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I made it through the week, how about you?

We started off last weekend full speed ahead with baseball games, birthday parties, houseguests, a sick kid and Craig's baptism.  Then Monday night, Mason had a game and Tuesday morning...well, I woke up feeling weird.

That's really the best way to describe it.  I just felt a little light-headed and a little off.  In the back of my mind, I DID worry that I was coming down with Mason's bug.  I even noticed as I was going up the stairs to my workroom that I was completely out of breath once I got up there.  I mean...I'm no gym rat but I can typically manage a flight of stairs without getting winded.  It was coming for me.  I could feel it.

And yes, by lunchtime, I was down for the count.  I'm talking "Jesus take the wheel" down.for.the.count.  Stomach bugs are no joke and this one hit me 10x worse than it had Mason. I am usually one of those who goes overboard trying to protect herself when one of her family members is sick so that I don't also get it and it usually works.  

However.  I was so distracted by all the stuff going on while Mason was sick (the baptism, out-of-town guests, lunch plans after church, Top Golf for birthdays next week...) that I just did not follow my normal Lysol, grape juice, thieves, disinfecting and constant handwashing routine.  I've also been out of my elderberry gummies for a few weeks and never restocked and I'm positive that would have helped give me a little more protection.  (They have since been reordered.)

So most of Tuesday is just a blur for me now.  I climbed into bed around 1pm and by 7pm I could barely open my eyes or form a sentence.  It was not pretty.  Wednesday was basically a recover and rehydrate day.  I still couldn't eat though which just meant I'm one step closer to my goal weight. 
(I'd actually need about 3 more stomach bugs to get to my goal weight but beggars can't be choosers.  😉 #silverlinings)

Only two stomach flus away from my goal weight!!!

So now that we've gone over what HASN'T been a favorite this week, let's get to the good stuff!  As always, I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci to bring you Friday Favorites!

I've told y'all about my friend, Leigh, before. She's the one who made me that adorable Santa for Christmas!  Is it not the cutest?!

The other day, I mentioned her super cute little boutique in the Deals Group too after she posted some new stuff she'd made.  Like all of these.  I mean, how cute!!  She does everything from start to finish.  From cutting to sanding to drawing and painting.  She is so so good!

Take a look...

No photo description available.

Image may contain: outdoor

That popsicle is precious!

No photo description available.

But this is the one I got!  I love a good mason jar.  (No, I don't have this out on my door YET but it will be there very very soon.  It is hanging on a random nail in my living room though...haha.)

 These are all handpainted and BIG!  Plus, her prices are so reasonable. 

I took some close-ups so you can see the detail even better.

The lemonade one is just $35 and she can personalize them however you want.  This next one is just waiting for a teacher's name!

No photo description available.

One more because she does these great yard art pieces too!

No photo description available.

Soooo, if you need a cute new door hanger, you can find her on FB, Instagram and her new website site is HERE.  Also,  I have no idea if she ships but I'm guessing she will if you need it.  Go "like" her on social media, friends and get you a cute door hanger that you'll use for years!!

Have y'all watched The Act yet on Hulu?  It's based on a true story about a mother who had been poisoning her daughter since she was a baby and tricking her and everyone else into thinking she was basically on death's door when really she was perfectly healthy!   The daughter starts to figure it out as she gets older and rebel which obviously causes Mama Bear to lose her mind (even more).

Image result for the act on hulu

If you haven't seen this yet or heard about this story in the news then I won't spoil it all for you but I will say that mother dearest ends up murdered.  (No tears over that one.)  I'm almost through the first season and will have to wait who knows how long for season 2 but it is so good!!  And creepy!  If you love Dateline type stuff and "based on true events" type movies, this ones for you!!

Also, there is also a documentary about this same story on HBO called Mommy Dead and Dearest that I'm going to watch too because this story is just fascinating to me.  Google Dee Dee Blanchard and Gypsy Rose Blanchard if you want to know more!

