Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Baseball & False Alarms.

Baseball season is officially in full swing around here!  (See what I did there?)

Both boys are playing baseball and Mason is also playing football (flag).  So things have gone from fairly calm to super busy.

Thursday night was Matthew's first game of the season.  He was so pumped to get back out there which made me so happy.  He has really started to get more serious about sports and I credit baseball for helping him gain more confidence.  He's a naturally more reserved kid.  Definitely an introvert.  And has always pumped the brakes when it comes to trying new things or doing anything in front of a crowd.  There were times we weren't sure he'd want to stick with sports.

But he has really come into his own now that he's one of the few pitchers on the team and was chosen for All-Stars for the first time last year.  He still has no interest in playing football which is honestly, fine with this mama, but he does have a great arm like his daddy so I know Craig's slightly disappointed he won't get to groom a protege.  At least not with him.  Mason's football future is wide open so we'll see what happens with him.

For the past several years, Matthew's team was the Cubs--hence, the blue cleats and blue helmet.  This year, they switched names to the Angels for whatever reason.  So half the team is still rockin' the blue.  Matthew's cleats are practically brand new so he's going to be super patriotic until he grows out of them.  ;)

Friday, I worked all day but when the boys came home from school, I packed it in for the day and we headed to the backyard for some fun and relaxation.

I'm still reading An Anonymous Girl on my Kindle and it's starting to get so good! It is the new book from the authors of The Wife Between Us (my favorite thriller EVER) so I've got high expectations.  It's an advanced reader copy (an "ARC") so there isn't an Audible version yet which is why it's taking me so long.  I'd have it knocked out in two days if I had the audiobook.  The book will be released in January.

My August Book Review is coming later this week or early next week by the way!  If you can't wait that long, you can check out all my past reviews here.  So many great books!!!

Saturday morning, we had the most unlucky time slot.  The dreaded 8am game.  It's torture to have to set your alarm for 6:30am on a Saturday.  TORTURE.

But it was Mason's first ever kid-pitch game so it was totally worth it.  And Mason got brought in as the second pitcher of the game!  I was so nervous for him but he did great!  I mean, he DID hit a kid at one point but the kid was fine.  #takeyourbase #walkitoff

He was all smiles after the game! 

By the way, if you have kids who are into sports and love/need Gatorade all the time, you should grab these!  I posted them in my Daily Deal FB group yesterday (join here!) and I wasn't even aware until this weekend that Gatorade came in a powder form!  Am I the only one who didn't know this?!  Such a space (and money!) saver!

My kids can never agree on a flavor, so I ordered this 3 pack.  Just add some scoops to your water jug, stir and you're good to go!
And while I was looking for that, I saw this Igloo half-gallon jug on sale.  This is a nicer version of what my kids use but this yellow/green one is 25% off as I type this (subject to change, of course).  I definitely recommend these if you don't already have one!


Later that afternoon, I was folding laundry and the boys were in the living room when we heard our house alarm go off.  It wasn't armed so I wasn't sure what was going on.  We headed over to the wall panel to see that it was saying "Unsafe carbon monoxide levels detected."  Yikes.  We turned the alarm off, opened some windows, and sent the kids outside to play as the alarm company called to check on us.  

We said we were 99% sure it was a false alarm because we had to take out our CO detector out recently to replace it.  And the new one Craig got didn't work. So our alarm gives us a few little random beeps a day to tell us to get it installed.  We had a feeling it had to do with that.

But to be safe (because better safe than sorry!), we had the fire department come out just to check.  The boys thought this was just about the coolest thing ever.

I told firemen I was almost 100% positive it was a false alarm but they told me they'd just had a call the week before where the woman thought the same thing and it turned out her water heater was pumping carbon monoxide all into her house.  So that made me feel better about bothering them to come out to check ours!

Thankfully, it was all fine.  They checked everything out thoroughly and gave the all clear.  I felt bad about wasting their time but they couldn't have been nicer.  And the boys and some of their neighborhood buddies got to see a giant fire truck parked in the culdesac.  So there's that.

I'm sure my kids talked about that fire truck at school all day yesterday.  ;)

Thank you, Mckinny FD!!

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  1. Oh I miss Ian playing baseball!
    So glad it was a false alarm but my kids would have loved the fire truck too!! :)

  2. Way to go, Mason! Love that big smile on his face!

  3. Whoa! Better safe than sorry is right! I'm so glad it was a false alarm!!

  4. Laurie S10:11 AM

    So glad the CO alarm was a false one - but CO poisoning is nothing to mess with - it can make you very sick or cause death. Glad your FD checked it out. Do you have more than CO detector in your house? I think they recommend 1 per level of house - we have 2 in ours.

    1. Yes, it's scary for sure! We actually have 3 CO detectors. Two upstairs and 1 downstairs. The one that was messed up was one that was upstairs so we still had two that were in working order. None of the actual detectors went off, just the wall panel, which is why we were pretty sure it was a glitch. But I made sure the kids went outside and we opened windows and all of that just in case, because you are so right! Definitely nothing to mess with!

  5. Back in the day when there was no coach pitch, my husband took the mound at like 6. I asked him one time if it just bean the batter pollooza! He gave me a funny look and said absolutely! I cracked up. Here's to a great season for your boys.

    1. Hahaha! Yes! My husband says the same thing and I also remember watching my brother pitching when he was so little too!

  6. I’m so glad you posted about that Gatorade powder and those jugs. My boys def need something larger for their water nowadays. Especially in this heat! How fun transitioning to kid pitch, I wish Aiden still wanted to play baseball! Go Mason!


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