Tuesday, June 22, 2021


On Saturday morning, I woke up late and found Mason and Craig already in the pool. I went outside to see what they were up to and when I came outside they started to look at each other and smile like they had a secret. They said "Guess what? We've got something to tell you that we think you'll like."

I said, "Did we win the lottery?!".  😂

They said, "No but it may be something almost as good! We're going to Louisiana this weekend and you can stay here if you want to!". Turns out Craig had decided at the last minute that he wanted to drive to his parents' house in Alexandria, LA (about 5 hours from us) and surprise his dad for Father's Day. Remember them doing this last year and I was the one with the surprise when they got home?! (See: Chuck the Rescue Pup. 😉) Best surprise ever!!

This year, I was happy they were going to go again because they love it there and they get to see their cousins. They also said they were going to take Chuck which I was not super happy about because I see him as the baby of the family and I worry. 😂 I'm his main caretaker so I'm nervous when he's not where I can see him. But Charlie just LOVES Mimi and his "aunt" Sadie (their poodle) so I knew he'd have fun too. 

I had plans with friends that night already and had a ton of errands I needed to get done this weekend before the boys' birthday party today plus I needed to get a few more plants to round out our new landscaping. I've been putting it off for 2 weeks because I hate that kind of thing but it needed to be done. And also, I love having the house all to myself so I was happy to the opportunity! 

The boys packed themselves (it's fun when they can do this themselves!) and then sat around waiting for Craig to get home from his QB training while I gave them strict instructions on taking care of their fluffy brother.

They look so old. I can't even...

Also, Mason bought this Bass Pro Shop hat off a website (I don't even know where) for $4 with his own money. I have no idea why. It was a very random purchase. 😂

After they left, I took on an enormous amount of laundry. It has gotten so backed up because the boys jump into the pool with their clothes on then need new clothes to change into after that. So I feel like our laundry has doubled or tripled lately and I'm about to lay the hammer down on that. Swimsuits only from now on. One outfit per day. And they're also going to be helping out with the laundry a lot more this summer.

All of the clothes in these baskets are clean clothes that need to be folded and put away. (Who am I kidding? I don't care if they are folded. Just put them away!!) Right and middle baskets are all the boys' clothes and the big one on the left is all Craig's. (Mine go straight into the closet right off the laundry room.) Little basket at the end is for random socks with no mate and they get paired up as we find them.

Also, these big baskets are one of my favorite Amazon purchases. They hold SO MUCH and are such great quality.

My girlfriends came over later to hang while we had the whole house to ourselves. We had all the plans to go get in the pool but we never really made it off the couch. 😂 We didn't take any pictures but my friend, Pam, did bring me and Dani one of these adorable beach bags! How cute is that and y'all...it was $5!! She got them at Five Below so if y'all have one of those around you, go get one! I found it on their website here too.

I can't believe this thing was 5 bucks. I would have easily paid $40. It's even cuter in real life.

Sunday was Father's Day of course and since I'd just seen my parents the week before I didn't go home to visit even though I wanted to. I just had so much to get done that day.

Here is my sweet daddy though. He is one of the greats. 

And so is this guy. ❤

The first thing I needed to do was head to the store for allll the party stuff. Plates, napkins, chips, candy, balloons...all the things. The boys' birthdays were actually in April and May but we always have a big joint birthday party with the giant waterslide at the house in June. This year, it got pushed back a lot because of rain, baseball and Dad being gone for football camps. So yeah..random Tuesday for the win! ;)

I also needed to get more plants at our local nursery. When my parents were here, they helped me redo our front bushes that had all died during the storm and then we also added some crepe myrtles along the super ugly fence line in the backyard to try and cover it up a little. I decided we needed 2 more so I went back to grab those and one more to put in front of Craig's office window.

Apparently, I grabbed the wrong growth stage though. I knew I'd mess it up somehow. The two new ones I got are basically teenagers compared to the babies that we planted 2 weeks ago. 🤦‍♀️ In my head, they were fairly similar in size when I bought them. When I got them home, they looked like this. 😂

If you look close you'll see a baby one on the far left, then the new big one, then another baby one and then another big one (still need to plant that one). Ugh. I know that they'll even out at some point but I'm really wishing they were all the same (big) size right now. Plant people: Would it be bad to dig up the ones that have been there for 2 weeks and move them elsewhere so I could get two more of the big ones? Would that be too hard on them with all that moving around? #help

I did manage to get in some pool time too. It's so nice to get in the pool without people doing cannonballs next to you every 6 seconds.

