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 Welcome back, y'all! Two blog posts in a row after a weeks-long hiatus?! What is happening. 😂

Unfortunately, if you're not on board our little collagen train or have absolutely no desire to learn about it, you'll probably want to skip this post. 😉 But please come back next time!! No hard feelings. ❤️

Modere's Black Friday sale starts TODAY (I'm not sure exactly what time it will go live but it will be by tonight for sure) but it's pretty huge and they are bringin' it with the sales, deals, and freebies.

UPDATE! DEALS ARE LIVE! Don't forget to hurry to put in those orders before all the goodies sell out! See them all here. REMINDER: New customers, make sure you see my name as your referral person when you register/create your account. If you don't see it automatically, type in AMANADA10. If you don't, you won't get an additional $10 off.

So my job, as your rep, is to get you all the info you need and get you set up as easily as possible. I've learned that one comprehensive blog post seems to be the easiest way to reach the masses, so here I am. 

Honest to goodness, I've seen such huge changes in my body once I stopped just canceling out my supplements with bad choices. I was maintaining easily but once I started to do the things below--more water, moving more, staying away (for the most part) from bad carbs and fried foods...I saw HUGE improvements. Who knew I even had muscles still?! And yes, some of this comes from just being more responsible with lifestyle choices, for sure! But I've never been able to maintain my muscle tone while also losing weight. I've never seen the scale drop this quickly just by adding some basic workouts a few times a week. This is what it's done for my body composition. 

Last month, 40 hit me hard, I'm not gonna lie. Like seriously--how am I 40?! Panic mode was turned up to high. So I decided I was going to fight this stupid aging crap with whatever I could. And now, I haven't felt like this in 20 years. Discipline, supplements, and a little bit of exercise help tremendously.

Now, let's get into it! I'll try to link everything I can here as soon as they pop up on the website but until then, you'll just need to make a note of what you want and keep checking back either here or on the Modere website. I'll be sure to post on Instagram/Facebook in my stories when they are ready to shop!

PRO TIP: Try to get your orders in within the first day of the sale in order to make sure you get your freebies! Last year some things sold out on the first day! I am more than happy to place your order for you if you don't want to mess with the hassle of it all too! All I would need is your log-in info and the 3 digit code to your credit card on file. I will not need to know your credit card number unless you want me to create the account for you.


The biggest news is that they have brought back BLACKBERRY Trim this year because it was such a huge hit last year and everyone was mad when it sold out. So it's back this year again, as a limited-time-only flavor (as far as we know) and they've knocked off $10, given you a free purple spoon (so pretty!) and new customers will get an ADDITIONAL $10 off too. It is super yummy and kind of tastes like blackberry cobbler. Fat-blasting, muscle-toning, and collagen-infused.  #yesplease

UPDATE: Purple spoons no longer available. 

As a reminder, Trim is our fat-blasting collagen. It's loaded with CLA which is designed to inhibit fat storage and increase that lean muscle. This means it works on your overall body composition so commit to it, throw away your scale and focus on how your clothes fit, measurements and pics. It also has a dose of the most effective collagen on the market in it so you're also getting some hair/skin/nails/joints benefits in there too. Trim is 1tbsp a day and if you want to hit the recommended dosage of collagen, add on the Biocell (Life, Skin, Pure, or Sport) at night to get that full coverage.


Now, when you purchase one of these Black Friday Deals or ANYTHING that includes a Blackberry Trim, you'll not only get the spoon but if your order is over $100 (after discounts), you'll get a FREE bottle of Carb Blocker. If it's over $200, you'll get a FREE box of Chocolate Trim Singles ($60 value!) which are so perfect for traveling and on the go. You won't get both. It'll be one or the other. So now we're at money off, free spoon, and free doorbuster. Not too shabby, right?


The rest of these are collections and bundles that are part of the sale. All of these will get you a doorbuster if over $100 before discounts. You will see the Doorbuster added to your cart automatically. If you don't see it in there at the very end of checkout, make sure your total before discounts is over $100/$200. Message me at any time if you need help! Instagram is the fastest way! (@amandanall)

*All of these deals are prices before tax and shipping. Tax will depend on your location and shipping is around $7.50.

These deals cannot be added to smartship. They are a one-time-only purchase.

