Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites #24.{End of Summer Edition}

Happy Friday!!

Today I decided to do an End of Summer edition Friday Favorites.  Kind of an MVP list of all my summer favorites in one post.   So yes, you've probably seen these favorites before but these are all things that are tried and true, so I can fully recommend!  ;)

Of course, I'm linking up with my girls Erika, Narci and Andrea as always!

So let's get started with this Super-Sized Edition!


When I was going through pictures of the summer, I noticed some definite jewelry standouts that were on repeat like crazy all summer long.  

I know you've seen these a million times now but they are definitely an MVP of the summer.
These earrings were my first thought when I thought of summer favorites.  I got them in clear/silver and jet during the Anniversary Sale and they have become my most worn earrings ever since.  They are such high quality and the colors are so gorgeous.  (There are 7 colors to choose from!)

I wore the Jet color here on our way to Gulf Shores!

And then of course, there are my favorite big earrings.  I also got these at the beginning of summer and I've worn them dozens and dozens of times!  

And if big earrings just aren't your jam, they do come in a smaller size!  (I ended up buying them in silver AND gold!)

I've got them in the biggest size because....everything's bigger in Texas???

Go big or go home??  

I just like big earrings...and I cannot lie??  (Ok, I'll stop.)

Big ones (like mine) here.

Smaller ones here.

I've also been wearing these adorable gold and white beaded fringe earrings so much.  I am so glad I got them in white because they go with so much more!  (Although I think I'd wear them just as much if I'd gotten them in black and the turquoise ones are just gorgeous...)

Find these other earrings here:  green earrings / multicolored earrings / white earrings / gold necklace (another staple!!!)

And finally, some of my very FAVORITE bracelets!!

The colorful bracelets are super old.  But the white and gold studded ones are AMAZING!!!  Y'all, if you need a good solid piece of jewelry that you can wear all the time (so you don't feel too bad about spending the money on it), get one (or two!) of these bracelets!!  Pair them with your watch or add them into a cute little stack.  I was on the fence about the white one when I got these and I am SO GLAD I SPLURGED FOR IT!!!  

Seriously, ladies.  You won't be sorry.

And I can't not mention my gorgeous blue/green stone bracelet.  I am crazy in love with it still and have worn it every chance I get.  The good thing about this is that it comes in so many colors!!  I definitely need it in more of a neutral color for the fall!

I'm also on the hunt for a new gold or gold/silver watch so if you have any suggestions, let me know!  


This summer I was all about lashes!  This is still my very favorite mascara and I've tried A LOT of mascaras, girls!!  

No, I don't have lash extensions.  Those are all mine!  I do use LashBoost though which has worked so well for me.  You can get it from any Rodan + Fields girl.  (Hint:  I got mine from Erika!)

You can also see my pretty green earrings from favorite #1.  ;)

I've also been using this amazing eye brightener/concealer DAILY.  As in, every single time I actually put on makeup...and even when I only slap some on halfway.  It brightens my eyes immediately and hides those dark circles that tend to happen to me no matter how much sleep I get.  I think it's just hereditary.  But this really helps!!

And my favorite nail polish has to go to OPI Shorts Story.

It's been on my toes all summer long and on my fingernails whenever I actually decide to do my fingernails.  It's hard for me to keep nail polish looking good on my hands in my line of work!

Beauty products.

  I love a good beauty product.  Anything that promises to make me look younger--yes, please!

But here are a few that I've tried, I've loved and I've actually noticed a difference!

All you have to do is pour this bottle (below) into this jar of cotton pads.  And then once a day, after you wash your face, give your face and neck a quick wipedown.  

I still remember the first time someone asked me what I'd been using on my face lately.  It was about a week after I'd started with this and I was so happy something actually worked!!!  My skin was brighter, clearer and just prettier overall.

Find it here!

And speaking of that certain "glow", I ended up with this "Glow Tonic" after our gift exchange with our Sunday School class and I love it!  Clearly, anything that makes my skin glow, look brighter, more even or younger, is perfect for me!

I use this at least 4 times a week but not at the same time as my Exuviance.  (And you can see my "Shorts Story" nail color there too!)

And since we are all about to start losing that golden glow, I know I'll be keeping these favorite tanning products on repeat.

My favorite product that I use the most is the new Jergens Natural Glow.

And every morning, before I put on my makeup, I use the Jergens Natural Glow for my face.

For the fall/winter, I use the Dr. Dennis Gross face and body towels to keep some color.  I swipe them on after my shower at night, stand around in my birthday suit for a few minutes letting it all dry and then put on my PJs (on sale!!) and get in bed.


Holy cow, I've read so many amazing books this summer!!  You can find my Mid-Summer Book Review here but I wanted to spotlight just a few of them in my number four spot today.  Definitely, go back and checkout the review though!!  There's just no way I can cover all my favorites here.  And come back next week for my August Book Review!  (Follow me on Goodreads here!)

I also need to add in (in case you are new here) that I am an Audible FANGIRL.  Straight up.  It just works with my lifestyle and I get to read soooo many more books that I would if I had to make time to sit down and just read.  I don't have time for that y'all.  I am a multitasker 16 hours a day.  And even when I sleep, I do THIS weird thing.  So technically, it's probably a full 24.

