Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Back-to-School 2018

Yesterday, was bittersweet.  I sent my two baby boys back to school but y'all...it couldn't have come at a better time.  I love my kids to death but it was time.

I'm going to be super honest and let you know that this mama was giddy for the first day of school.  My kids are older now so it wasn't dramatic.  Fifth and third grade.  They were ready.  I was ready.

My HOUSE was ready.  

I am so over the Nerf darts scattered throughout the house, the Legos that are hiding in the carpet and half drunk water bottles laying everywhere.  We won't even mention the wet bathing suits all over the place and the random items of clothing dropped carelessly in every single room.  Why is there always someone's underwear in the middle of my living room?!  And why is it not on your body!?  (Mason...)

Over it.

Ahhhhhhh!!  Lego hell.  God bless that mama.

And then we have this.

I posted this first day of school meme (I miss Dawson!) on Instagram and it made me laugh because it is just so true!  (I would pay good money for my kids to still be 5 years old and just going to Kindergarten though.  I may be over it but I'd do anything for them to be little again!)
I had friends who sent their babies to kindergarten yesterday and I swear I teared up just hearing them talk about it.  I did not tear up sending mine off to 3rd and 5th grade though.  ;)  (But I totally will next year when I send Matthew to MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!  #Lordhavemercy)

As far as the first day of school planning went, Matthew had his outfit planned out the night before.  Stereotypical first child.  And Mason kept telling me "Mom, I know what I'm going to wear!".  So I didn't question it.  I don't dictate what my kids wear as long as it isn't outrageous and, honestly, it's hard to go wrong with athletic shorts and tshirts.  Right?

So when I saw what Mason was wearing yesterday morning, I didn't think much about it.  But as I was taking their picture in the driveway...hmmm...  I asked him where he got the shirt he was wearing from because I didn't remember washing it since the last time he wore it (Saturday I think?).  And he told me it was in the dirty clothes but "it was on top and it didn't stink so it was ok.".   Gahhhh!

So I smelled it.  It was fine.  I'm pretty sure he put it on after his shower Saturday night and then just wore it to sleep in.  But still.  Everyone is wearing their new clothes to school on the first day and Mason didn't think twice about pulling his favorite new shirt out of the dirty clothes and throwing it on. #thisismylife

They were ready to get going so I snapped a few as they were leaving and that was it!

As a side note, we went shopping for new school shoes this weekend and Matthew fell in love with these bright red shoes.  At first, he had the black and white versions that I was completely on board with...and then he saw the red ones and begged for them.  I tried to convince him to go back to the black and white ones because they wouldn't clash with half the things in his closet but ya know what...


I let it go.  If it made him happy and it's what he wanted then it wasn't worth the fight to try to convince him otherwise.  And he'll grow out of them in 6 months so I'll choose my battles in other areas.  ;)

This will probably be the last day either of them match for the rest of the year.  And that's ok with me.

Once they were off, I went back inside to finished getting ready for one of my favorite traditions...

...breakfast with these sweet mamas! 

This was my 3rd year to be part of this tradition with these friends and it is always so much fun!!  These girls make me laugh SO hard every time we get together.  We have so many things in common.  And I always leave them feeling blessed, happy and thankful.  Cheesy, I know.  And I hate cheesy.  But it's the truth!

When I got home from breakfast, it was time to get to work.

But first, I lit my new candle from Bath & Body Works.

I'm WILLING fall to come sooner rather than later...  Good luck with that, I know.  This candle is yummy!

At one point, I ran to Home Depot for more wood and then did this.  It's not my favorite part of my job.

But I've got a ton of teacher sign orders and plan on knocking them all out within the next day or two.

I sent out quite a few today that I had finished up this weekend.

And I also sent out one of my favorite fall signs!  Are we ready for that pumpkin spice latte yet or what?!

I also did quite a few sparkly teacher cups for the first day of school.

My friend, Brittany, posted this picture to her IG and I thought she made it so cute!  She added a gift card and some ribbon and it's just adorable.

Find my Etsy shop HERE for all these goodies and so much more!

After school, I waited out in the driveway to see my boys come riding up.  Because I really did miss them.

As soon as Mason jumped off his bike, he took his shirt and his shoes off because he was "sooooooooo hot!".

Pssst pssst:  Those water bottles are from my shop too!

We chatted about their first day and everything went well!  They both have awesome teachers and are so comfortable at their school.  I knew everything would be great but it was good to hear it from them.

And so it has officially begun.  Before we know it, it will be Halloween.  And then Thanksgiving.  (Disney-bound!) And then Christmas!  And then we'll be begging for Spring Break to hurry up and then the countdown will start until school is out for summer.  As much as I hate that life passes so quickly, I love that there is always something to look forward to.

So here's to an amazing year!!

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And a few favorites today...deals end SOON!!

These ball earrings are only $4.99 right now!! (Yes, the same style that Carole gave Sonja in Cartagena.  Where are my RHONY fans?!) 

This cardigan is perfection!  It comes in several colors and is cute, comfy and gives your outfit a little texture with a small waffle weave.  I'm trying to decide between orange or yellow!  Only $16.99!

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  1. Breakfast with friends, check! Pumpkin candle, check! You and I being on the same page, check, check!!

  2. Wahoo!!! HPpy to hear they had great first days!!

  3. Love the breakfast with friends tradition after seeing the kiddos off on the first day of school!

  4. I love the idea of sparkly water bottles for teachers! I'm going to have to remember that around the holidays!

  5. I love Mason wore a shirt from the hamper...boys...and sooo classic. I am sure he wasn't the only boy who wore a "dirty" shirt on the first day. Again, not worth the battle.

  6. I LOVE that your kids can ride their bikes to school!!
    And y'all's breakfast tradition is awesome!

  7. I love that you are so real! This post about boys was so funny! My little guy is only 3, but I can totally see these type of scenarios one day-- wearing dirty clothes on repeat, ha!


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