(Also, I know I am skipping numbers below but I didn’t want to overload you with all the deals! So just message me if you’re looking for something specific that’s not listed here!)

Deal #1:

The Blackberry Trim. $10 off, plus another $10 off for new customers plus the free spoon.

See it HERE and add anything you want to your order to get it over $100 for that free carb blocker.

Deal #2:

Holiday Trim Duo Blackberry and Vanilla Trim (2 months worth), free spoon, free Carb Blocker, additional $10 off for new customers. 20% OFF!

See Hoiday Trim BB & Vanilla HERE. Blackberry & Chocolate HERE.

Deal #3:

1 box of Chocolate Trim Singles and 1 box of Biocell Pure Singles. (Perfect for travel!) Comes with a free Modere Travel Case and is 13% off plus an additional $10 off for new customers. See it HERE. (A great add-on!)

Deal #4: Holiday Liquid Biocell Collection

Love the liquid collagen but want to try them all? Grab this 4 pack with one of each formula! Life, Skin, Pure or Sport. New customers will need to add on something small to get it back up over $200 if you want the free box of Trim Singles because your $10 off discount will come in to play. Consider the Fresh Breath Collection or a hand soap and room spray.

Deal #5:

2 Bottles of Life, Carb Blocker, Digestive Enzymes, Trebiotic and Activate. This is a fantastic one if you're looking for gut health plus collagen. It'll come with a free box of Chocolate Trim Singles and will be another $10 off for new customers.

Deal #7: 

Hey hey!! All my girls who have been wanting the Lean Body System!! It's down to $135 plus another $10 off for newbies! Comes with a free spoon and Carb Blockers. See it HERE.

Other little bundles we've put together to get you some savings and freebies! Don't forget you can add on extras (anything) to get you over $200 if you want the free Trim Singles instead of the Carb Blockers!

Trim Duo + Body Firming Foam:

Save yourself $40 with this collection! 

Lean Body System + Life:

This one is a FAN FAVORITE!!! If you're looking for weight loss, muscle toning and anti-aging goodness (skin, hair, nails, joints) this is the one you need! New customers: It'll take $10 off at checkout so you'll need to add some little thing to get it back over $200 if you want that Free Box of Chocolate Trim Singles. See it HERE.

This one is SO popular! One bottle of Life and one bottle of Blackberry Trim, the free spoon, and a Carb Blocker. See it HERE.


Grab this duo of Trim in Vanilla and Blackberry or Chocolate and Blackberry plus a bottle of Life and get the free spoon, a ton of money off and the free box of Trim Singles!

Vanilla/BB + Life HERE
Chocolate/BB + Life HERE

This one includes a box of Chocolate Trim Singles, a box of Biocell Pure Singles, 2 bottles of Life and a free travel bag. PLUS the $10 off for new customers and an extra box of Free Trim Singles. HERE.

This little trio is my personal daily routine. I mix the Trebiotic (pre, pro and postbiotic) with my Trim for an amazing little treat and then you also get a bottle of Life. This may be my favorite deal. Don't forget the additional $10 off plus the free trim singles! See it here.

Lean Body System, Trebiotics for that gut health, and a bottle of Life plus the free spoon, $10 off for new customers and the Trim singles. See it all HERE.

Looking for skincare deals? This one is our BEST ONE EVER!!!

You get all the good stuff. The best moisturizer I've ever used, the instant tightening serum, the bubble mask, the new double cleanser (that is freaking amazing by the way), lip complex, eye cream AND the Body Firming Foam for 50% off. You're also getting the hanging travel bag for free plus another $10 off for new customers AND the Chocolate Trim Singles. Whew. Grab it HERE.

So those are some of the most popular deals we've got going on but you can always check them all out HERE. There are so many! 

Grab anything that says Promo and then make sure your cart is over $100 for the carb blocker or over $200 for the singles.

As a reminder, you'll see my name (Amanda Nall) pop up as your referral person but if you don't, use the code AMANDA10 in the referral code box. (It's not a promo code.) All discounts will be taken off at the very end of checkout and you will see your freebies added to the cart automatically once you qualify. If they don't show up, message me! I can help!

Pretty please message me with questions! I'm Amanda Crain Nall on FB and @amandanall on Instagram. 

Thanks, friends! Hope you get some good deals!!


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