Tuesday, June 7, 2022


 Happy Tuesday, friends! We are kicking into summer mode over here which means wrapping up spring baseball, starting summer camps, and adjusting to later nights and later mornings. 

We've actually been out of school since May 20th and we wasted no time jumping into summer. Matthew has already had his first high school band mini camp (HIGH SCHOOL, Y'ALL!) and Mason went to church camp--both within our first week of summer.

Can I just take a minute to brag on my kid?? Matthew will be in 9th grade in the fall and he has become quite the little saxophone player over his 3 years in middle school. He's been racking up honors and awards like crazy lately and was 1 of only 4 incoming freshmen who made the Honors Band for next year. He's nervous about marching for the first time but he's feeling pretty confident in his saxophone skills. He thought he'd go in being so far behind everyone older than him but he quickly realized he can more than hang with the big boys. Am I possibly dreaming of him getting a college band scholarship?? (Razorback red, perhaps???) Oh, I definitely am. 😂

No pressure, son. 😉

We had to get his physical done before camp and I am still wondering who this MAN is on that table.

Now Mason has surprised us all with his own band skills. He made the middle school Honors Band (trumpet) next year as a 7th grader and to say he has come a long way is a huge understatement. 😂 (For the record, there are 3 bands. Concert, Symphonic, and Honors. Honors Band is the hardest to get into. I had to have someone explain it to me so I'm passing along that info. I need a book on Band Lingo.)

Mason's first love will always be baseball though. And then probably football. And then food, family, friends...not necessarily in that order but it's possible. 😬 So I'm not sure band will be a long-term thing for him which is fine with me. Sometimes I want to take that trumpet and...

Anyway, I dropped my little social butterfly off for his first overnight camp and he was PUMPED.

He had a great little group of buddies going but he is completely unbothered if he finds himself in a situation where he knows no one. He just makes new friends. No biggie.

Narci sent me this pic of Mason on the first night. All smiles. Of course.

Look at that group!!! That is a LOT of campers.

He got to go tubing which is his favorite lake activity and also had people signing his body like he was a giant cast. 😂 

While he was doing that, I was doing this.

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Craig was out of town for a football camp so I headed to Dani's for a little Memorial Day Weekend pool party with her fiance and some of their friends.

And then a couple of days later I was sitting in a parking lot at midnight waiting for this kid to get back.

So many kids. So many buses. So many smiles. So many hugs.

Happy to have my boy home! He had the best time!

And that's a little life lately wrapped up in a nutshell. I've got a look at this past weekend, a new book review, and a Favorites post in the works, though! Is my blog finally coming back to life now that things have slowed down?! I kind of hope so. I miss the little blog community!

Remember that you can always find me on Insta and FB! Everything is linked below. See you soon, friends!



  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    High school band is a whole thing! Our band does LOTS more than most of the surrounding (we are in TN); but man, Texas bands do it BIG! Enjoy - it's exhausting but I'm already dreading the end.

    1. Yes!!! We have been warned for years! It's not cheap either! 😬 But we're ready! I think. haha

  2. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I’ve missed your blog posts - so glad you’re back! Your family is beautiful. I have one son who’s going to be 16 in a few months, and like you, sometimes I wonder who the man is that sits in his seat at the dinner table! 🤗

    1. It's crazy!! They go from little toddlers to teeangers so fast!!

  3. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Glad you're back to blogging...I've missed you- as you seem so real and chilled!

  4. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I am a band mom to an incoming senior (who will be drum major this marching season!) and sophomore. And my husband is a band director. We met in college marching band. So clearly, band is a THING for our family! :) I love seeing kids finding their passion and simply just enjoying it. Have so much fun!

    1. Oh wow!! Congrats to your senior!! And thank you so much!!


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