Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday Favorites #74. {Birthday Edition}

Guess what??

I think I'm at that age where it's a "Yay?!?" instead of a "Yay!!"  Hahaha.  Getting older sucks.  But here's hoping I'm not even halfway through my life just yet.  :)

And because I know you're wondering...I'm 37.  And I literally spent half of this past year thinking I was ALREADY 37 so there's that. #whydidIdothat

Since it's Friday, I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites!  I worked my butt off all week to get all my Etsy orders done by yesterday so that I could have my birthday off! (In case you have an Etsy order in with me, I mean I finished all orders that were due to ship by today.  The rest of them will ship by their ship date if not before!)

 So if you need me today, I'm going to be roaming downtown Mckinney with two of my favorite people in the world.  My parents!  I have been blessed with a lot of things in this life but the parents I was given is absolutely one of the biggest blessings on that list. Call them Favorite #1.  ;)  

And tonight, my old high school in Texarkana, Texas High (Go Tigers!!), is playing Mckinney North which is the school the boys' will go to someday at our brand new stadium!  How perfect is that?!  So my little family of 4 plus my parents are headed to the big game tonight!  That all sounds like a great birthday to me.

Now on to those favorites...

Earlier this week, I scored a Lightning Deal on Amazon (join my FB group for all those amazing deals, y'all!!) for this jewelry cabinet.  My jewelry storage has been getting out of control lately and I really need to purge some of the old stuff I never wear or that is highly outdated.  So I'm starting with this.  And friends, I am in LOVE!!!

It arrived in one giant box so there was nothing to really put together which is always amazing.

I pulled it out right there in the foyer and it did not disappoint!!

It was heavy, well made, grade quality and so pretty!  And anything that helps me get more organized gives me all those good feels.  Eeeek!

I drug it into my bathroom because wasn't sure exactly WHERE to put it.  This can be hung over the door or hung directly onto a wall.  Since I wasn't prepared to drill holes into my wall right at that moment, I hung it on the door in my bathroom.

It may stay there. It may not.  I was just excited to get it filled!  Also, it comes with two keys so you can lock it if you need to!

Ohhhhh I love that a light comes on when you open it up!

A few things have been rearranged since I snapped these pictures but you get the idea.

The top part holds all my studs and rings.

Tip:  You can stick them straight into the little slits OR take the backs off them and stick them underneath the slits...straight into the black velvet part.  I'm keeping a collection of earring backs on the little shelf underneath. 

The other shelves will hold my bigger cuffs that will fall off the bracelet bar on the other side and my stretchy bracelets. 

Y'all will have to ignore the terrible lighting in this part of my bathroom.  It's a dark spot for sure.


Underneath my earrings are my long necklaces and a few of my other bracelets and my only "nice" watch.

And underneath my long necklaces are my short ones.

And I haven't figured out what I'm going to put on this other shelf and in these drawers but I know I'll find something!  

This cabinet may end up in my closet or even in my bedroom...I'm not sure yet.  But for now, I'm leaving it here to see how it feels.  

Find it HERE on Amazon.  I am SOOOOOO happy with this purchase!!  Totally worth it.  I will be sure to post it if/when I find it on Lightning Deal again over in the Daily Deals FB group!

Well, I've taken the leap into "safe" deodorants.  I ordered the Vanilla Coconut scent from last week and at the last minute added on a $3 travel size one in the Lemon Zest & Pomegranate.  They both smell AMAZING!!!  And as for if they work, so far, I'm completely happy.  It's been two days but still.

I could sniff the Vanilla Coconut one all day.  It's like being on a beach in the Carribean.  #heaven

I'll keep you posted on any reactions or "detoxing" that may happen.  I know that's a thing so we'll see!

Another deal I found this week were these wool dryer balls.  I have friends who use them (and swear by them) so I thought I'd see how they work.  And after a few loads of laundry, I'm a believer!  My laundry is soft, static free and smells good!  My friends say I can add a few drops of my favorite oils to them if I want so I may do that.

They come in this cute bag.

And they are about the size of a baseball.  I wasn't sure how many to throw in each load so I just put them all in.  (Tell me if that's not right!?!)

I do about a million loads of laundry each week so from now on--no more dryer sheets!  That'll save money for sure.  You can find them HERE and I highly recommend them!

I ordered these buttery soft leggings on Jane the other day and I am now their #1 fan.  They have a 5" waist band too which is so comfortable!  Someone asked about them when I posted the deal in the FB group so I snapped a pic of what I was wearing at that exact moment.  A little rumpled but that's what happens when you work from home!

And finally, after more than 17 months, my favorite makeup staple has run out!  I very rarely scrape the bottom of any makeup dish because I always either get bored or find something better before it's completely gone.  (Exceptions are foundations and mascaras.  I'm fairly loyal to the end when it comes to those.)

But this week I finally ran out of my Becca Under-Eye Brightener and even went a few days without it for the first time in 17+ months!  Let's just say I missed it!

I dab it on my dark circles and then follow it up with my regular concealer.  My mom is the biggest skeptic when it comes to almost everything (sorry Mom!) but even she decided to spend the money on this after she used mine when I went home to visit one weekend.  This tiny tub has lasted me 17 months, y'all.  Find it HERE.

That's it for today, friends!  I won't be posting many deals in the Facebook group today since I'll be busy with my birthday fun but you can check out these important links below so you don't miss the good stuff!

See y'all next week, friends!! Have a great weekend!



  1. Happy Birthday, Friend!!! Hope you have the best day!

  2. Amanda! First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Second of all, that jewelry thing is AMAZING!!! That is absolutely fantastic!!

  3. Happy birthday to an October 5th birthday twin! Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day with your family!

  5. Happiest of birthdays!!

  6. Happy, happy birthday!


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