with one like this and one black and grey camo with the American flag for under $9. I think the best part is that it comes with these ear loops so they stay on easily. He's wearing the 11-14 size. It also comes in smaller sizes and other color options!

Shocker, I know but we were BACK at the doctor's office again this week. I swear its becoming our new favorite place. 🤦‍♀️ Since August we've been to the doctor with Matthew once for a physical (for sports), once for a shot appointment, once for a Covid & Strep test (both negative) and last week we had a trip to the ENT for an ear infection. As for Mason, we've been once when he had a crazy week of allergies and were worried maybe it was Covid (it wasn't...test negative), one time to get x-rays on his wrist (just a deep bone bruise) and now this week we were back because of allergies AGAIN. He's been sniffling, stuffy, and coughing for the past few days and long story short, the nurse called and we ended up at the doctor for a Covid test. Again. Sigh. Negative test again. Just allergies. But we have to wait until his (allergy) symptoms are gone before he can return to school. He's going back today. His allergies are very much "here today gone tomorrow". And I'm not knocking the rules at all. I totally get it! It is what it is at this point in time and yes, it sucks that allergies have so many of the same symptoms as Covid but better safe than sorry.

He was feeling much better when he found out he couldn't go to school the next day. 🙄

Since he couldn't go to school Thursday, I decided to take him with me to go vote! He's been very curious about all of this election talk and was pretty excited to see what it really looked like to vote. So his allergies were a blessing in disguise, I guess. It was really fun to hear all his questions about the election and how the process works. Some of his questions were, "Do you vote for more than just the president?" (yes), "Has Dad voted yet?" (yes), "Are you voting for the same people that he did?" (yes), "Who are you voting for? Why?", "When can I vote?".  Lots of fun discussions. He's growing up so fast!
sunglasses / necklace / top (similar-I size up in these!) 

Also, he wouldn't wear this sticker because he was afraid people would think he cheated and voted when he wasn't old enough. 😂

And speaking of Mason...check out these great shots of my baby boy by another mom on our football team.

How cute are they?!

 My favorite leather jacket is on sale right now for under $50! (43% off!) Be sure to check the size chart for this one! I'm wearing a size 6 (fits like a 2-4) but probably would have been fine to size up one. I love how comfortable this jacket is!

I didn't have many true outfits this week but I did slip on my cute new tee on Sunday after church! I used the code KATY15 for 15% off. I saw an influencer wearing this under a plaid flannel and it was so cute!! I had to have it. I'm wearing a small. It's very soft and very TTS!

I sent out a bunch of festive orders this week! But the insulated coffee mugs were my favorite!

If you read my post last week, you saw me talk about the new liquid collagen I've been taking (proven to be THE most effective collagen on the market!) and I promised those adorable little rainbow confetti shot glasses to the first 10 people who purchased one. Well, those 10 went pretty much immediately so I've got more ordered and the first shipment just showed up yesterday afternoon! So if you ordered a Biocell (Life, Pure, Skin or Sport) be watching for your cute shot glass as a thank you from me!

Want to know more about this stuff? Check the post here (scroll down toward the bottom) and please message me on Instagram (@amandanall) or Facebook (Amanda Crain Nall or That Inspired Chick Blog) with questions! I'm pretty quick to respond most of the time!

I didn't want to overrun you with alllllll the things about this stuff last week but there was so much interest and so many of you ordered that I wanted to give you a little more info on the liquid collagen.

This liquid collagen is the most effective on the market. For starters, it tastes great--like a tangy grape/apple juice mix. And it comes in 4 different formulas. If you don't know which one to go with, go with the Life. It's the most popular option and it kind of covers it all. Skin, joints, cardiovascular health...all the good stuff. But if you are doing Keto or are cutting out sugars, carbs, etc, go with the Pure. If you are an athlete, you may want to check out the Sport. And if you are most concerned with anti-aging showing in your skin, go with the Skin! I'm currently using the Life formula but I changed my smart-ship for next month to Skin just to test it out and see the difference. (Smart ship saves you money by the way!! And in all honesty, you're going to need to give this a few months if you want to see real changes. It works from the inside out!)

Y'all. I'm not throwing snake oil at you, I promise. Hopefully, you know that by now if you've been reading here for a while. This collagen holds 7 U.S. patents. It's won several awards. It's legit. We ALL NEED COLLAGEN. Collagen is what keeps our skin plump, our joints lubricated (hello knee issues and sore lower backs...) and keeps us looking and feeling younger! Y'all aren't dummies. You know this already I'm sure. I've tried supplements and powders and they just aren't as good or as convenient. This stuff is both. And it's yummy. ;)

Not to go all infomercial-y on you but check out these results after 3 months on the Biocell.

That's my girl, Holly. I'm definitely pro-botox (no shame) but this collagen is plumping up lines so much that maybe I can skip my next appt? (Or maybe not. I do have severe crows feet that I'm not sure anything can help except a needle full of poison.😂 The jury's out on that one.)

Also, if you need help deciding which Biocell is right for you, here's a chart...

In the chart above, you'll see the skin, life, sport and pure but the trim is a totally different product! It has the collage in it but its for weight loss and fat burning and it's amazing. It's part of the Lean Body System which you can get all together or if you want to just do the Trim, you can do that too.

Also, for those of you whose Trim & Biocell arrived yesterday or will be arriving soon, I’ve learned that you can take just 1 tbsp of Biocell a day if you are also taking Trim bc the Trim has a dose of collagen in it. This will make your collagen last longer too! Here’s a chart I saw that should help. 

But if you're wondering about the Lean Body System, I'm down 5+ lbs in the past week or so and I just ordered Craig his own Lean Body System + GO (very similar to Advocare's Spark in case you ever loved that...we did!! But this has way less carbs/sugar). Anyway, the hubs could stand to lose a pound or two...or I got him his own so he could stop using mine! 

Don't forget that all my links above have a $10 off code embedded into them but if it doesn't show up at checkout, you can always manually type in the code 2617259. Also, if you want your own $10 off code to share with your friends, be sure to message me about that! I'd be happy to get you set up yourself!

That about wraps it up for this week, friends! This mama is tired and ready for the weekend!

As always, you can find me at any of the places below! Happy Friday, friends!




  1. 1. I'm so glad you watched Emily in Paris!!! I knew you would love it!!! 2. I'm so glad no one took a pic of Andrew (and Craig standing next to him) at the beginning of the fourth quarter...bahahaha! 3. YES TO THE NO SHAME FOR CHRISTMAS CHEER!!!! I'm going to decorate my house on the 4th this year...with such JOY!!

    1. 😂😂😂 But how funny would that picture have been if someone HAD taken one?! And November 4th sounds like the perfect day to do some decorating! I'll probably be doing the same! ;)

  2. I just stumbled on your blog from the Friday Fave's link up at Momfessionals. I totally forgot about the movie Beethoven, I bet my kids would love to watch it (I love making them watch movies from when I was a kid). And...Emily in Paris...I binged it in like two days. With everything happening in the world, it was so nice to lose myself in a romantic rom-com!


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