Tuesday, October 2, 2018

In Another Life.

Do you ever daydream about the paths you didn't take?  And what your life might be like if you had?  I do this a lot because I have always been a daydreamer by nature.  It's that part of me that gives me my love for books...and reality shows.  ;)  

I love to see how other people live, fictional or not.  Since it's impossible for me to actually live out all my career fantasies, live in all the different cities, states and countries that I think would be amazing or look a certain way (hello, Giselle!), books and television are the next best thing.  (Blogs are also fun, of course!)

Sometimes I wonder how my life would be if I had taken a different path.  And I mean career-wise.  I'd want to keep my same family.  :)

What if I had gotten a scholarship to a different school?  What if I'd stuck with my first major (journalism) or my second major (3 years of biology thinking I wanted to be a doctor...) instead of graduating with a degree in business?

So I thought it would be fun to share all the things that I might do if I had multiple lives to live.

Hindsight really is 20/20 when it comes to choosing your college major.  And looking back, I can't believe I thought I had any clue what I was doing when I had to choose a major at 18 or even 21.  I might as well have just pulled a major out of a hat!  Because those first two were just wasted time.

If I could do it over again, here is what I might choose.


Specifically Labor and Delivery or Neonata Nursing.  I really think I would have loved working with pregnant mamas on a daily basis and help bring sweet babies into the world.  I've felt a pull towards that since before I was even pregnant...but after I'd already graduated from college.  #ofcourse

I thought this was so funny!  Pretty accurate!

I think being a nurse would be challenging, gratifying, fulfilling, stressful, exhausting, and amazing.  And probably a million other things as well.  But a life well spent.


I think nursing and teaching go hand in hand.  Have you ever taken one of those "what should my career be" quizzes?  I remember taking them from the time when I was in elementary school and all the way through college.  I always ended up in the category that included nurse and teacher.

I think I would have been a great teacher.  I dipped my toes into the teaching pond for several years, although without an actual teaching degree of any kind, my opportunities were limited.  When Mason was 1 and Matthew was 3, I took a job as a preschool teacher 2 days a week at their preschool at church.  I just wanted to get out of the house, earn a little money of my own and love on some sweet kids.

I taught for 3 or 4 years (it's all a blur) until Matthew was in 1st grade and Mason was in his last year at the preschool.  And then I took a full-time job as a PE aide at one of the elementary schools in Mckinney (not my kids) and it was the closest thing I'll ever come to actual teaching.  It was also the best job I've ever had and if they paycheck had been more on par with an actual teacher, I would probably still be there.  You wouldn't believe how little aides get paid.  It's incredibly unfair for how hard they work.  (No wonder they can't get good aides to hang around for very long.  Just sayin'.)

But in another life, I would have majored in education and spent my years as a Kindergarten teacher.  I always loved those kinder-babies. :)


I graduated with a degree in Business.  But I had no idea what I wanted to do with that.  Yes, I was blessed to have bounced straight from college graduation to married life in Green Bay where I didn't need to get a job.  I do think about what I would have done with that degree had things been different though.

In another life, maybe I would have graduated as a single girl, moved to Dallas, gotten an apartment and worked in marketing or advertising.  I always liked the idea of that kind of thing as opposed to anything related to finance.  Finance and accounting classes were awful.  Marketing classes were my favorite.

I'm not gonna lie.  Baby Boom may have influenced me. 

I definitely wanted to be Jaycee Wyatt in another life.

I love that I now have my own business.  It is A LOT to manage all by myself and as it has grown, I've been thankful that I have that business degree because I'm actually using things I learned!  Who knew!  Haha.

But I love making being my own boss, making my own decisions and my own money!  And again, in another life, I wonder where that would have taken me.  

Maybe to an old farmhouse in Vermont selling gourmet baby food. ;)

(If you haven't seen Baby Boom then...well I can't even finish that sentence.  I can't imagine anyone my age or older who hasn't seen Baby Boom.  Please tell me you've seen it!)

So there ya go.  My top 3 "in another life" paths.  Are you in one of those three categories I named?  Do you love it?  Would you change it?  What do you wish you could do if you could live another life after this one?  

There are more careers that would be fun to explore of course if there was nothing stopping me.  You know.  Like talent.  Or lack thereof. 

 Off the top of my head?  Ohhhhh...A-List actress, Victoria Secret Supermodel or Broadway Superstar.  (That last one would actually be my first choice!)  I couldn't be further away from any of those but how fun would it be to live out that life for awhile?!  Just to see, of course.  Because I'm sure they are all just TERRIBLE.  ;)


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Happy day, friends!



  1. What a fun post!! I’ve never heard you sing so I can’t vouch for your Broadway skills but you’d rockany of those top three!

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    I read your blog faithfully and love what you share! As I’m pumping in the morning for my 4th baby, I read a few blogs. Ironically, I am a teacher and HATE it. I so wish I would have done something else. My own kiddos have to come 2nd 10 months of the year, I have to teach in a way I don’t personally agree with and feel isn’t best for kids, and this year I just feel drained. I don’t have anything left to give, but that’s not an option. You always have to be “on.” So all that to say...be thankful you didn’t teach! :). God bless you, and thank you for your blog!

    1. Anonymous4:03 PM

      Couldn’t agree more!

    2. I hear that a lot from my teacher friends! That’s got to be so hard. Thank you for what you do though! Every time I hear a story from a teacher like this it makes me appreciate them even more. ❤️ And thank you so much for reading! I love hearing from y’all! Big hugs to you!

  3. I love this post. I actually went to PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) school for one semester. I think I would have really enjoyed the career, but am very happy (and lucky) to be where I am working now. My "what if" come from different aspects in my life...but I do believe God orchestrates our lives so I am just trying to live in faith that he knows more about plans for my life that I could even imagine.
    Love your blog and how it is so real. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your life.

    1. Thank you so much, Kara! You are so right about how God orchestrates it all. I look back over my own life and it takes my breath away a little to see how everything fell into place.

  4. My BA is in English & Communications, and I went on to get my teaching certification. I taught elementary school for a few years until I started working in Federal law enforcement 20 years ago. I agree that aides and teachers do not get paid enough, and that's the main reason why I left teaching. I wanted to own a home, and I always worked during the summers, because I couldn't afford not to work. I'm very thankful for my current job/career choice because that's how I met my husband, and some days are better than others! ;) I've often thought about working as a psychologist or counselor, because I feel like I'm a good listener, and I have the desire to help people. I also dream of writing a great book one day, and being able to call myself a published author! :)

    1. Love that, Kathy!! I used to want to be a psychologist too actually when I was little! I forgot about that until just now! And I’ve also always wanted to write a novel. 😉

  5. I think I would totally have finished college and been a Nurse! I love to be busy and I love helping people.

  6. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I’ve seen Baby Boom! One of my all time favorite movies!

  7. Love the Baby Boom reference! Didn't we all want to be her at some point? :)


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