Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Hey there, friends! First of all, thank you to everyone for the sweet texts and birthday wishes on social media! 🥰 I turned 39 on Monday, y'all. My very last year in my 30s. #ouch

This year was much more low key than in years passed which is just apparently just the way of 2020. But we did have fun!

My parents came in town on Friday around lunchtime. We went out to eat for lunch, and then afterward my mom and I went couch shopping. I finally pulled the trigger on my new sectional and #fingerscrossed that it gets here in the 7-9 week timeframe they gave me. We'll see but I'm certainly not holding my breath.

I decided to go with these fabrics for the sectional and the throw pillows. It's a lot prettier in person.

The sectional will look like this.

I can't wait for it to get here!!

After we got it ordered, we headed to Matthew's baseball game. So glad Nana and Papa got to see our boy get a great hit in a great game!

And then Saturday, we watched Mason's football game. This was definitely the best game they've played all season. Unfortunately, Mason got hurt toward the end of the game. #mandown 

Seeing your kid laying out on the field with players taking a knee and coaches surrounding him is not what you want. But he was able to get up and over to the bench where Craig got him calmed down and set up with an ice pack.

The injury was to his right forearm/wrist. And yes, he's right-handed.

There hasn't been any swelling and we put it in a splint for now, but he wasn't able to play in his baseball game Monday night because of it. We got him out in the backyard Monday afternoon to see if he could throw or hit and he cried instantly after trying to do both. Not good. He's fractured that wrist before so it's back to the doc again for an x-ray. He says it hurts from the top of his forearm all the way down to his thumb when he turns it over. Sigh. He is going to be CRUSHED if he's out of both baseball and football for the rest of the seasons.

Thankfully, his arm doesn't seem to bother him unless he's using it in certain ways (like rotating it from front to back or using it to throw) so he's not in constant pain. I'm hoping that's a good sign.

After the game, Craig headed up to the golf course, my dad took a nap, and the boys were playing with friends so my mom and I did what we do best--shop! 😉

Our Hobby Lobby in Mckinney is better than hers in Texarkana so we headed there first. We walked straight toward the first Christmas display they had set up and spent way too much time talking through our options. For example: "Wouldn't this pillow look so cute on the bench by my front door? It would tie in so well with the colors that will be in my dining room." and "How much is 40% off $39.99?" and "Feel this blanket! It's soooo soft and the colors would match perfectly with (fill in the blank)." 😂😂😂😂 Does anyone else have similar conversations when shopping with their mom?

I wish I would have taken a picture of my cart at the end. It was this plus about 8 boxes of ornaments (I'm going a different direction on my tree this year!) and a little stack of plastic cups to use at Thanksgiving. I almost forgot about Thanksgiving. 😜 It's never too early to shop for Christmas stuff though, right? (The answer is no, it is not.)

On Sunday, we took Charlie on a mid-morning walk. He's gotten so much better on his leash and is less and less afraid of the big scary world.

Charlie bonded with my mom pretty quickly but he's quick to warm up to women. He was much more cautious with my dad but by the end of the weekend they were well on their way to becoming buds.  On their way being the key words.

I had to pause a snap a picture during our walk. How gorgeous is this view?!

And then Monday was the big day! The big 3-9. How did it get here so quickly?

The boys got me a cake that Craig picked up while they were at school and I tried my best to stay away from it until we could blow out candles and cut into it together...

...but who am I kidding. 😂 I have no willpower when it comes to cake. I snuck a few bites from the backside to tide me over.

Monday night was supposed to have been Matthew's football game and Mason's baseball game at the same time. But since Mason couldn't play because of his arm, we all went to the football game to cheer on Matthew.

This is the best picture I got of Matthew. #50.

Craig and Mason left after the game to catch the end of Mason's team's game and I brought Matthew home. (So we were STILL waiting to cut that dang cake!) At about 8:15, we were finally able to gather around, sing, blow out candles and dig in. And I don't have any pictures of that except for a video Matthew took (in the dark) of the colored flame candles as they sang to me. 