I was browsing Jane yesterday and looking for my favorites to post to the Deals Group when I saw this dress!  I've been eyeing this almost identical dress at Nordstrom for at least a year but it just always kept getting pushed to the side when I'd see something else.  Probably because I have a ton of maxi dresses and kept thinking "do I really need another one?".  Well, at Nordstrom prices, no, I didn't really need another one.  However...

They are on Jane today for just $16.99 in tons of gorgeous colors and these have pockets!  

(PS:  The Nordstrom version is currently on sale for 40% off though which with free shipping and free returns.  Worth mentioning.)

So easy to throw on with sandals and a little jean jacket if you need it.  I have one other dress that is the same style (from years ago) and its so comfortable and effortless.  These look great with fun earrings and/or long necklaces too!  But don't wait because these are already selling out!

These necklaces are just $10.99...

And all of these earrings are under $10!


Don't forget to top it all off with the perfect summer clutch!  Again, this cutie is only $16.99!!

I know it may seem like I shop exclusively through but I don't.  I mean.  Not EXCLUSIVELY.  I branch out every once in a while.  ;)  Like when something like this catches my eye...

STELLA + RUBY Wire Flower Earrings, Alternate, color, GOLD / MULTI

STELLA + RUBY Wire Flower Earrings, Main, color, GOLD / MULTI

So pretty!!  And they are unique without being "crazy".  I love the little pops of color and the fun design!  These beauties also come with free shipping.  Someone tell me I MUST HAVE THESE!  You can find them HERE.  #hearteyes

And while I was browsing the virtual shelves, these gorgeous little Kate Spade studs stood out as well.

KATE SPADE NEW YORK flying colors bezel stud earrings, Main, color, CLEAR
KATE SPADE NEW YORK flying colors bezel stud earrings, Alternate, color, JET

These are classy and classic and currently on sale for under $19!  (Regularly $38.)  Grab them in clear, black or pearl/cream with free shipping!  Mother's Day is coming up!  Great gift idea right here, ladies!

Do you remember how I told y'all that Matthew had his band tryouts/instrument selection a couple of weeks ago?  And he really wanted the saxophone but had to list a second choice just in case? He put trombone but honestly, there wasn't anything else he wanted other than the sax.  But that was a really popular instrument, so we were going to have to wait and see who gets what.  They originally told us that we'd find out at the end of May but we got an email this week letting us know that...

...he got the sax!!

Talk about a happy kid!  And I mean, look at him!  Doesn't he just look like the next (insert a really good saxophone player's name here)?!  Total natural.  ;)

And I can't end this without mentioning Easter!  This Easter is extra special for us because it just so happens to fall on Mason's 9th birthday and Craig's 40th!  We love that Mason and Craig share a birthday but to have it fall on Easter this year is pretty cool.  So we'll be trying to fit in 3 celebrations this weekend!

My April 21st boys. ❤


Before you leave, I wanted to let you know that I'll be announcing a new Giveaway over in the Deals Group today or tomorrow!  So if you haven't joined yet, what are you waiting for!?!  We're fun over there and I'm giving away free stuff!

Have a Happy Easter, friends!

Matthieu 28:6 "Il n’est point ici; il est ressuscité, comme il l’avait dit."



  1. Love your fashion picks this week. Happy Easter!


  2. Yea for the sax!!!

  3. OK. Obviously I'm a big fan of your facebook group, but I actually started following your blog forever ago. I've been wondering why you haven't been blogging lately ... and you HAVE. My bloglovin' is showing you haven't for like two weeks. What's up with that? Now I gotta catch up!

    1. Ahhhh!! I don't know why it's disappeared and it's driving me crazy trying to fix it! 😣 I'm so completely out of my depth when it comes to computer tech stuff and I can't find a straight answer anywhere. I will be working on getting that fixed though! I do share each post in the FB group but I know FB's stupid algorithms prevent everyone from seeing everything over there. I usually mark them as "announcements" for awhile to help. I need to figure it out. Thank you for letting me know!

  4. Leigh has some TALENT!!! SO CUTE! And what a GREAT day Sunday will be...for so many reasons! XO


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