Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Favorites #23. {8.18.17}

Hey hey hey!!  It's Friday and I know we are all happy to see it!  Today I am back for my Friday Favorites and linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika as always!

I recapped "A Week in the Life:  Beach Edition" from our recent trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (yes, it took 3 posts!) and have to include one of my favorites from the trip.

Specifically, this Athleta tankini top which is 100% my new favorite swim top.  It's cute, provides great coverage but also lifts and shapes in all the right places.  ;)  It is the greatest for waterpark fun as well as chasing around your kids without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

And the best part is that it's on MAJOR SALE right now!!  Almost 60% off!  Originally $84 and now only $33.97!  And fit wise, I sized down 1 from my normal bra size.

Find Me.

Last week, Shay posted about this documentary on Netflix called Find Me.  Find Me follows several families on their journey to adopt from China.  Since I have so many close friends who have adopted from China and gone through that exact process, I was especially eager to check it out and see a little more of what went on behind the scenes.  

And oh my goodness.  This documentary WRECKED ME. (in a good way)

I watched it while I worked on orders on Monday and I was just a puddle of tears almost the whole way through.  I am a very emotional person as it is.  Just looking at a cute kid can make me well up sometimes.  So to say I was a mess during this would be a huge understatement.

I'm telling you.  Watch it alone.  You will ugly cry.

I texted Shay halfway through it to tell her I was a sobbing, blubbering mess and that I wanted to bring them all home!!  Especially Little Miss So Sad (who is nicknamed that because she never smiled...until she went home with her new family of course!).  And I loved seeing a little boy being adopted as well.  To see the instantaneous connection the little boy and his new dad had, had me reaching for even more tissues.  This little boy straight up bounced out of that orphanage.  I'm surprised he didn't just throw up a peace sign, sling on his backpack and hightail it out of there!

But the documentary made my friends' journies to bring home their baby girls (Ashby, Madeley, Britt, and Willow) so much more "real" to me.  I don't even know if that's the word I'm looking for but you know what I mean.  But now, anytime I need a good (happy) cry, I'm going to be watching this documentary.  

I hope you watch it.  And who knows how many people it will inspire to adopt.

We are trying to live up the final days of summer!  I don't love the end of summer but I am excited about cooler weather, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice everything, sweaters, and booties.

But for now, it's all about swimming every chance we get... at our end of summer pool party for our Sunday School class!

Staying up late and getting to play electronics way more than during the school year...

...and prepping for the new baseball season with some batting practice, pizza and popsicles!

With me, summer is my favorite...until it just isn't anymore.  Does that make sense?  Thank goodness for seasons, because I get bored easily.  ;)  #changeitup

The shop is back in full swing!  Here are just a few of the orders that have gone out this week!

Mrs. Lukens is going to be using her cute hand sanitizers as bathroom passes this year which I thought was such a cute idea.  One for girls and one for boys.  These are a great little teacher gift and are refillable so she can use them forever!

Find them here.

I've had a ton of orders for these little name signs!  Lots of teacher names but I can do any name/word.

Find the name signs here.

And of course, some of my best sellers!  These super cute and super practical stainless steel tumblers are just the best.  Right now I have them in stock in hot pink, light pink, mint, aqua, and lavender with so many font choices and font colors available!  Make it your own!

Find the light pink, lavender and aqua ones here.

Hot pink ones here.

Mint here.

And I had to include this sassy coffee mug!  My friend, Brooke, bought this from the shop to give to Narci for her birthday.  You would never guess it looking at her but she is known to get her gangsta rap on in the carpool line sometimes.  ;) 

Find these glitterdipped coffee tumblers here.

And then a random assortment of others that I was able to stop and snap a pic of before I boxed them up and shipped them out!

Find the Plexus listing here for the multicolored water bottles.
(For the bottles but with a name instead of Plexus, go here.)

Plexus listing for the pink confetti travel tumblers here.
(Non Plexus listing for the same tumblers here.)

Multicolored 22oz tumblers here.

And if you'd just like to shop around, go here!  :)

This obviously isn't a favorite.  But I wanted to acknowledge the unimaginable terror that went on in Barcelona yesterday.  There are no words.  But I am praying so hard for all of the people affected.  I am praying for a blanket of comfort, peace, grace, mercy and love to fall on them as they heal and mourn.  Hate in any form has no place in this world and I cannot wait until Jesus calls all his children home.  

I'm going to end it here today and will be back with a fun #icanteven for next week's Friday Favorites.  Have a great weekend, friends!



  1. Oh my gosh I didn't know anything happened in Barcelona. That is just so terrible... the world is such a scary place. Have a great weekend! Hope you can stop by my blog today =0)

    1. It is so scary now. Which is what they want I guess. :( And I will definitely stop by your blog today!! T

  2. I love Athleta's swimwear -- it holds up so well and fits like a dream!

  3. What happened yesterday in Barcelona is so sad and terrifying. I am also right there with you on the end of summer (not my favorite time either). But all the little peeks at fall is making me happy. I love that tankini. Happy weekend!

    1. Spring is probably my very favorite but fall is a close second! I just wish we got more of a true fall here. It's so stinkin' hot until late October and then sometimes we are even sweating on Thanksgiving. (It could be 30 or it could be 80!). Crazy. Happy weekend!!

  4. Girl please tell me that when your kids were a little younger, you actually looked forward to school! I'm struggling really hard with keeping these boys busy (especially the 5 year old) in this dang heat. I'm officially over summer and can't wait till school. Plus I get to spend some time with my 3 year old a little before little girl comes (he's pure sweetness in a boy and I've never really had one on one time with him since he's #2). And that batting cage looked awesome. Was that in a backyard?!

    1. Ummmm I cannot wait for the boys to go back to school! 😬 I'm only torn because I selfishly know I will have to start waking up early again. And I hate that. 😂😂😂 Mine have been so bored this week because they've had most of their friends from the 'hood gone on vacation! So it's been a lot of screen time and "I'm boooorrreeed!!". Normally, they are running around with friends from sun up to sun down so it's not hard keeping them entertained. This week has been tough though! And yes, that's in Mason's coach's backyard! Pretty cool, right?!!

  5. I had no idea anything happened in Barcolona 😬 I know you are happy to be back to work!!
    My kids were over summer too... I'm just happy to be back in a routine.

    1. I can't wait to get back to a routine...and also work on orders during the day without having to take 1200 breaks to make sandwiches, find shoes, or--my personal favorite--investigate what that big crash was. ;)

  6. Hey hye! I'm popping over from Friday's link up :) Loving your blog so far, I can't wait to look around! Thank you for sharing that Athleta swim top!! I've been wanting one ever since I saw my SIL in it! Your Etsy shop is SO cute!!!

    Lizzie -


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