Friday, January 25, 2019


Happy Friday!!

It has been a cold one here this week so I'm extra happy to see another Friday.  It means we're one week closer to warm weather!  January to March are my least favorite months so I'm counting down the days until Texas brings the HEAT!  Although to be fair, our weather is so up and down around here that it could be 80 next week.

Anyway,  today I'm linking up with my girls Erika, Narci and Andrea and sharing some of my favorite things from this week. 


I've mentioned it before but I'm on a mission to Marie Kondo the mess out of my house.  I mean, I'm not lovingly thanking each ratty old tshirt that I toss like she tells you to (bizarre) but I'm definitely all kinds of inspired.

Hahaha.  While I haven't gone THAT far, I have lightened this house of SO MUCH STUFF.  I'll have to show you guys my craft room soon.  I cleaned out the fairly small closet in that room and ended up filling 3 giant trash bags full of crap.  It was insane.  And now it's so organized!  It makes me so happy.

But while I'm doing all this cleaning, I'm also finding better ways to store the things I'm keeping.  Some of the things I've struggled with storing are extra comforters, blankets, and sweaters.

We (I) tend to rotate comforters a lot throughout the year and I usually just fold them as best I can and stick them in a closet.  And then my kids and their buddies end up pulling them out when they go to play hide-n-seek and they just end up in piles and taking up way too much room.

So I bought these storage cube things off of Amazon and stored some extra sweaters that I don't wear a lot but can't bring myself to get rid of just yet, a ton of my summer shorts that were taking up valuable drawer space and my Christmas comforter for our room.

That's a king-sized comforter in there.

They were only $20 for 3 of them which was a no brainer.  I ended up buying another 3 pack this week because I needed MORE and I caught them on Lightning Deal!  I also bought THIS ONE (under $11!) that holds my puffiest king-sized sherpa comforter PLUS a queen size quilt.  Why does this stuff make me SO HAPPY?!  Getting organized gives me life, y'all.  Seriously.

I love these things so much but word of advice.  If you get them and go to unzip them and the zipper isn't working right, DO NOT FREAK OUT.  All of mine did this.  Just play around with the zippers for a second (there are two per bag) and they'll fix themselves.  

If you're looking for more storage box recs, I'm also completely obsessed with THESE.

I've been using 2 of them in my laundry room.  I know I've mentioned this before in my Deals group and probably on the Deals blog as well but in our house, our laundry room is always a disaster.  It's small for one but it's also as far away from my kids' rooms as you can possibly get.  They're basically on top of the laundry room.  So they have to run across the house, up the stairs and all the way over to their rooms to get stuff out of their drawers.  Not super convenient when I'm yelling at them to find socks and shoes NOW.  ;)

So when I pull things out the dryer, I sort certain things into these baskets for convenience sake.  Each basket has a removable divider in the middle and a LID which is awesome and keeps things looking so much less cluttered.  All the boys' socks get matched as they come out of the dryer and tossed into the first compartment in the far right basket.  Lone socks with no partner go in the second compartment and get matched as I find them and then moved to the first section.

One of the other baskets holds all the boys uniform pieces.  So as I pull them out of the dryer, they go straight into the sports basket.  (Jerseys, shorts, cups, sliders, socks, etc.)  That way we (typically) aren't running all over the house looking for uniform pieces.

The other compartments hold Craig's lone socks until they find their partner, as well as mine.  And then the last one holds the boys' winter hats and gloves.

This works so well for us and these new storage boxes (baskets?) are a huge improvement over the wicker baskets we used to have that were always overflowing and always looked messy.  The lids on these are so great.  So yeah.  Love these.  They come in a 4 pack.  I use a pink one in my closet to hold all my gloves and hats on one side and all my clutch purses in the other.  Craig uses the final one on his side of the closet and I'm honestly not even sure what he keeps in it.  And I'm too lazy to get up and go look.  ;)

These are great quality and I can't recommend them enough if you're looking for something like this!