It was a sweet little way to end a busy Monday birthday.

And because I get super nostalgic about things and love looking back on sweet memories from years passed, here's a recap of birthdays from 2016-2019.

In 2016, Craig pulled off pretty much the only "surprise party" I've ever had. I thought we were just going out to dinner and when we got there, these girls and their hubbies were waiting on us!

In 2017, I celebrated turning 36 with all my favorite people throughout the week. I went to dinner with my girls, Dani & Pam one night, and then we did a little shopping afterward.

Another night that week, I joined up with this fun group of girls for an outdoor dinner at Eight 11 Place, the cutest little restaurant in Frisco, TX.

The truffle and parm chips were AMAZING.

And then my birthday week ended with a little staycation in Dallas for the Packers/Cowboys game. Craig and another former Packers player, Bubba Franks, were scheduled to appear at the pep rally at The Rustic that Saturday night to take pics with fans, sign autographs, tell old stories from their playing days...all that stuff. It's always fun when he gets asked to do alumni events and he has a blast reliving those glory days with fans. And I love getting the perks without having to be in the spotlight myself. 😉

We watched the Packers beat the Cowboys and then after the game we headed down to the locker room area so Craig could see some of his old teammates and coaches before they got on the bus. And then Clay Matthews walked out of the locker room and Craig introduced me and we got a picture. #birthdaymade 

In 2018, my parents came to town to spend the weekend with me. We walked around downtown Mckinney, went to a high school football game, and just hung out.  Turning 37 was a lot less eventful than the previous year but still perfect. :)

After my parents left, I went out to dinner with those sweet friends of mine again! 😍

And last year, we had so much fun!! Craig and I started off the weekend at a wedding at a local vineyard...

...and then I had the (stupid) idea to take the boys to Six Flags (alone) on a hot Saturday, during Fright Fest, the day before a home Cowboys game against the Packers. Not a great call. It was insanely hot, it was super crowded and then we missed the memo that Fright Fest turns a little satanic after 7pm. So I definitely traumatized them a little too. #momfail

But then on Sunday, we loaded up the car for the big game! Packers vs Cowboys at home again this year and it was the boys' first-ever NFL game! We were all pretty excited!

We had the best time and it was such a great way to celebrate with all my guys.

(PS: If you're a Packers fan and want to read more about Packers stuff including all of our trips there over the past few years, you can find it all HERE.)

Ahhhhh, memories. ❤

And before I leave I wanted to ask if you guys could offer up some prayers.

On Friday, we found out that my cousin, Rosalie, had passed away earlier that morning after her house caught fire in the middle of the night. Her fiance was able to get their two girls out of the house and to a neighbor but he wasn't able to get back to Rosalie and their 3yo son, Cam. Rosalie didn't make it and Cam is not doing well at all. He's been in a hospital in Little Rock and they've been told that he's got severe brain damage and is still in a medically induced coma as far as I know all due to smoke inhalation. (No burns, thank goodness.) This sweet boy needs all the prayers he can get so please please lift him up if you think about it throughout the days ahead. Rosalie also had an 8yo daughter and a 20yo daughter plus 2 sisters that she was very close to as well as her fiance. It's truly heartbreaking.

Thank you, friends. ❤



  1. Next year, we're celebrating your birthday BIG, friend. B.I.G. By the way, when I look at that pic of Andrew and Craig on the sidelines...I just see trouble. ;)

  2. Prayers for your family.

  3. I hope you had a fantastic birthday and oh my goodness prayers for your cousin and her family!

  4. Prayers for you family!

  5. Happy birthday! 39 looks good on you!! Hope Mason’s arm gets better soon!

  6. Glad you had a.nice birthday! I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin and her family My prayers go out to you all!

  7. Happy Birthday! :) I'll say some extra prayers for your family - may they all feel love and healing.

  8. Happy Birthday to you! I hope it was amazing. I am so very sorry to hear about your cousin, her little boy and her entire family. My heart is going out to all of you in a huge way. Praying hard....


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