Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Favorites #76.

Oh hey there strangers!

Y'all may have been wondering where I've been all week on this blog (or you may not have even noticed and if that's the case, don't tell me, because that is depressing).  ;)

But I've had so many things come up over the past several days that once again, the blog had to take a backseat.  I tend to blog only when I'm in the mood, have something to actually share or have some spare time...or any combination of those three.  Trust me, if I blogged about my daily life every day y'all would die of boredom. Mainly because if I'm not working, I'm with these two knuckleheads and they are at that age where they don't love having their picture taken. They will literally run and hide if I turn my camera on them.  I did get one cute one this week though because they were riding high on the excitement of new Walmart jammies.  ;)  #bribeswork

But usually, it looks more like this...

And this.


Anyway, one of the things that has been keeping me super busy this week is my Etsy shop so I'm making that favorite #1 today.

 My busy season usually starts the first week in November but I've already seen a rise in orders so maybe it's starting early this year?!  I've been doing lots of fall signs but just as many Christmas ones too!  (And I am partial to the Christmas ones...)  I love that my customers are preparing early!  ;) 

All of the following signs can be found here in the shop.

If you do follow my shop (@thatinspiredchick on Instagram) and were wanting to purchase something as a Christmas gift or were wanting a Christmas sign, I wanted to go ahead and get my Christmas dates and deadlines to you now so you can order with that in mind.

 I will be in Disney for Thanksgiving (whoop whoop!) so that will affect my normal schedule for this time of year. I will probably close down during the second week of November in order to finish up all current orders before we leave, and then reopen again for new orders the week of Thanksgiving although no orders will ship until at the 29th at the earliest.  (That sounds confusing even to me.)

As for the deadline to get your order in to get it in time for Christmas, it will probably be somewhere around December 7th.  That'll give me time to fulfill orders within my 2 week turnaround and then a few days to just enjoy my family and the holiday before Christmas.  (It is possible my turnaround time will increase to 3 weeks depending on the amount of orders I get but it will be posted before you order so you'll know!)


Another reason to order early?  My cute drinkware can sell out so fast and a lot of times I'm at the mercy of the supplier when I try to get more. Many times things are backordered or completely out of stock especially around the holidays and it can take up to 2 weeks just to get new inventory in.  So definitely keep that in mind as well.  :)

Bottom line?  ORDER EARLY!

You can find the shop HERE. :)

Reason #2 that I'm busier than usual is my new little side gig with my Daily Deals Facebook group!

It fits in perfectly with my day because I am constantly working on Etsy orders in my workroom which means I'm on the computer A LOT.  (My vinyl is all cut using computer software.)  It's so fun to hop over to Amazon or Jane to find a great deal and get it posted quickly while I'm waiting for my vinyl to finish cutting or a layer of paint to dry.  But it can also be time-consuming because one deal leads to another I know y'all will also love...and so yeah. 

One of most asked questions I get either in comments or in DMs is "Is Jane legit?".  YES.  If you're wondering how they can give such great prices on QUALITY products, here's a little rundown.  

A seller will choose an item (like this cute top for example) and order it from their wholesaler in large quantities which drops the price for THEM and allows them to pass on those savings to YOU.  So don't necessarily think it's a poor quality item if you see it for a great price.  That same top is probably selling on their website for at least double that if not more.  

(Camo top for $16.99 HERE)

The sellers get tons of sales and a little exposure for their business (win!), we get a deal on something cute (win!) and Jane takes a cut (win!).  Everybody wins!

Now, this is not to say that every single seller is perfect and you'll never have an issue.  But my biggest tip is to read reviews and descriptions before you buy.  They'll also help you figure out if sizing runs small, large or true to size (TTS).

(Adorable crossbody wallet in several color options for just $12.99 HERE)

And if you DO have an issue, Jane's return policy says this:  "If you're not absolutely satisfied with your Jane order, we'll make it right or refund your purchase. Cross our hearts!"  They also say you have 14 days to return/exchange and you should contact the seller to handle that.  If you don't hear back from the seller, you can contact Jane at [email protected].

CUTEST Christmas tees HERE

I think I've said it before here but I'll say it again.  I think in over 60 orders from Jane over the past 4 years or so, I've returned one thing b/c it didn't fit and been disappointed in the quality of another.  But I still kept it because I'm the worst when it comes to returning things that I'm on the fence about.

I think Jane vets their sellers pretty well and probably has a pretty strict policy about their product photos being of the actual product...and not a stolen photo and a replicated product.

(Adorable handpainted wood signs HERE for only $15.99!  3 options available.)

And remember that Jane deals are only available until they sell out or for 72 hours so act fast if you see something you like, friends! Since every seller has their own shipping costs (mostly $4 and under for clothing and small stuff), you can check out immediately.  There's no great advantage to waiting until you've browsed through everything and then checking out all at once.  Things in your cart can sell out from under you!

I had to come back and add in that my favorite leggings EVER (buttery soft and 5" waistband) are also on Jane today for just $8.99!!!  I have them in FOUR colors now because I keep going back for more. 

Barefoot Dreams cardigan (the greatest thing you'll ever wear) is HERE

I hope that helps answer some of your questions and calm any anxiety about a website with the cutest stuff at the greatest prices!  Feel free to get your shop on, girls!

As for Amazon shopping, the biggest advice to give when it comes to clothing purchases is to check those reviews!  Also, most Amazon returns are very easy.  I've learned this week that some of y'all didn't even know you could return Amazon clothing!  

You just go into your account and click on "return item", print out your label, tape it on your package and once UPS scans it in, you'll get your refund.  Even before it's found its way back to them!

And speaking of Amazon finds, here are a few favorites from lately.

