Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Hey, friends!  Welcome to the first What's Up Wednesday of 2019!
What's Up Wednesday
It's been a busy month around here but really, when is it NOT busy?  There's always something going on or something to do.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this.  So let's see what all we've been up to lately.


I mentioned this in my Instagram stories the other day and it is worth mentioning again.  I have been OBSESSED with this jalapeno jam lately!  I've been doing SO GOOD over the past few weeks sticking to low-carb, healthy meals so that I can get myself back to where I'd like to be weight/fitness wise.  But sometimes I get those cravings where you don't even know what you want.  You just know you want something that isn't super healthy.

This jam is my JAM!  It's spicy so you can't eat much of it before you are done which is perfect!  But it's sweet too and then add in the salty cracker and it's the perfect little snack to quash cravings.

I limit myself to 2 crackers and that's really all I need.

My parents picked this up for us in Jefferson, TX at a little General Store there and I haven't been able to find anything like it around here.  So if you know of some place that sells jalapeno jam (or jelly) LET ME KNOW!  I did find quite a few similar options on Amazon so that could always be my backup.  Amazon never disappoints!

And speaking of healthy eating, I have been LIVING on roasted okra lately!  Random, I know.  But it is so good!  No one else in my family eats it but that's fine with me.  I don't like to share. ;)

I love that I can eat a whole plate full of this stuff and not feel guilty.  ;)

And it's also so easy.  I buy the frozen okra, drizzle a little olive oil on a sheet pan, add a touch of salt and then roast it.  I'm experimenting to find the optimal roasting time/temp combo so I can't tell you a sure-fire method but this last time I cooked it at 400 for about 40 minutes.  Every time I've done it, no matter what temp and for how long, it has been so good though.  I just wait for it to get brown and crispy.  

If you like roasted okra and have a tip on that, let me know in the comments!


I love these girls so much!  Dani (the one on the right) stumbled across this old picture of us last night and sent it to us.  It was taken during a girls night at a bowling alley a few years ago and it is one of my favorites!  I'm not sure what I'm doing exactly but apparently, we were having a lot of fun.

We've already decided that on our next night out, we will be bowling once again.


My new Pilates Reformer!!  I talked about this a little in my "one little word" post the other day but I did it! I bought my own!  Last week, I was trying to decide between going to pilates classes (with the reformer) a few times a week or just getting my own.  I ended up deciding to just get my own.  Honestly, I know that I won't be able to commit scheduled class times.  My days are always different so this just works better for me.

I'm experienced with the reformer since I used to take classes all the time (almost 10 years ago!  Eeessh!) but when I got back on this thing, muscle memory just took over and it was like no time had passed.  I've been working out every day with YouTube workouts and other random videos I've found but I really don't even need those.  I know what to do and it feels so good to be back at it again.

Here are a couple of the workouts I've been doing in case you are wondering what the heck a reformer even is.

I had to do some rearranging up in our playroom/loft area and I'm still working on making it perfect so when I do, I'll be sure to post pics.  If you have any questions about this, I'd be happy to answer them for you if I can!  You can always message me on IG or comment below!


Saturday night, I went out to dinner with my friends and the boys commented on me looking "so dressed up."  I had on jeans, a black sweater and my favorite leather jacket (currently 40% which puts it a little over $50!  Total steal!) but apparently, when you see mom in yoga pants and paint splattered tees all day every day, this is dressed up.  Haha.  So we snapped a pic

That picture also reminded me that I really need to schedule a hair appointment. Those dark roots in front make my hair look dirty or greasy or like I gelled it?  (I swear I had just washed it.)  Ugh.  Being blonde was a lot more fun when it was all natural. ;)

We've also been up to...


How cute is #11?!  Love him so much.  He's currently the leading scorer on our team!  Way to go, Mason!  (Don't let that fool you.  We don't typically score more than 6 points a game.  hahaha)

And did you see where it snowed here a couple of weeks ago?!  It wasn't much but the boys made the most of it.


Craig's busy season starts up next week!  He is one of the main coaches on the Elite 11 tour which hosts quarterback camps all over the nation from February through June.  He is gone a lot during that time, although most camps are quick overnighters and then he's home again.  But still.  It wears on him for sure and it's not always fun for us either.  Especially once baseball season starts up.  