Find them HERE.  (As I type this, there is a 6% clickable coupon for them as well but that can change at any time.)

I know I complained about the cold earlier but y'all, we got SNOW last Saturday!  It was there in the morning and melted before noon but the boys had a great time playing in it.  

Does anyone else have a kid who just REFUSES to wear a coat?  Mason is mine.  He calls his hoodies "jackets" and thinks that's enough in 30 degree weather.  I told him he had to put a hat on at least and he said he'd just put his hood up.  He's 8.  I figure it's best to just let him learn the lesson on his own at this point.  But I swear, he just doesn't feel cold.

The boys went around the front and back yard scooping up as much snow as they could to make snowballs for an "epic snowball fight" with their neighborhood buddies.

One kid in a coat, beanie, gloves and snowboots and the other in a Nike hoodie.  With his hood up.  ;)

As I was cleaning out my craft room closet the other day, I found my sorority scrapbook and started flipping through.  I haven't done a post in my Rewind Series in a long time so I'm thinking my next one will be all about those sorority days!

My sorority days were not always perfect (gahhhh the girl drama...) but this picture has always been a favorite. And yes, I'm wearing an Arkansas tee even though I was at a Louisiana school.  haha.  It was hard to let go of my U of A dream!  ;)

I make a point to alert y'all every single time I see these leggings on sale!  They are only $8.99 right now and are the softest leggings EVER.  I love the high waist and own at least 4 pairs of these now.  

You just can't beat that price.  And they wash and dry perfectly!  Trust me, I've washed and dried mine about a hundred times by this point.  ;)

And since we're talking Jane finds, I am obsessed with this bag!

It comes in 2 color schemes and has amazing reviews.  So pretty for spring but don't let that keep you waiting!  Deal ends soon!!!

Jane is the (did I just say that?) for clothes, shoes, accessories and also "home" items!  I have one of these platters from this fall that is so adorable.  But I am loving these new everyday designs!

These are very high quality, are virtually unbreakable, can be put in the dishwasher and used as home decor (prop it up on a cute stand) or used as an actual platter when you need to bring food to a party.

There are tons of designs to choose from as well as fonts and honestly, these are platters you'll keep forever and probably hand down to your daughters or daughters-in-law someday.  And on Jane, you're going to get the best price you're going to find anywhere.  So yes, I love these, recommend them and can't wait to get my new one in.  ;)  These make amazing gifts too!!

And that's all I've got today, friends!  To shop all of Jane (you really should at least look) check HERE and if you haven't joined the Deals group, you can find that HERE. You can also find me on Instagram HERE and my Etsy Insta HERE

Have a fantastic weekend! 💕



  1. It has been so dang cold here too. But we haven’t gotten any snow. I’m ready for warm weather.
    I had to “cut ties with Jane” Ha. I was spending way to much money bc I needed everything! hA.

  2. Those storage cubes though!!!!! How fantastic are they?!?!

  3. I’m thinking you got more snow than we did or your boys were super skilled at making snowballs out of the tiniest dusts of snow??

  4. My older boys are 12 and 13....time you are a thief....and do not own jackets, just hoodies and we live in PA! They also do not wear pants. Shorts only.🤪I'm like whatever. I will fight more important battles. Happy Friday.

  5. Oh I have been on a decluttering mission to. It feels so good. I love those storage containers for blankets and the ones in your laundry room. Have a great weekend!

  6. Would you post a review of that purse if you get it? I keep eyeing it every time it is posted, but since they don't show the inside, I just can't pull the trigger. I am picky about the inside of purses. Ha!

  7. I LOVE a good Jane find, I find myself browsing that site often! Also- I totally remember going through the "I don't need a coat" phase as a kiddo and I live in Chicago where it gets FREEZING! Ha, thanks for sharing some great favorites, happy weekend!

  8. I am totally buying those zipper storage units for my extra blankets! Thank YOU!

  9. My husband even wants to organize his clothes after watching Marie Kondo. ;) haha! So I think I should be thanking her, because usually I'm the only one decluttering this house!


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