I grabbed this little floral striped hoodie on Lightning Deal for around $13 last week and it's so soft!  (Wearing a medium.)

And I should have ironed out my collar first but I also love this striped top for under $16.  It's a pretty solid dupe for the one they actually show in the listing. ;)

Whenever you order clothing from Amazon you always need to expect that there will be SOME slight differences from the pictures.  Most of the pictures used to sell clothes on Amazon are stolen from online boutiques and then the sellers try to duplicate the item.  Some dupes are actually really great and some...not so much.  Just read those reviews, pay attention to sizing suggestions and return it if you need to!  Most of my Amazon clothes have been total winners so I say go for it!

Find all of today's Daily Deals and Lightning Deals HERE!

 I follow a beauty blogger called @harmonize_beauty on Instagram and YouTube.  Y'all, she looks like a Disney princess come to life.  She is THE most gorgeous girl ever, has an adorable personality and is also a hair stylist.  You've probably seen her hair all over Pinterest. She also does hair and makeup tutorials a lot and I've picked up some good tips from her.  

So gorg, right?!  Total girl crush.

Anyway, the other day she posted to IG asking what everyone's favorite root booster was and the one that kept coming up over and over with everyone (hundreds of comments) was Aquage Uplifting Foam.  So of course, I headed to Amazon to Prime that baby and get it quick!

I sprayed it on damp hair, at my roots all over the top half of my head and then brushed it through.  I made a point not to blow dry my hair any differently than I normally do so I could see any difference and YES there was definitely a difference!  I'm a believer, friends.  This stuff is good!  I had height and volume without teasing and although I love a little teasing, I don't always have time for that. This is a great root booster and will give you a lift without extra work.

I should have snapped a picture of my big ole Texas hair but I dried it after I got out of the shower and right before I got into bed.  So I didn't even bother to actually fix it.  I just wanted to see the volume.  Next time I actually DO my hair, I'll be sure to show you!  :)

Trust me, though.  It's good stuff!  You can find it here right now and as of the time I'm writing these words, it's also on a little price drop!  (Price can change at any time!)  This is definitely a quality product that won't break the bank!

While I was painting this week, I watched the movie The Miracle Season on Hulu and y'all, it was so good!!  Have you seen it?  I cried my eyes out (thank goodness I was home alone) but oh man...#allthefeels.  If you need a good movie this weekend, try this!  Just be prepared to ugly cry.

The movie is based on a true story (which makes it even sadder and happier depending on which part you're watching) and is about a young girl who is killed in an accident her senior year of high school.  Caroline ("Line") is the heart and soul of the varsity volleyball team and this was their year to defend their state championship title from the previous season.  After Line is gone, volleyball is the last thing these girls want to play but they manage to rally and dedicate the season to their captain and do everything they can to win state again.  If it weren't a true story, I think it would be a little predictable but the fact that this IS true just makes it great.

The credits at the end show real life pictures and video of Caroline and all the other characters from the movie.  I even googled "Caroline Found" afterward to read more about the story.  The movie is pretty darn accurate.  Just remember to grab those tissues!

That wraps up Friday Favorites for the week!  If you're coming over to say hi from the link-up, you can find me @amandanall on IG and Twitter and of course on Facebook.

I also wanted to add that I know some of y'all have commented or emailed me to ask if there was any way you could see the deals from my Facebook group even though you aren't on Facebook.  At this point, no, but I am trying to figure out a way for y'all to see them too.  Since so many of them are Lighting Deals that are only available for a matter of hours (or minutes depending on how fast it sells out), I'm not sure a daily email would work for all of them.  So I may just create a sister blog to this one and post each deal to BOTH the new blog and the FB group throughout the day.  

Let me know if you aren't on Facebook but would love access to all the daily deals in the comments below!  I think the majority of y'all are on FB so I'm curious to see if it'd be worth adding a second location.  :)  With the holidays coming up, this is a great time to join the group!!

Linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea as always!

Happy Friday!



  1. I love your FB group! Yes, your blog was missed this week! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. 1. That pic of your boys makes them look so OLD!! 2. I can't wait to put out your Christmas signs at my house!! 3. You always find the CUTEST tops to wear!!

  3. Yes yes yes to that hair product! Kate from the small things blog has recommend that for years and I swear by it! I first got a travel size from ulta to go try and love love it!!! And I am not on Facebook but would love to see your deals!!!!!

  4. I might live in Washington, but my hair belongs in Texas...big hair for life! I need to try that root spray. I also need to follow that lady on Instagram. Thank you for your great list of favorites. All of your signs gets me excited for all the Christmas decorations!

  5. I love your blog and also all the daily deals and Jane deals you post! Thanks so much! I also order from Jane fairly frequently and one thing I've started to do is, if I like a seller, I jot down their name (i.e. RubyClaire) and type it in Jane's search box and all the items that seller has available on Jane pop up on one page. That makes it easy to find items from sellers whose sizing, quality, etc. I've come to know and like.

  6. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Love your blog & the FB group!! I follow that same hair you tuber as well, have you seen that she even models for some shops on Jane? I want to try the hairspray that she uses. I am a parapro at my son’s elementary school & I have turned so many people at school onto Jane!! I love that it is cute & afforable clothes!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I don't have Facebook, so I would love it if you posted the deals somewhere else!!

  8. I don't have Facebook and would love to see your daily deals! :) thanks for considering another option!

  9. I love your FB group but mt debit card hates it! HA

  10. I love Jane! One time I emailed a seller to exchange a pair of booties that were too large and they told me to keep the larger pair and they would send a smaller pair free of charge! I thought that was so nice. I gave the larger pair to my sister-in-law so she was very happy about that, ha. I also see things from Jane in boutiques ALL the time for double the price. It's a great site! Just wish shipping was free. :)


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