Friday, June 17, 2022


Happy Friday, friends!! Girls, I am here with a Friday Favorites post after I don't know how long. I am not done with this blog, y'all so keep coming back! I'm here. I'm getting back to it. I'm finding my groove again. So let's get to it!

I met my girls out for dinner this week and snapped a quick pic before I walked out the door. My favorite "dressy" jeans, a casual little summer cami, my everyday flip-flops with just a touch of sparkle, barely-there makeup, and minimal jewelry is my go-to look during nights out in the summer.

jeans | similar cami | flip flops | earrings were a gift :)

But another reason I showed you this pic was to talk HAIR. Y'all, I had Covid back in January. Super mild case, nothing more than a crazy bad headache for a day, major fatigue, and some sniffles. BUT, apparently, it did a number on my hair. Have you heard that Covid can make your hair snap, break and/or fall out months after you've had it? WTH?! Mine isn't falling out thank goodness and honestly, I thank my liquid collagen routine for that. (Don't roll your eyes at me, y'all! That stuff is worth its weight in gold!!) 

But I feel like over the past few months the ends of my hair have become very brittle and snap off with just a tiny little tug. I've had the ends trimmed and started some strengthening shampoo/conditioner a while back but it has been a battle to get my hair healthy again.

I know the shampoos for strengthening your hair are great and all but I just don't LIKE them! They may help make my hair healthier and stronger but they don't seem to fight frizz or make my hair soft and shiny. So the other day I was at Ulta and decided to switch to something different.

I literally had no idea what I was looking for. I just wanted my hair soft and shiny and smooth again. But I knew I also needed help getting it healthy and strong again. So when I passed by these fun little bottles with the words Glossy on them, I thought it would be worth a shot since that sounded like the look that I was going for.

So I grabbed the shampoo, conditioner, and the shine spray with heat protection. They weren't drugstore cheap but they weren't crazy salon expensive either so I figured why not test them out and report back to you guys! Since I still needed help with all that breakage, I grabbed a new bottle of Olaplex No. 3 because if you know, you know with this stuff. Am I right? It's got a cult following. It's amazing for your hair and I'd been out for several months. It was time to get back to it.

And now I am happy to report that I really like all my new products. The Verb products are all vegan, paraben, and sulfate-free which, if I'm being honest, I usually hate. They just never seem to lather well and I never feel like my hair is really clean. This shampoo had a similar feel but I realized I just needed to add more water to get it to lather up the way I wanted. Easy enough.

After I get out of the shower now, it is noticeably easier to brush out (super easy actually) and already feels smoother. I spray the heat protector on right before it's time to blowdry. I was a little disappointed the first time I finished blowdrying. It didn't feel as smooth and perfect as I was hoping it would be. But when I used my flatiron to smooth it all down like I normally do, even before I curl it or add waves, it immediately felt like I'd hoped it would. Smooth, soft, shiny, and healthy. I was a fan.

So if you're wanting to switch hair products, be sure to give this stuff a try! I found it at Ulta (here) but I linked it above on Amazon because we all know Amazon is typically faster with the shipping! 

While I was at Ulta, I picked up a couple of other random hair finds. These little bow hair ties are the cutest!! I got them in the black 2 pack and the cream and light pink and I wear them every day. They hold your hair tight just like a regular ponytail holder but that little bow adds a cute tough. And they look adorable on your wrist.

I didn't find this at Ulta but it's another great hair find. If you don't already know, southern girls aren't afraid of a little teasing (hair-wise, of course). I don't do it a ton but when I do, I need a comb that will give me a little lift and volume that will stay. Sometimes my hair can be a little too clean/slick/shiny and any teasing I do just falls flat within minutes. This little teasing comb is so good though! I actually got this at CVS when I walked by it and grabbed it on impulse. (Impulse shopper here. Who else is guilty?! 💁‍♀️)

I couldn't find this exact one anywhere but there are a ton like this on Amazon so I'm linking the most similar one here. Cheap but a nice little tool to have in your stash when you need to give those roots a little boost.

Where are my Steel Magnolia fans? Y'all know Truvy knows what's up! 😉


Favorite #5 is really just a reminder that I have a Daily Deals Group on FB if you want to join or if you're already a member but haven't checked it out in a while, stop by! Be sure to turn on notifications to make sure you don't miss a lightning deal or promo code that expires fast!

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And finally, it's a sweet pic of me and my big high schooler! Right now, he's into that long shaggy hair that's just all the rage and it drives me crazy because it covers his beautiful blue eyes. But he's not hurting anyone with that mop so it is what it is. But isn't he cute?! Love him!

This hat is one of my go-to's. If you follow me on Insta then you most likely have seen me wearing it a ton. I should probably get another color or something to switch it up. But it's got the hole in the back for a high pony or messy bun or whatever you want to do and I love that in the summer and when I'm in the pool.

And I know you can barely see this swimsuit top but I got it at Target. It's currently on sale for $12.50 and comes in a ton of colors. (I'm about to order a few more.) And it just fits me like it was made for me. I absolutely love it. I switch out the bottoms a lot to mix it up too. I'm between a C and a D in cup size right now and went with the C on this one.  I can't swear it'll fit you perfectly but it's worth a shot if you're looking!

That's all for today, friends! Come back next week for a book review! I'm reviewing 3 chick-lit books and 3 thrillers and they were all good!

Have the best weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the ones you'll celebrate!



  1. Great post! My hair has really struggled lately; I've been blaming the Texas heat and dusty/dry environment. But I had COVID in January, too, and now I am wondering if that is the culprit.

    1. Oh I'm sure this TX heat isn't helping! But I've never had my ends snap off like this before! It's crazy. And it's not just my ends. Sometimes its all the way into the middle of my hair shaft. It's bizarre.

  2. Just want to say I'm so excited to see you're back to blogging! Absolutely can't wait to see your book review either, those are always my favorite posts of yours (love them all though)!

    1. Thank you, Ella!! Book review should be out tomorrow!

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Glad you're back!

  4. So I have fine hair that dries out especially with coloring it every two months and tangles bad, also frizzes some in our dry winter climate. I was told to buy this by salon and though expensive I love it. I spray on my damp hair after shower, then heat spray and then blow dry. I will say the one bottle lasts a long time as only wash hair few times a week. I'm going to try what you recommend for daughter though as she has frizz!

    1. I love getting new product recs!! Thank you! I'll check it out for sure!

  5. Those wristbands are adorable!!! And I've heard of Verb but never used it many fun ideas, Amanda!

  6. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I had terrible covid hair. my hair fell out in clumps for months! i barely had any left. it finally quit and is growing back. but that was really tough to live through


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