(Love these new earrings! I've been wearing them nonstop. Visor is from Amazon and that cute tumbler is from my Etsy shop!)

I just started this new book and its really good.

Love this.

So while I was doing all that, the boys were doing this.

They love getting to see their cousins, Scarlet and Sailor.

I asked Craig for more pics and he sent me these...

Mason thinks its some sort of tradition to play in the dirt at Mimi's.

He can be a little extreme. Craig said he was filling up his pants with dirt and dumping it on his head.

Silly boy. And also...when I saw this picture of him all I could see was Craig. They've never looked more alike than in this picture.

All the boys got home safely last night around 7:30 and now we're prepping for tomorrow's big fun.

The waterslide people should get here tomorrow morning to set up the slide, the party starts at noon and will just go until they people come to take the waterslide back, I'm guessing. This might be the most chill party ever. I booked the slide on Thursday, we texted friends on Friday and the boys said they don't even want birthday cake. 🤷‍♀️ We've got tons of candy, cookies, rice krispie treats, chips...and we'll probably grab some pizzas. $5 to whoever pukes first. 😂

If you want to see how I surprised the boys last year with the waterslide during Covid (since we couldn't have a party), you can read all about that here. It was definitely a memorable birthday!!



And now, it's time to announce our giveaway winner from this blog post last week!!

Congratulations, SUSAN ANGVALL!!

You are the winner of the $20 Gift Card to the boutique (HERE) & will get the bag of your choice from this cute group! You'll have 48 hours to get back to me so be looking for a message from me on Facebook since that's the entry that you won with! (I'll email you as well.)

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I told y'all last week that I was brand new Stylist with Closet Candy Boutique. Eeek! So fun!! I bought my first piece from them way back in 2016 and have ordered stuff from them many times over the years. Everything ships from Scottsdale, AZ, its a husband and wife team that started it all and I think that's awesome. Plus--everything ships FREE and how often do you find boutiques that have that?!

Here are a few things I've gotten in recently that I'm loving.

The Tiger Tee is awesome and so are these joggers. (they come in a bunch of different colors. Wearing a small in the tee and I sized up to a medium in the joggers because I wanted a cozier, more relaxed fit. I've definitely got a booty and thicker thighs (despite what the flattering angle of these mirror selfies shows) so a medium was a great choice. A small would have worked too but in cozy clothes I do not want to feel squeezed anywhere. These are soft and perfect for the cold A/C if you tend to get cold in your house in the summer no matter what the temp is set on (me!) and they'll aslo be staples this winter too I'm sure.

These sandals have been on repeat for a couple of weeks now. I never thought I'd ditch the flip flops but these are even more comfortable, they go with everything and they are so much cuter. They come in 3 colors and you will hear me rave about them for the rest of summer, I'm sure of it. The straps are super soft and pliable too which I didn't anticipate. Only $35 shipped too!! You won't be disappointed! Runs TTS.

I'll save a few more favorite new pieces for Friday but they get new arrivals in almost every day, their new America's Sweetheart collection (for 4th of July!) is SO GOOD and again...fast and free shipping. 

Shop it all HERE! (If there are weird redirects, just click on through. Not sure what that's about but I get them over here sometimes. It's safe. 😘)

And one last thing! It's Day 2 of Amazon Prime Day and I've been posting all kinds of great deals in my Deals Group on Facebook! Be sure to pop over and take a look if you haven't yet! If you haven't checked out the deals yourself yet, you can see them all HERE.) I'm starting a new monthly giveaway for my most active members too so like/comment/share pics of what you bought for the chance to win a little goodie from me each month!

Now if you need me today, I'll be making sure 20 middle school boys enjoy the heck out of their day!



  1. Yes, you can totally move the baby plants…just make sure to give them lots of water and some plant food. It will look great!

  2. SOO jealous of your weekend alone. That's my dream. Maybe I need to dream bigger....
    Caroline @ Dramatic in the Best Way


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