But then again, it's also like having one less person to clean up after/cook for/share the remote with so there's that too.  ;)


This month has been all about those #watergoals and #onelittleword signs!  90% of my orders have been water tracker tumblers or water bottles and the signs!

I've also added a couple of new mini ones! 

I've got plans for more but I've got to get through all my current orders first.

The other 10% have been these new coffee mugs that seriously, are so nice!!  

I've got these mugs in a ton of colors and they really do keep your coffee, tea, cocoa or whatever you're drinking so much hotter for so much longer.

You can find my Etsy shop HERE if you want to look around!


We are headed to a fun murder mystery dinner party next week that I'm pretty pumped about!  Craig will be playing a successful dentist turned crossing guard (what?!) and I'm a child psychologist...we are also estranged.  Ahhh! I can't wait.  These are always so much FUN!!!  I hope I'm the killer!  Or I at least can figure out who it is.  ;)


Watching:  Celebrity Big Brother, The Bachelor, Real Housewives of NJ, Atlanta and soon to be BH, Vanderpump Rules, A Million Little Things, Grey's, This Is Us...I mean...the list goes on..and on...

I did watch something new though!  The other day, I finished my 4th audiobook for the month and decided to take a break and binge-watch something instead.  So I was browsing Netflix and saw a show called Yummy Mummies.  Have you watched this?  It's a new addition to Netflix I think but it's got a real housewife feel except these women are in Australia and are all heavily pregnant.

Image result for yummy mummies

I binged the entire first season and while it wasn't the best show EVER, it was highly entertaining.  There is a mom and daughter team that you will love to hate.  They are insane.  The most obnoxiously spoiled, label-obsessed people ever.  For their sake, I hope it was all scripted but I really don't think it was.

If you're looking for something fun to binge, try it!

As for what I'm reading, be sure to come back next week for my January Book Review!


I live in tees and yoga pants every single day.  Almost all of my tees come from Jane and I've never been disappointed!  Right now, I'm crushing on their 80s inspired tees featuring Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears!

How fun are they?!  

I adore Jane tees.  You can't beat their prices and these are legit shops with soft tees and great quality products.  Most of them are only around $13!

Basically, everything I wear lately comes from Jane.  I may have a problem.  ;)

I just ordered these shoes and can't wait for them to come in!

They come in a ton of colors and are under $40!


My parents are coming in on Thursday and we always love visits from Nana and Papa!  My mom's birthday is Thursday so I'm trying to figure out the perfect place to take her to celebrate.

That's all I've got for today, friends!

Be sure to check out my Daily Deals page for more fun finds this week!  And if you prefer to follow the deals blog instead, I'm so sorry I haven't been posting there this week!  If you ever go check there and see that it's all quiet, check the FB page instead.  I post daily on the FB page but if I'm swamped with Etsy work, then I don't always get to the deals blog too.  And this week, I've been swamped.  Next week should be a lot better though so keep checking both places if you are a deal lover!  ;)

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. I’m still LOVING my coffee mug!!!

  2. I've been thinking about that pepper jelly since Saturday. Hahaha! That with a cracker...YUM!

  3. You are right...blonde was more fun when it was natural!!! I am so glad you ordered those shoes. I want to know all about them; I've been debating them. So I am a Fort Worth girl, but spent last weekend in Plano for a baby shower. Have you been to Legacy Hall? Might be fun to celebrate your mom! I love all the selections and sweet treats!

    1. I got my shoes in yesterday and just tried them on as I was walking out the door today and they are everything I hoped they'd be!! I love them so much!! I'm so glad I finally pulled the trigger. I think they are better than my other wedge sneakers I got during the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom. I think they run pretty TTS too! And no, we haven't been there yet but I've been wanting to!

  4. Now I'm craving okra! I've never thought to roast it but everything else I roast at 425 for 25 minutes. ;) Simply Tish

  5. Received my word of the year sign this week and LOVE it! Can't wait to add previous years for a cute word wall!!!

  6. Trader Joe's Jalapeno jelly is THE BEST!!!! I don't get there that often but every time I do I stock up!


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