Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Welcome back, y'all!  Ok. First up.  Have you entered the Giveaway yet??  You have until Thursday night to get your entries in so don't forget!  I have been loving reading all of your sweet comments on the blog post and over in the FB group.  Y'all are the best!!  Excited to see who wins the prizes!!

Now onto our weekend!  Y'all, we are up to our eyeballs in baseball right now but I'm loving it.  I may complain about 8am games, not getting home until 10pm on school nights, cold, windy nights at the ballpark and endless uniform washing but watching my two boys out on that field, kickin' butt is so.much.fun. 

baseball moms be like i got it 

This weekend, both boys were in tournaments from Friday to Sunday.  Craig was flying to another Elite 11 football camp on Saturday so I knew I needed to call in reinforcements.  Enter my parents who are always willing to help out and who love watching the boys play too.

They arrived Friday night just in time for Mason's 6pm game and Matthew's at 7:45.  So thankful for my parents!

And now, a million baseball pictures from our weekend.

Mason pitched the whole game on Friday night and killed it at the plate too.  We pulled out our first win of the tournament which was (obviously) a great way to start!

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Mason snagged the MVP of the game trophy from Coach Keith too. #soproud

After his game, my parents and I drove back across town to catch Matthew's 7:45 game.

Mason is such a dirty ballpark kid.  haha  I love it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from Matthew's game!  It was all video!  And it's not super easy to upload video to these blogs (which is annoying).  But they lost their first game, although they played like a completely new team.  Which was a good thing.  ;)  We were so proud of those boys!

We started out the next morning with temps in the low 70s but it was insanely windy so we hid under blankets during Matthew's game.

They pulled out an amazing win and we were all on a major high.  (Although the pics below don't show it.  😂😂😂)  This team keeps you guessing.  You never know the game is going to go.  They either play at a 10 or a 3.  It's strange.  And frustrating.  But this game the 10s showed up and we were loving it.

The coaches were beside themselves with pride. 

We had a short break and then it was Mason's turn.  They lost by one run but played so hard.  I have a lot of video but only one picture of Mason at third after his triple.

And that was it for Saturday games!  We got back in time to spend the rest of the afternoon laying out by the pool (me) and swimming (everyone else).  That water is still not warm enough to swim, in my opinion, but that hasn't stopped these boys from swimming all month long.  And my parents even got in!

Look how big these boys look!

I feel like it was just yesterday that they were like this...

I still remember Matthew saying "Take our picture, Mama!  We look cute!".  ❤❤❤

Craig left right after Mason's game for the airport so Mason jumped at the chance to sleep with me that night.  We were all so tired and even I was asleep by 10:30.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I was asleep before 11:30, y'all.  I am a night owl to a fault.  But it really did feel good to get that much sleep!  I should try it again...(I say as I type this at 11:15pm...)

The next morning we slept in a little and then Matthew asked for donuts.  He doesn't ask for much when it comes to food (that could be a whole blog post but he's at an age where I respect that he doesn't want certain things on the internet so I'll leave it at that).  So I was happy to run these two little monsters up to our favorite donut place to start carbo-loading before their games.

When we got home, we found our 15-year-old mostly blind pup laying like this in her bed, completely unmoving.  At first, we were a little worried she wasn't breathing but we think maybe she was sleeping with her eyes open.  haha  Since she's blind anyway, maybe she couldn't tell the difference?  I don't know.  This sweet Abby girl is on her last leg and going downhill fast and I honestly do wake up every morning and check to make sure she's breathing.

Whatever she was doing was super creepy though.

As for games on Sunday, both boys were scheduled to play at 12:45 at two different ballparks.  And THIS is exactly why I needed my parents.  My parents went with Matthew to his game since he was playing at a ballpark that was easier to get to and I took Mason to his.

Matthew lost his game and Mason's team won.  Not to brag, (I can't help it!!) but Mason made some big plays at first and had some big hits.  He is Craig 2.0 for sure.

After the game, Coach Keith handed out a couple of Legends tshirts to two players who did great that game and Mason got one.  And there isn't much of anything Mason loves more than a new tshirt!  Seriously.  He's so easy to please.  And a tshirt that says "#legends4life" on the back was even sweeter.  He ADORES his team!

Matthew's team was out of the tournament but Mason played again at 4:15.  So we hit a nearby Wendy's for some A/C, nuggets and Frosties before we had to be back at the field.

I love these boys!  Such a great team.

My parents and Matthew showed up in time for the next game...but unfortunately, we got beat pretty bad by a team that looked like 70% of them had their driving permits.  That team went on to win the whole tournament so I guess that's something.

We had a great weekend though and these boys always hold their heads up.

And I had to grab a picture of Mason in his newly acquired Legends tee before he stained it, ripped it, lost it, etc...  ;)  But look at this picture!  I cannot BELIEVE how old he looks.  I say that all the time, I know but I feel like both of my babies are growing exponentially right now and turning into little men right in front of my eyes.  Bittersweet is the best word to describe it and I know all you other mamas get me.  I just want to push rewind until I get to Day 1 of Matthew's first day on this earth.  And then hit play and do it alllllll again.  Does anyone else feel like that?  I just need time to slow down.  😢😞



  1. Can I just say I think it’s comical that you took a picture of your dog like that and called her creepy. Lol!

    1. Hahaha...she WAS creepy!! Poor thing is a hot mess.

  2. I love the throwback pics of your boys. They are so handsome!

  3. Your boys are so cute, but yes I know exactly what you mean by time SLOW DOWN! My little guy is only 4 and I want to go back to baby days.


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