Monday, August 28, 2017

Back to School!

Yes ma'am.  Today is the day.

It is FINALLY our turn.  Mckinney kiddos go back to school today and although I will (surely) miss my little rugrats tearing through the house at top speed with 4 of their buddies right behind them, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake multiple times a day, I've gotta say I'm happy to release them to their sweet teachers.

Shocking, I know.  ;)

But we have had a great summer.  We've gone on a couple of trips, we've hung out with friends a ton, we've BBQ'd, gone to movies, eaten ice cream, stayed up WAY too late and slept in WAY too long and done an enormous amount of cannon balls.

We're done now.  Summer is over.  The crazy busy schedules can start up again and the temperatures can start to drop.  Crying fits can ensue over ridiculous homework assignments that seem pointless but probably aren't (???).  Showers will happen every night now instead of jumping into the pool and letting the chlorine cover it for a couple of days.  (Don't judge.) And best of all, bedtimes will once again exist.  #canIgetanamen?

Today we will take pictures in the front yard at 7am and the boys (Matthew-4th grade and Mason-2nd) will meet up with the neighborhood crew to walk to school on their first day.  It is up in the air if I will tag along on that walk or not.  I have plans to meet up with my girlfriends in downtown Mckinney for the annual back to school breakfast and my hair WILL be Day 2 dirty since I washed it Sunday before church.  So I'm not sure if walking to school and getting sweaty, sticky and frizzy will help that cause much.  ;)  Plus, the boys are SO OVER me walking them to their class on the first day. #sonotcool  We'll see how that plays out.

So since today is our official first day back, I wanted to show you this cute little Homework Caddy I whipped up last week!

For starters, this was not my idea.  I have been on Pinterest (follow me HERE) for awhile looking for back to school organizational tips.  And since I knew homework is our biggest struggle, I searched for some homework tips.

And this is what I came up with!  

A super cute Homework Caddy that holds basically anything we will need to get homework done!

 In the past, we were always hunting for pens, pencils, markers that work, scissors etc when it came time to do homework.  We just did not have it together.  And we all hate homework.  

So this year, when it's homework time, we just pull out our little caddy and get to work!

Here are the details if you want to make your own.  Obviously, you can buy all of this stuff at Walmart, Staples, Target or wherever but I'm linking them in case you don't want to hit the stores for more supplies.  (Amazon Prime is my BFF.)  Just click the things below that you might want!

Homework Caddy:

Storage Caddy (possibly sold out in the mint color but also available in silver!)
(UPDATE:  I LOVE this clear caddy!)
Colored Pens (my FAVORITE!)

I've added a few of my other favorite caddies from Amazon below.

My kids are actually excited about homework (right now...) because of this thing!  I'm hoping it'll help set a homework habit which will include less whining and crying.  ;)

And here are a few pictures from Meet the Teacher last week!

Just realizing he met the teacher with a hole in his shirt.  And probably his shorts too.  She'll get used to it.  ;)

They all wanted to ride bikes up to the school for Meet the Teacher night.  I drove.  They regretted it.  It was hot.

We are super excited for this school year! Both boys have great teachers and are ready to get back at it!  So thankful for a school where I have zero worries and know they will be just fine.

See you back here Tuesday or Wednesday!  I've got some random catching up to do and a new recipe that is always a hit with my family!

And if you missed Friday's "Friday Favorites:  End of Summer Edition", be sure and check it out here!  I focused in on some of my favorite MVPs from this summer!

Happy Monday, y'all!

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  1. That homework caddy is SO CUTE!!!!! What a great idea!!

  2. Happy First Day Back! Hope your boys have great days!

  3. Happy first day! I hope the boys have so much fun and you enjoy your lunch! I love that storage caddy!

  4. Happy 1st day of school! We start next Tuesday! Definitely looking forward to getting back into the routine. Super cute caddy...may need to try...esp like the timer idea!

  5. What a great idea! Ella doesn't have homework this year!! 🙌🏼 Praise the Lord.

  6. love that homework caddy! I would have looked forward to doing hw if I had that when I was a kid!

  7. Amazon Prime is my BFF too! We have a mutual BFF! LOL Hope your boys have a fabulous school year. I love love love that I am over all of that. My babies are 28 and 24 and both college graduates. My work is DONE. LOL!!


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