But I love to read.  So here are a few of my favorites from this summer.

I know I've been gushing about Kristin Higgans books lately.  Well, it all started with these two books  (If You Only Knew and On Second Thought) and I don't know why I chose these out of all of her books to start with, but I'm glad I did.

I've now read I think 5 of her books and these two are still my favorites by far.  So if you like chick-lit, romance, drama, and witty characters that you can relate too and who make you laugh you MUST buy these two books!!  Trust me, you'll read the first one (If You Only Knew) and you'll finish it, think to yourself "THAT WAS SO GOOD!!!" and want to read another one.  So go with "On Second Thought".  It brings in a cameo of the characters from If You Only Knew but other than that is a completely different story but just as good.

I've also added a few new Elin Hilderbrand books to my collection this summer.

The Identicals.  You'll love it.  How can you not?!  If you love chick-lit, sisters, girlfriends, beach towns,'ll love it.  

And The Matchmaker.  Oh you'll cry.  But it'll be a good cry.  And it's such a great story!!!!  Add it your cart, ladies!

Favorite posts.

This summer we had 2 trips as a family.  One was to Waco for a super fun family reunion where we also hit up Magnolia!

Find Part 1 and Part 2 of our trip here.  We had the BEST time!!

I also shared our week long adventure in Gulf Shores, Alabama in Part 1, 2 and 3.  :)

And then my 25 Random Things About Me post seemed to be a favorite among y'all and I totally get it.  Weirdness is funny and random facts about people are the BEST!

So if you want to read mine, go here.  :)

And if you need a yummy Mac-n-Cheese recipe, check out my post from Tuesday!  Pin it and save it for Thanksgiving, your next BBQ or tailgate, or just for a yummy dinner!

So there ya go!  Some of my favorites from this summer!  I couldn't fit them all in so if you want to browse my past Friday Favorites you can go here and just click on "older posts" once you get to the bottom.  Or check the right side of my blog for search topics, blog posts and blogs I love!  (Available from the desktop version only).

And I always do a Bonus #icanteven on these Friday Favorites posts so here is today's!

Today I bring you...


Your eyes have gone directly to the crazy, awful, weird plastic on this model's gorgeous legs right?  You think that's what she's modeling?

Nope.  You are wrong.

The actual product she's modeling are these SWEATSHORTS.

So first of all, sure, whatever.  Sweatshorts.  I'm sure they are comfy.  No biggie. ($140 by the way.)

But why, why, WHY pair them with these high heeled, clear plastic, knee high shoes!?!

I get that you just probably can't find a lot that would go with these shoes.  (Can we even call them that??)  But aren't they kind of stealing the spotlight from the shorts you're trying to sell?   Who is in charge of styling?!  Kanye West??  (Oh wait...  Yes.  Yes he is.  The brands for both of these are Yeezy.  His brand.  #stupidname  #notafan)

At first I thought the plastic things were the product shown for sale.  Right?   But nope.  It's the shorts that you can find here.  And then you can click on the Yeezy brand (eye roll) "tubular boots" to view them in full.  And for $950, you will most definitely get noticed. 

So that's Friday, y'all!  I hope you have a great weekend and we'll see you back here for our first day of school on Monday!!  Whoo hoo!!!  



  1. I hope you guys enjoy your LAST SUMMER day!! See you tonight!

    1. We're excited for another season!! At least until it gets cold! 😉

  2. What a fun roundup!! I am loving all your fun earrings! I need some new earrings in my life for sure! I want that mascara and that eye brightener! Ahhh this post just cost me a lot of money LOL

    1. Don't worry...that's how I feel too after I blog hop!! 😂🙈

  3. Oh my goodness! So many good things in one post!! I cannot stop reading those Higgins books thanks to you ;) .

  4. I got those Kate Spade earrings in the berry color this summer and am loving them!!

  5. Looks like a great summer! I need to get on the Audible train but I like reading books for the experience of flipping through pages...I tried to read a fiction book this book and it took me 1.5 months to get through a third of it so I give up :) But I could try non-fiction (I love self help books) on Audible. And those boots and shorts...geez! I'm so curious if there are people that actually buy this stuff.

    1. There is nothing better than flipping pages! I prefer that too. I just never have time to sit down and do it! It's the only reason I had start Audible. Not reading at all just wasn't an option! Haha. Now at least I get the story and it'll only take me a few days to finish so I get to read ("read") sooooo many more books than I ever would without it. But I love being able to sit down with an actual book for sure!

  6. Yeah you'll definitely get noticed in those plastic leg shoes, but not in a good way 😂 Ha!! I can't stand Kanye either!

    1. Right?! Hahahaha! And yes, Kanye West is the worst!!! He used to be fairly normal back in his Golddigger days! Now I cannot stand him!

  7. I'm reading the Kristan Higgins Blue Heron trilogy now. I'm enjoying her books!

  8. Love your jewelry.

  9. I love all your jewelry! Since you're a jewelry gal you should check out the new line at Target, it's like a Baublebar collab or something, super adorable stuff!

  10. OK those shorts and plastic boots are RIDICULOUS!!! Of course they are Kanye West ;) haha.


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